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Formula E’s ‘It’s On’ Campaign Ignites Season 10

Formula E's 'It's On' Campaign Ignites Season 10

Explore the thrilling world of Formula E Season 10 as it embarks on its biggest-ever season, featuring electrifying races and cutting-edge technology.

Welcome to the electrifying world of Formula E Season 10! In this thrilling journey, we will dive deep into motorsport’s most competitive world championship as Formula E unveils its Season 10 campaign. Get ready to witness high-speed action, cutting-edge technology, and a celebration of sustainability as we explore what makes Formula E truly special.

Formula E’s Season 10 Campaign: “It’s On”

In a bold move, Formula E has unveiled its Season 10 campaign with the powerful slogan, “It’s On.” This campaign marks the beginning of what promises to be an epic season of motorsport excitement. But what does “It’s On” signify? Let’s delve into the details.

Formula E’s Global Campaign Kickoff

Formula E’s Season 10 campaign starts with a mesmerizing film set in an antique store in Tokyo. A die-hard Formula E fan owns this unique setting. It serves as the backdrop for the championship’s historic achievement – becoming the first FIA World Championship to race on the streets of Tokyo. Round 6 is scheduled for Saturday, 30 March, promising an unforgettable race day.

A Creative Partnership with Uncommon Creative Studio

Formula E has joined forces with Uncommon Creative Studio for this campaign, marking their fourth creative collaboration. This partnership signifies a commitment to creating exceptional experiences for Formula E’s dedicated fans and newcomers to the sport.

Celebrating the Tenth Anniversary

Formula E’s Season 10 campaign isn’t just about racing; it’s also a celebration of the championship’s tenth anniversary. The grand opening occurs at the 2024 Hankook Mexico City E-Prix on Saturday, 13 January. It’s a momentous occasion that showcases Formula E’s remarkable journey over the past decade.

The Narrative of the Film

The film that launches the “It’s On” campaign weaves elements of humour and drama. Within this narrative, you’ll find spectacular highlights from Season 9 and Easter eggs for keen-eyed viewers. These hidden gems pay homage to Formula E’s drivers, racing teams, manufacturers, and commercial partners.

Formula E's 'It's On' Campaign Ignites Season 10

Insights from Formula E’s CEO

Jeff Dodds, the Chief Executive Officer of Formula E, emphasizes the significance of the “It’s On” campaign. According to him, it encapsulates what makes Formula E truly special. It’s not just a slogan; it’s a bold promise of another season filled with high drama and high excitement motorsport.

Pioneering Sustainability in Motorsport

One aspect that sets Formula E apart is its commitment to sustainability. Since its inception, Formula E has been the only sport certified as net-zero carbon. This unique position showcases how high-performance motorsport and sustainability can coexist harmoniously.

Building on Last Season’s Momentum

Season 10 builds on the momentum of the previous season, which was hailed as the most competitive in the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship’s history. The Drivers’ and Teams’ world championship titles remained up for grabs until the end, creating nail-biting excitement for fans.

Formula E’s Chief Marketing Officer Speaks

Henry Chilcott, Chief Marketing Officer of Formula E, sheds light on the championship’s competitive spirit. With eight different champions in nine seasons and title races going down to the wire, Formula E is undoubtedly the world’s most competitive motorsport. Season 10 continues this tradition and invites motorsport enthusiasts worldwide to experience the thrill of true competition.

The Debut of GEN3

Last season, Formula E introduced the world to the GEN3, the championship’s third-generation car. It’s not just any car; it’s the fastest, lightest, most powerful, and most efficient electric race car ever built.

Breaking Records with GEN3

Formula E drivers pushed the GEN3 car to its limits, shattering numerous track records along the way. From achieving the fastest top speed in a race to setting new benchmarks for average lap speed, GEN3 proved its mettle.

A Spectacle of Overtakes

If you love overtaking manoeuvres, Formula E Season 10 is a must-watch. The races witnessed a record-breaking number of race leaders, with triple-digit overtakes becoming the norm. In the U.S. race in Portland, Oregon, drivers made a staggering 403 passes.

Formula E's 'It's On' Campaign Ignites Season 10


In conclusion, Formula E Season 10’s “It’s On” campaign promises an unforgettable season of high-speed action, innovation, and sustainability. With GEN3 pushing boundaries and races that keep fans on the edge of their seats, Formula E continues to redefine the future of motorsport. So, gear up for a season like no other and join the Formula E family in celebrating a decade of excellence. It’s On!

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