Top 5 Career Options in Artificial Intelligence

Career Options in Artificial Intelligence

AI (Artificial intelligence) is vital to the continuous tech upheaval, and it’s getting more astute constantly. Artificial Intelligence influences industry and society in various ways and will keep on doing as such far in the coming times as well.

There is nothing to be amazed that the AI field is overflowing with lucrative vocation opportunities. There are an assortment of career options in the field of Artificial Intelligence. On the upside, it offers basically ensured and well-paying work for those who have amazing skills. Let’s explore the remunerative career options in Artificial intelligence: 

1. Machine Learning Engineer 

Average Salary: US $1,30,000 – US $200,000

One can become a Machine Learning Engineer by having in-depth knowledge of artificial intelligence. Candidates having major areas of strength with abilities, experience in AI, profound learning, brain organizations, and cloud applications, and programming abilities in Java and Python can easily pursue their career as a Machine Learning Engineer. It additionally assists with being knowledgeable in software development IDE tools such as  Eclipse and IntelliJ. This job is best for candidates who have a good command of data science, applied research, and software engineering. There is a huge demand for Machine Learning Engineers in international organizations such as Apple, Facebook and Twitter.

2. Data Scientist 

Average Salary: US $105,000 – US $200,000.

AI data scientists assemble and observe extensive arrangements of ordred and unordered data. They investigate, process, and display information then decipher the results to make powerful designs for various managements and associations. Data scientists are logical experts who utilize their skills in both innovation and sociology to track down patterns and survey information. They use industry information, context-oriented grasping, and doubt of existing suspicions to resolve business challenges. Candidates having a good grip on computer science, statistics and mathematics can start their career as data scientists.

3. Business Intelligence Developer 

Average Salary: US $86,500 – $130,000.

A business intelligence developer is a specialist who utilizes business knowledge programming to decipher and show information for an association. They make tools or investigate the present flow techniques to further develop the organization’s research process.

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Organizations need business intelligence developers because they assemble and improve important data. They also act as tech professionals and help fix or reestablish PC programs utilized for knowledge. You need to have strong technical and analytical skills along with the knowledge of SQL, data mining and BI technologies to get pursue your career as a Business Intelligence Developer.

4. Software Engineer 

Average Salary: US $108,000 – US $150,000

The AI field additionally depends on customary software engineering jobs, for example, programmers to foster the projects on which artificial intelligence platforms operate. AI Software engineers are essential for the general plan and enhancement process of computerized projects or structures. Candidates in these jobs are liable to strengthen the exclusive use of the items which use AI to do various functions. To start your career as an AI software engineer, you need to have skills in data science, and AI along with the knowledge of computer science, mathematics, physics, statistics and engineering.

5. Software Architect 

Average Salary: US $150,000 – US $160,000

A software Architect creates undeniable level plan decisions and edges specialized principles. This incorporates tools, programming coding principles and platforms. To be a professional software architect, one must have wide and profound specialized information to make effective decisions. Notwithstanding, specialized information isn’t sufficient. They likewise must have the delicate abilities to oversee activities and individuals. Apart from it, good hands-on cloud platforms, software development, statistical analysis, data science and machine learning are all that will make you an ideal and expert software architect.


Hence, these are the top career options in artificial intelligence. Analyze yourself, know your interest, work hard in that field and boost your skills for a prolific career.

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