OPPO’s Find N2 Flip Sets A New Benchmark For Flip Phone Cover Screens

OPPO's Find N2 Flip Sets A New Benchmark For Flip Phone Cover Screens

The new OPPO Find N2 Flip puts an industry-leading cover screen into palms and pockets of users. Let’s Discuss here about the technology.

Dubai, UAE, 25 April 2023 – Global technology brand OPPO’s newest Find N2 Flip boasts an industry-leading cover screen that sets a new standard in the foldable phone market.

OPPO’s engineers understood that to maximize the cover screen’s potential, they needed to find the right balance. It had to be the right size and proportions, and the rest of the phone’s design couldn’t distract from it. OPPO achieved this perfect balance with the Find N2 Flip, resulting in a truly remarkable phone with the largest cover screen of its kind. The cover screen also features powerful widgets and displays meaningful information, making it unnecessary to open the phone constantly.


OPPO's Find N2 Flip Sets A New Benchmark For Flip Phone Cover Screens

OPPO’s designers have been developing folding devices since 2018. By experimenting with its own folding technologies, and assessing other flip phones, they reached some conclusions: a big screen is better than a small screen, a square screen is better than a round screen, and a vertical screen is better than a horizontal screen.

OPPO decided to commit to vertical cover screens on its flip phone, with the Find N2 Flip’s cover screen designed as a 3.26″, 17:9 vertical layout. This is the only vertical cover screen in the industry that is so similar to the screen ratio of the main screen and conventional straight-screen phones.

Looking at the Find N2 Flip, its design doesn’t shout or pull focus from the cover screen. From its sleek styling to the subtle camera rings, and micro-arc body elegantly curving around the front and back, its aesthetic eliminates noise. The Find N2 Flip is also lightweight despite being made of premium materials – polished aluminium around the frame and treated, fingerprint-resistant glass on the back. Even the Find N2 Flip’s subtle waveform pattern that appears as light hits the hinge, looks tasteful.

Weighing just 191g, the Find N2 Flip is light and measures just 7.45mm when open, the phone is very sleek but still feels robust. Considering that folding phones have movable parts and hinges that add weight to the device, it would be expected for them to be even heavier. However, OPPO has done an excellent job of refining and optimizing their Flexion Hinge technology, resulting in a folding phone that is surprisingly lighter than many traditional smartphones, despite its advanced folding mechanism.

Despite all the features packed into the pocketable Find N2 Flip, OPPO has achieved a remarkable level of outward simplicity in its overall design. From the expansive, vertical display, to the classical, simple camera layout, the cohesive, textured glass front and back, its polished metal sides, and the striking, yet subtle waveform pattern that appears as light hits the hinge.

Cover Screen Experiences

OPPO's Find N2 Flip Sets A New Benchmark For Flip Phone Cover Screens

The Find N2 Flip’s vertical display unlocks incredible images, time-saving tools, quick access to calls and messages, and plenty of scope to personalize users’ experience.

Starting with imaging, the Find N2 Flip’s cover screen is a giant leap forward for flip phone photography. It’s large enough to offer a meaningful preview of photos and videos, allowing users to frame their selfies with confidence, and take them with the best camera on the device. The Find N2 Flip’s cover screen also has the same orientation as the camera sensor. This is a game changer when it comes to image quality, reducing crop and unlocking every bit of detail from each pixel on the camera.

Thanks to the large, vertical layout, the Find N2 Flip displays more information, so users can preview more messages, and send quick replies across a range of apps. For example, users may view up to five messages of the same WhatsApp contact or group chat with their cover screen at the same time and use quick reply to quickly react. Tools are also available to help users stay productive without opening the phone such as set a timer, record a voice note, or check the weather with little more than a few swipes and a tap.

Users can also personalize the cover screen with an always-on display (AOD), showcasing the time or a fun Bitmoji sticker pack. Additionally, those who want a playful virtual companion can adopt one of five adorable Cover Screen Interactive Pets. From cute to laugh-out-loud funny, the Find N2 Flip also supports GIF wallpapers, so users can turn their phone into a meme dream.

The convenience of the cover display doesn’t stop there. Possibly the most powerful element is its instant access to quick toggles. Smart Widgets that include Wifi, mobile data, flight mode, Bluetooth, notification alerts, do not disturb and power saving modes and the torch can all be turned on and off with a swipe down and a tap. And thanks to the size of the Find N2 Flip’s cover screen, all these appear in a single page view so there’s no need to swipe through an endless list of icons.

OPPO has released a major software update for Find N2 Flip UAE users, which includes a new Spotify Widget and a custom-built Speech-to-Text quick reply feature for messaging apps. The update improves the functionality of the phone’s cover display, allowing users to control music and receive message notifications without unfolding the device. The update is the first significant one since the phone’s launch in February 2023 and is part of OPPO’s commitment to ongoing device improvements.

In summary, by taking a step back and adopting a unique flip phone philosophy, OPPO has created an uncompromising cover screen, and a uniquely balanced smartphone full of highlights and flourishes in the Find N2 Flip, setting a new benchmark for flip phone cover screens.

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