OPPO Find N2 Flip‘s Flexion Hinge Marks A Break through In Flip Phone Experience

OPPO Find N2 Flip‘s Flexion Hinge Marks A Break through In Flip Phone Experience

OPPO’s new Find N2 Flip phone offers versatile feature.

Dubai, UAE, 4 May 2023–Global technology brand, OPPO’s newestFind N2 Flip is designed to enhance the best features of flip phones while eliminating their drawbacks. It features a smaller Flexion Hinge that enables the phone to fold smoothly without leaving a deep crease that can collect dust, making it stand out from other flip phone models. The phone also has the largest cover screen of its kind displaying more features and a battery with higher capacity that charges quickly, offering an enhanced experience and marking a new era in flip phones.

The New Generation Flexion Hinge

OPPO’s research and development into folding screen technology dates back to early 2018. In 2020, theyunveiled OPPO X 2021, a rollable smartphone that made headlines around the world, asan example of theircommitment to pioneering different form factors. They also experimented with countless hinge designs before launching the first Find N with the original Flexion Hinge.

The hinge of a folding phone hasa big impact on its features and is a relatively large component. With space always at a premium in smartphone design, less space means less room for other components like batteries.However, theFind N2 Flip’s miniaturized hinge ensures that the phone doesn’t have to compromise in other areas.

OPPO Find N2 Flip‘s Flexion Hinge Marks A Break through In Flip Phone Experience

The New Generation Flexion Hinge’s structure is built on a solid foundation that goes back almost half a decade and has undergone numerousiterations. It has a simpler, cleaner design and is a more stable solution with fewer parts. The newer hinge features a new cam system and 1/4 spindle assembly, allowing it to hold its form between 45° and 110° when partially folded.

The choice of hinge materials has also been refined, with a flexible stainless steel element that is precision etched, and injected with a soft, pliable material. Aeronautical high-strength steel at the key bearing position ensures the hinge delivers higher reliability, that the tensile strength is up to 15%, and the yield strength is up to 25%. Meanwhile, whileaircraft-grade carbon-fiber reinforced polymer ensures strength without adding weight.

The hinge design creates the perfect amount of flex and firmness, whether folding the phone or typing on the display. It also guides the screen into a specific waterdrop fold when the phone is shut, significantly reducing the crease compared to the competition. The waterdrop shape has a larger bending, resulting in a lighter crease and less screen deformation.

Superior Features

The Find N2 Flip’s miniaturized hinge enables a larger cover screen and high-capacity, fast-charging battery while enhancing part-folded experiences and durability.

With a 3.26″ cover screen, users can easily interact with the Find N2 Flip and access notifications, weather updates, and interactive pet wallpapers without opening the phone.

The Find N2 Flip’s innovative hinge mechanismlets users capture clearer selfies with the main camera. But that’s not all – the hinge also allows the phone to stand in a part-folded position, giving users the ability to preview content while shooting. The phone is also equipped with Dual Preview, which allows subjects to see a preview of themselves before the photo is taken. And if that’s not enough, users can part-fold the phone to unlock FlexForm Mode, which is perfect for time-lapses, video calls and long-exposure photography. With a 4300mAh battery, users can keep the creativity flowing all day long.

The miniaturized hinge doesn’t sacrifice durability, with the phone having been tested to withstand 400,000 folds by TÜV Rheinlandand extreme temperatures at both -20ºC and 50ºC.

It isn’t just the folding mechanism that gives the Find N2 Flip itsedge. When shut, the New Generation Flexion Hinge prevents dust and airborne particles from collecting along the crease line, and features the shallowest crease of any folding phone making the screen virtually invisible in most environments.

A New Era in Flip Phones

In summary, thanks to its smaller, New Generation Flexion Hinge, the Find N2 Flip enjoys the largest cover screen, highest capacity battery and fastest charging of any flip phone. It also provides an array of rich cover screen experiences, from interactive wallpapers to useful toggles and widgets, while enhancing photography and durability.

So while the hinge of a flip phone might be a single element, its impact is far-reaching, and thanks to OPPO’s game-changing New Generation Flexion Hinge, the Find N2 Flip is a compromise-free breakthrough for the flip phone category.

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