How OPPO Empowers Startups to Drive Disruption

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Discover how OPPO’s comprehensive support empowers startups worldwide to navigate obstacles, foster growth, and drive innovation, reshaping industries and delivering transformative experiences for users.

Innovation has become the cornerstone of industry evolution, and the global startup ecosystem is booming. Yet, many startups face significant challenges, with many failing within their first year. OPPO has taken a proactive approach, engaging with startups to provide essential support and foster their growth. Through strategic partnerships and collaborations, OPPO unlocks new technological possibilities and drives disruptive innovations across various sectors.

Empowering Startups Beyond Investment

Support Beyond Funding: At OPPO, startups receive comprehensive support beyond mere financial investment. Take AlpsenTek, for instance. Leveraging OPPO’s financial and technical backing, AlpsenTek integrated its cutting-edge hybrid vision sensor ALPIX-Eiger® with AI algorithms, revolutionizing smartphone imaging capabilities. Through OPPO’s support, AlpsenTek’s technology has transcended boundaries, paving the way for further AI-related innovations.

Showcasing Innovation: Another startup, DeepMirror, benefited from OPPO’s platform to showcase its AR gaming technology at global events like MWC24. Powered by MirrorVerse, DeepMirror’s cloud-based service immerses users in augmented realities, enhancing gaming experiences. OPPO’s support boosts DeepMirror’s visibility and fosters innovation in XR technology.

Co-Creation for Disruptive Solutions

Driving R&D Collaborations: Co-creation is pivotal in driving disruptive technologies. HUAYI Medical Technologies, a startup specializing in contactless health monitoring, collaborated with OPPO to develop “WonTrackR,” a revolutionary health monitoring solution. By combining millimetre wave technology, radar signal processing, and AI modelling, HUAYI’s solution transforms traditional healthcare devices, enabling seamless health monitoring at home.

Advancing Telemedicine: CloudSteth’s intelligent auscultation system, developed in collaboration with OPPO, represents a significant leap in telemedicine. By leveraging AI to analyze heart and lung sounds, CloudSteth facilitates early diagnosis and treatment for pediatric patients. Through partnerships with leading hospitals, CloudSteth’s innovative solution reshapes preventive healthcare and saves lives.

Long-Term Empowerment Initiatives

Sustained Support: OPPO continuously endeavors to empower startups. Initiatives like the OPPO Inspiration Challenge provide startups with ongoing support and global recognition opportunities. Tangtangquan’s digital therapeutic solution, integrated into OPPO Watch 3, exemplifies OPPO’s commitment to long-term partnerships, benefiting thousands of users worldwide.

Environmental Sustainability: OPPO’s collaboration with Bluepha Co., Ltd highlights its dedication to environmental sustainability. By showcasing Bluepha™ PHA, an eco-friendly alternative to plastic, OPPO demonstrates its commitment to green innovation. Through such initiatives, OPPO drives positive environmental impact and fosters sustainable practices in the tech industry.

The Impact of AI Revolution

Pioneering Advancements: As the AI revolution unfolds, startups play a pivotal role in pioneering advancements across industries. OPPO’s collaboration with startups like AlpsenTek, HUAYI, and CloudSteth exemplifies its commitment to driving innovation through AI-powered solutions. OPPO is at the forefront of technological evolution by empowering startups and delivering transformative experiences to users worldwide.


In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, startups are driving disruptive innovations that reshape industries and redefine user experiences. Through strategic partnerships and sustained support, OPPO empowers startups to overcome challenges, unlock new possibilities, and drive positive change. As the AI revolution unfolds, OPPO remains committed to fostering innovation and delivering transformative experiences for users worldwide.

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