Formula E Continues to Dominate Sustainability Charts Worldwide

Formula E Continues to Dominate Sustainability Charts Worldwide

In the fast-paced world of motorsport, where speed and adrenaline often take centre stage, there’s a silent revolution happening—a revolution led by Formula E. This electrifying championship isn’t just about thrilling races and cutting-edge technology but sustainability and environmental responsibility. This comprehensive article delves into how Formula E has emerged as the global leader in sustainable sports, topping key sustainability benchmarks and setting an example for the entire sporting industry.

Formula E: A Sustainable Powerhouse

Formula E has been at the forefront of the sustainable sports movement, consistently proving that sport and sustainability can go hand in hand. Let’s explore its remarkable journey through various sustainability benchmarks and indices.

Global Sustainability Benchmark in Sport (GSBS)

The GSBS Report: Recognizing Sustainability Champions

The GSBS, an independent sustainability rating organization, has acknowledged Formula E’s unwavering commitment to sustainability. In its latest report, Formula E stands tall in four out of five award categories for sustainable performance, surpassing renowned sports organizations worldwide.

Competing with Giants

Formula E’s journey to the top wasn’t easy, as it faced fierce competition from elite sporting organizations like FC Barcelona, Manchester City FC, and Real Madrid. These sports industry giants were all part of the comprehensive analysis conducted by GSBS.

A Global Assessment

The GSBS assessment was no small feat, encompassing nearly 500 organizations from diverse sports disciplines such as motorsport, football, tennis, and more. Formula E emerged as a beacon of Corporate, Environmental, Social, and Governance (CESG) activity across professional sports.

Sustainable Championships Index (SChI™)

Formula E: A Sustainable Champion

The SChI™, an initiative supported by Enovation Consulting and University College London, evaluates the sustainable performance of 106 motorsport championships. Formula E’s sustainability consistency was again on display as it claimed the title of the most sustainable global motorsport for the third consecutive year.

The Six Pillars of Sustainability

SChI™ assesses championships based on six key markers of sustainability: Certifications, accreditations and awards, environmental criteria, social criteria, engagement and partnerships, and approaches to sustainability. Formula E excelled in all these pillars, solidifying its position as a sustainability pioneer.

Formula E

Sustainable Motorsport Index (SMI)

Setting a Global Benchmark

The Sustainable Motorsport Index (SMI) is the only performance system that measures publicly disclosed sustainability practices against the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and the ESG framework in motorsports. Formula E’s commitment to sustainability again stood out as it outperformed its competitors.

Julia Pallé’s Perspective

Julia Pallé, Vice President of Sustainability at Formula E, shared her insights on the championship’s remarkable sustainability journey. She stated, “We are proud to keep raising the bar in the global standard for sustainability in sport. Sustainability has been at the core of our championship since its inception, and we are determined to build on our commitment and capabilities year after year.”

Sustainability and Entertainment: A Perfect Match

Formula E’s consistent success in sustainability benchmarks reinforces the idea that entertainment and sustainability can coexist without compromise. The sports industry now has a compelling example of how sustainable operations can be achieved while engaging fans in the collective mission to combat climate change and promote social progress.


Formula E has redefined motorsport and set an unparalleled standard for sustainability in the sporting world. Its consistent achievements in sustainability benchmarks like GSBS, SChI™, and SMI showcase its dedication to environmental responsibility. As we witness Formula E’s journey, we are reminded that sustainability and sports can unite for a brighter, greener future.

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