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MATRAX Dojomoto Racing’s Thrilling Victory in Dubai’s 24-Hour Kart Race!

MATRAX Dojomoto Racing's Thrilling Victory in Dubai's 24-Hour Kart Race!

Explore how MATRAX Dojomoto Racing emerged victorious in the Dubai Kartdrome 24 Hours endurance race, securing the overall championship.

The roar of engines, the scent of burning rubber, and the thrill of intense competition filled the air at the Dubai Kartdrome as teams from around the world gathered for the Dubai Kartdrome 24-hour endurance race. In a field featuring 43 teams from China, India, Portugal, Switzerland, Russia, Germany, France, Lebanon, and the UAE, MATRAX Dojomoto Racing from Portugal showcased their prowess, ultimately securing victory in this gruelling motorsport challenge. This article delves into the triumph of MATRAX Dojomoto Racing and the broader context of the Dubai Kartdrome Endurance Championship.

A Diverse Field of Competitors

The Dubai Kartdrome 24-hour race is renowned for its international appeal, drawing teams from diverse corners of the globe. This year, the event welcomed a record-breaking 43 teams, making it the most diverse field in its history. Teams from Asia to Europe and the Middle East converged on the iconic track, making it a true showcase of global talent.

MATRAX Dojomoto’s International Triumph

Hailing from Portugal, MATRAX Dojomoto Racing stood tall amidst the international competition. Their journey to victory was marked by skill, strategy, and relentless determination. The Portuguese team’s impressive performance earned them a well-deserved spot at the top of the podium and solidified their status as a dominant force in endurance kart racing.

Superdryver Maffi Racing’s Belgian Challenge

While MATRAX Dojomoto Racing claimed the top spot, the battle for supremacy was intense. Superdryver Maffi Racing, representing Belgium, fought bravely, ultimately securing the second position. The competition was fierce, with each lap and each maneuver determining their fate in this high-stakes race.

UAE’s Menkor Racing EGKC Clinches Third

Homegrown talent shone brightly as Menkor Racing EGKC, representing the UAE, clinched the third position on the podium. Their achievement showcased the strength and potential of local karting enthusiasts, earning them a place among the world’s best in this gruelling endurance race.

The Triumph of Matrax Dojomoto: Overall Championship

MATRAX Dojomoto Racing’s victory in the Dubai Kartdrome 24 Hours was not just a standalone achievement. It culminated in a dominant campaign in the Dubai Kartdrome Endurance Championship – powered by ARMotors. They sealed the overall title with three wins out of four races in the championship.

A Dominant Campaign

Matrax Dojomoto of Portugal left no room for doubt in their dominance throughout the championship. Their consistently impressive performances left their competitors in awe and secured their place in karting history.

Runners-Up: Menkor Racing EGKC

While Matrax Dojomoto Racing reigned supreme, Menkor Racing EGKC emerged as formidable runners-up. Their consistent performance throughout the championship demonstrated their skill and determination.

Third Place: Oraken

Oraken, another strong contender, clinched the third spot. Their presence in the championship added to the excitement, and their performance showcased the depth of talent in the endurance karting world.

MATRAX Dojomoto Racing's Thrilling Victory in Dubai's 24-Hour Kart Race!

The Dubai Kartdrome Endurance Championship: A Growing Legacy

The Dubai Kartdrome Endurance Championship, launched in 2005, has rapidly evolved into a motorsport phenomenon. It is a vital platform for nurturing young talent and providing aspiring motorsport drivers with the competitive experience they need to develop their skills. Over the years, it has established itself as one of the region’s most prestigious endurance karting championships, consistently attracting more international teams.

A Platform for Aspiring Drivers

The championship’s growth is a testament to “Dubai Kartdrome’s” ongoing commitment to fostering young talent. It provides a crucial stepping stone for aspiring drivers to gain experience and visibility on the competitive motorsport scene.

International Appeal

The international allure of the Dubai Kartdrome Endurance Championship is undeniable. Year after year, it attracts teams worldwide, making it a truly global motorsport spectacle. Competitors from France, Spain, Belgium, Australia, the UK, Saudi Arabia, and beyond converge on the track for a chance at glory.

“Dubai Kartdrome” Manager’s Perspective

David Bright, the “Dubai Kartdrome” manager, offered his insights into the championship’s success. His perspective sheds light on the exceptional quality of racing witnessed at the 24 Hours endurance race.

Exceptional Racing Standard

Bright emphasized that the “Dubai Kartdrome” Endurance Championship consistently produces incredible races. The 24-hour endurance race, in particular, showcases the highest level of competition, with top-notch drivers and teams vying for victory.

Global Recognition

The championship’s reputation extends far beyond the UAE’s borders. The participation of 43 teams from across the globe, including powerhouse nations like China, India, Germany, and Lebanon, underscores its worldwide acclaim. It’s a testament to the event’s status in the global motorsport community.

Future Prospects

Faisal Al Sahlawi, General Manager of “Dubai Autodrome,” shared his optimism for the future of karting in the region. The success of the Dubai Kartdrome 24 Hours race reflects the venue’s commitment to nurturing future champions.

Record-Breaking Event

The 2023 Dubai Kartdrome 24 Hours witnessed a record grid of over 217 drivers in 43 karts. These competitors completed an astonishing 1,096 laps, covering over 1,315 kilometers of racing action. This remarkable achievement highlights the event’s significance and its role in positioning the region as a hub for motorsport excellence.

Karting’s Role in Producing Champions

Al Sahlawi emphasized that karting is a crucial component of their mission to develop future motorsport champions. The success of events like the Dubai Kartdrome 24 Hours reinforces their commitment to providing a platform for talent to flourish.


MATRAX Dojomoto Racing’s triumph in the Dubai Kartdrome 24 Hours endurance race is a testament to their skill and determination. It also reflects the global appeal of the Dubai Kartdrome Endurance Championship. With a diverse field of international competitors, this championship continues to grow and attract top-tier talent from around the world. As the motorsport scene in the region flourishes, events like these pave the way for aspiring drivers to realize their dreams of becoming champions on the track. The Dubai Kartdrome 24 Hours is more than just a race; it’s a celebration of motorsport excellence on a global stage.

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