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The British Veterinary Centre Leads Canine Mitral Valve Repair in Abu Dhabi

The British Veterinary Centre Leads Canine Mitral Valve Repair In Abu Dhabi

Discover groundbreaking canine mitral valve repair surgeries at The British Veterinary Centre, Abu Dhabi. Pioneering advanced cardiac care in MENA.

The British Veterinary Centre in Abu Dhabi has achieved a groundbreaking milestone in veterinary medicine, positioning itself as a pioneer in the MENA region for canine mitral valve repair surgeries. This achievement, realized in Spring 2024, marks a significant advancement in cardiac care for dogs not only in the UAE but across the broader Middle East and North Africa.

Understanding Canine Mitral Valve Disease

Canine mitral valve disease stands as the most prevalent heart condition affecting dogs globally. It primarily affects older dogs and small breeds, often leading to a decline in health and, eventually, heart failure. Traditionally, management has focused on medication to alleviate symptoms and delay progression, but these approaches do not offer a cure.

The Milestone Achievement

Led by a team of distinguished veterinarians and supported by state-of-the-art equipment, The British Veterinary Centre undertook the challenge to pioneer mitral valve repair procedures in the region. This initiative aimed to offer a curative approach that eliminates the need for long-term medication and allows dogs to lead normal, healthy lives post-surgery.

The Surgical Team

The surgical team at The British Veterinary Centre was spearheaded by Prof. Katsuhiro Matsuura, DVM, PhD, a Clinical Assistant Professor specializing in open-heart surgery at the Small Animal Clinical Sciences, University of Florida, USA. Alongside him was Dr. Jose Botte, a Senior Veterinarian and Cardiologist at the Centre, bringing extensive expertise in cardiac care to the forefront of this groundbreaking initiative.

Surgical Procedures and Innovations

The surgical procedures involved meticulous planning and execution. Each patient underwent cardiopulmonary bypass, a critical technique that allows the heart to be temporarily stopped while the intricate valve repair takes place. This method ensures precise surgical intervention and optimal patient outcomes.

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Case Studies and Outcomes

The team successfully performed a series of three mitral valve repair surgeries, addressing urgent cases where traditional medical management offered limited hope. One patient faced a life expectancy of only one month without surgical intervention. Thanks to the expertise and dedication of the surgical and perfusion team, all three cases achieved excellent outcomes.

Post-Operative Care and Recovery

Following surgery, intensive post-operative care was provided to ensure the best possible recovery for each patient. The results were remarkable, with all three dogs expected to enjoy a normal lifespan without the need for ongoing medication. This transformative outcome underscores the success of The British Veterinary Centre’s pioneering efforts in advanced veterinary care.

Expert Commentary

Dr. Martin Wyness, Senior Veterinarian and Owner of The British Veterinary Centre, expressed immense pride in this historic achievement. He highlighted the Center’s commitment to introducing cutting-edge procedures to the MENA region, providing hope and effective treatment options for pet owners facing mitral valve disease.


The successful performance of canine mitral valve repair surgeries at The British Veterinary Centre represents a significant leap forward in veterinary medicine in Abu Dhabi and the broader MENA region. By offering a curative solution for dogs suffering from this prevalent heart condition, the Centre has established itself as a leader in advanced veterinary care.

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