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Mission: Play! by Mattel™ Is Now Open at The Galleria Al Maryah Island

Play! By Mattel Is Now Open At The Galleria Al Maryah Island

Experience endless fun at Mission: Play! by Mattel™. Explore themed zones, attractions, and more. Fun for the whole family!

In an exciting collaboration between iP2 Operations Holding B.V., Mattel, Inc. (NASDAQ: MAT), and Al Hokair Group, a groundbreaking entertainment experience has emerged at The Galleria Al Maryah Island in Abu Dhabi. On May 16, 2024, Mission: Play! by Mattel™ officially opened its doors, promising to redefine family entertainment.

The Vision Behind Mission: Play!

At Mission: Play! by Mattel™, spanning over 4,000 square meters, the vision is clear: to create an immersive environment where families can bond, explore, and unleash their creativity together. This innovative venture seamlessly blends physical and digital play, catering to children of all ages, interests, and skill levels.

Explore Three Themed Zones

Barbie: Empowering Diversity and Inclusivity

Step into the world of Barbie®, the globally beloved doll, where the mantra “You Can Be Anything™” comes to life. This themed zone empowers children to embrace diversity, inclusivity, and limitless potential. From interactive attractions to engaging experiences, Mission: Play! by Mattel™ celebrates the uniqueness of every child.

Hot Wheels: Igniting the Challenger Spirit

For the adrenaline junkies and thrill-seekers, the Hot Wheels® zone awaits. As the world’s number one bestselling toy, Hot Wheels® promises exhilarating challenges and heart-pounding adventures. Here, kids can buckle in for a ride filled with excitement, connection, and the spirit of competition.

MEGA: Unleashing Creativity and Exploration

In the MEGA® zone, imagination knows no bounds. With hands-on creative-building activities and unique play experiences, children are encouraged to explore, innovate, and build amazing creations. This zone stimulates growth, unlocks creativity, and fosters a sense of wonder in every child.

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Beyond Play: Additional Offerings

Mission: Play! by Mattel™ goes beyond traditional entertainment centers with a host of additional offerings:

  • Dedicated Event Space: Ideal for hosting parties, events, and special occasions.
  • Branded Birthday and Celebration Rooms: Create lasting memories in themed party rooms.
  • Mission: Play! Cafe F&B: Fuel up with delicious treats and refreshments.
  • Retail Store: Explore a treasure trove of Mattel toys and exclusive merchandise.

A Testament to Innovation and Collaboration

Julie Freeland, Vice President of Global Location Based Entertainment at Mattel, expresses excitement about this pioneering venture, stating, “Mission: Play! by Mattel is where adventure can be played out in endless ways. This new family entertainment center allows Mattel to continue bringing wonder to families through truly unique experiences where play has no boundaries.”

Mishal Al Hokair, Deputy CEO of Al Hokair Group, echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the commitment to providing memorable experiences for families. Mark Ruffley, CEO of Al Maryah Retail Company, emphasizes the significance of this partnership in enhancing leisure and entertainment options for the Abu Dhabi community.

Think Big, Play Bigger!

Roger Houben, CEO of iP2Operations, encapsulates the spirit of Mission: Play! by Mattel™ with the motto “Think Big, Play Bigger!™” This mantra underscores the commitment to delivering elevated entertainment experiences and pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation.


Mission: Play! by Mattel™ represents more than just a family entertainment center—it’s a testament to collaboration, innovation, and the enduring power of play. With its immersive environments, diverse attractions, and commitment to fun, Mission: Play! by Mattel™ sets a new standard for entertainment experiences.

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