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Formula E Surpasses Formula 1 in Acceleration Milestone!

Formula E Surpasses Formula 1 In Acceleration Milestone!

Celebrate diversity and innovation in motorsport with Reem Al Aboud’s groundbreaking achievement. Explore Formula E’s commitment to gender equality, empowerment, and technological advancement.

Reem Al Aboud, the pioneering Saudi Arabian female racing driver, has shattered records with her remarkable 0-60mph acceleration time, surpassing the Formula 1 benchmark in a monumental stride for motorsport. Let’s delve into this historic achievement and its profound implications for diversity and innovation in racing.

Accelerating Diversity: Reem Al Aboud’s Triumph

Driving the GENBETA electric race car, Al Aboud achieved an impressive 0-60mph of 2.49 seconds, outpacing the current single-seater benchmark of 2.6 seconds. This groundbreaking feat underscores the advanced capabilities of Formula E’s GENBETA program and highlights the relentless pursuit of inclusivity and gender equality in motorsport.

Formula E’s Commitment to Innovation

Formula E’s GENBETA program, featuring the ‘unlocked’ GEN3 race car, represents a pinnacle of electric racing technology. Enhanced by championship partners and powered by generative AI, this initiative exemplifies Formula E’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of performance and sustainability in motorsport.

A Dream Realized: Reem Al Aboud’s Testimony

For Reem Al Aboud, this achievement is more than just a speed record; it’s a testament to breaking barriers and realizing dreams. Her journey with Formula E symbolizes women’s empowerment in traditionally male-dominated fields, inspiring countless individuals to pursue their passions fearlessly.

Empowering Messages: Inspiring the Next Generation

In a heartwarming display of empowerment, young Saudi women from local schools shared messages of inspiration for Reem, which adorned the car’s livery. This initiative, coupled with the expansion of the FIA Girls on Track program, underscores Formula E’s commitment to nurturing the aspirations of young girls in motorsport.

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Fostering Inclusivity: The FIA Girls on Track Program

Expanding the FIA Girls on Track program to all 11 race weekends this season is a significant step towards fostering inclusivity and diversity in motorsport. Formula E is paving the way for future generations of female drivers and industry professionals by providing educational workshops, career talks, and mentorship opportunities.

NXT Gen Cup: A Platform for Talent

Formula E’s dedication to diversity is further exemplified by the newly announced NXT Gen Cup, which will feature both male and female drivers. This initiative not only levels the playing field but also provides a platform for emerging talent to showcase their skills on a global stage.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Formula E

As Season 10 of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship unfolds, the spotlight shifts to the São Paulo E-Prix, where teams like Jaguar TCS Racing aim to continue their stellar performances. Formula E reaffirms its commitment to excellence, sustainability, and inclusivity in motorsport with each race.


Reem Al Aboud’s record-breaking achievement provides hope and inspiration for aspiring female drivers worldwide. As Formula E continues to push the boundaries of innovation and inclusivity, the future of motorsport shines brighter than ever before. We can accelerate towards a more diverse, equitable, and sustainable racing landscape.

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