e& Enterprise and WWG Unveil Sustainability Game-Changer

e& Enterprise and WWG Unveil Sustainability Game-Changer

Explore the groundbreaking collaboration between e& Enterprise and WWG, leading to the creation of the world’s largest sustainability exchange platform.

In an era where environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors hold increasing importance, e& Enterprise has joined forces with World Wide Generation (WWG), a prominent British sustainability fintech leader, to introduce a monumental innovation – the world’s largest global sustainability exchange platform. This collaborative endeavour signifies a significant step towards seamlessly integrating sustainability data, solutions, and finances. By harnessing WWG’s cutting-edge G17Eco platform, e& Enterprise brings forth ‘Sustainability as a Service,’ poised to reshape how organizations access, interpret, and act upon sustainability data. This comprehensive article delves deep into this groundbreaking partnership, its implications, and how it can reshape the sustainability landscape.

Sustainability as a Service: A Paradigm Shift

Sustainability as a Service, at its core, offers a wide array of solutions that cater to diverse needs across sectors. This section explores the diverse offerings that encompass this groundbreaking approach.

Sustainability Advisory Services

One of the cornerstones of Sustainability as a Service is the provision of sustainability advisory services. These services encompass ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) assessment and target setting. Organizations seeking to align their operations with sustainability goals can benefit from expert guidance in navigating this complex terrain.

Monitoring and Tracking Platforms

To manage sustainability initiatives effectively, robust monitoring and tracking platforms are essential. Sustainability as a Service includes solutions that enable organizations to continuously monitor and measure their sustainability performance, ensuring that they stay on course towards their goals.

Efficiency Enhancement and Carbon Emission Reduction

Efficiency enhancement and carbon emission reduction are integral components of sustainable business practices. This service provides organizations with solutions to increase efficiency while reducing their carbon footprint.

Centre of Excellence

The Centre of Excellence within Sustainability as a Service is a dedicated resource designed to assist clients in governing and enhancing their global sustainability initiatives and performance. It is a hub of knowledge and expertise, guiding organizations towards sustainable success.

Inclusivity and Stakeholder Engagement

Empowering Diverse Stakeholders

The impact of Sustainability as a Service extends far and wide, encompassing a broad spectrum of stakeholders. Large and small enterprises, government bodies, financial institutions, and regulators all stand to benefit from this innovative approach.

End-to-End Sustainability Mapping

The primary aim of this initiative is to facilitate end-to-end mapping, tracking, measurement, and marketing of sustainability performance. It promises to offer data-driven insights that can drive sustainable decision-making.

Sustainable Financing Alternatives

A pivotal aspect of this endeavour is creating a marketplace that encourages and rewards companies with robust sustainability credentials through sustainable financing alternatives. It not only promotes sustainability but also supports companies in their sustainable journey.

e& Enterprise and WWG Unveil Sustainability Game-Changer

The G17Eco Platform: A Technological Marvel

Cutting-Edge Technologies at Play

At the heart of Sustainability as a Service lies the G17Eco platform, a cloud-based solution powered by innovative technologies. This section dives into the technological marvel that underpins the entire ecosystem, featuring data bots, distributed ledgers, and artificial intelligence.

Unified Digital Taxonomy

The G17Eco platform integrates over 3,000 ESG metrics and 50 frameworks into a unified digital taxonomy. This integration significantly reduces the time, cost, and risk associated with sustainability disclosure, enabling real-time data sharing with stakeholders.

Visionary Leadership and Collaborative Dedication

Salvador Anglada’s Perspective

Salvador Anglada, the CEO of e& Enterprise, expresses his excitement about the collaboration with World Wide Generation. He highlights how this partnership aligns perfectly with their sustainability strategy, focusing on AI ethics, climate action, and sustainable cities. It showcases their commitment to advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Manjula Lee’s Vision

Manjula Lee, CEO and Founder of World Wide Generation, shares her perspective on this partnership. She discusses how WWG’s implementation of Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies resonates with its goal of advancing community and individual progression. She emphasizes the role of women’s leadership in driving innovation and objectivity.

Global Impact: Advancing SDGs and Net-Zero Commitments

A Global Tracker for Progress

The data gathered through this partnership has the potential to feed into an open-source World Tracker. This tool can showcase the development trajectories of countries concerning their Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their progress towards achieving Net-Zero commitments.

Holistic Services for Sustainable Success

Sustainability Education

Sustainability as a Service introduces comprehensive sustainability education programs. These programs equip individuals and organizations with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complex sustainability landscape.

Company Monitoring at All Levels

This service offers tailored solutions for organizations seeking to monitor their sustainability performance at various levels. It allows for detailed tracking of sustainability metrics.

Materiality Assessment

Materiality assessment is a critical component of sustainability. It helps organizations identify and prioritize the most significant sustainability issues they should address.

Portfolio Monitoring for Financial Institutions

Financial institutions can benefit from portfolio monitoring services, allowing them to align their investments with sustainable criteria and track the sustainability performance of their portfolios.

Assurance Monitoring for Advisory and Audit Services

Direct support of advisory and audit services from the platform ensures that organizations receive expert guidance and validation of their sustainability efforts.


The collaboration between e& Enterprise and WWG to launch the world’s largest global sustainability exchange platform marks a pivotal moment in sustainability. ‘Sustainability as a Service’ introduces a holistic approach that empowers organizations of all sizes to embark on their sustainability journey with expert guidance, cutting-edge technologies, and a commitment to global progress. As we move forward, the impact of this collaboration on sustainability, ESG, and the achievement of SDGs promises to be profound. Together, e& Enterprise and WWG are setting a new standard for sustainability that invites inclusivity, innovation, and lasting positive change.

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