Inside ADMAF’s ‘Art @ Embassies’ Initiative

Inside ADMAF's 'Art @ Embassies' Initiative

Explore the cultural diplomacy initiative ‘Art @ Embassies’ by the Abu Dhabi Music and Arts Foundation, featuring a panel discussion held at the UAE Embassy in London, UK.

In a world where art transcends boundaries, the Abu Dhabi Music and Arts Foundation (ADMAF) has taken a remarkable step in promoting cultural diplomacy through its ‘Art @ Embassies’ initiative. Under the esteemed patronage of H.H Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Her Highness Sheikha Shamsa bint Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Nahyan, this initiative is changing the landscape of international artistic exchange. This article delves into the second-panel discussion hosted by ADMAF at the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in London, UK, highlighting the fusion of tradition and modernity, childhood memories, and society in the visual exploration of our relationship with technology. Join us on this journey to discover the power of art in bridging divides and strengthening ties.

Art @ Embassies: A Cultural Diplomacy Initiative

Art knows no borders, and ADMAF has realized the immense potential of art in forging connections between nations. With the unwavering support of His Excellency Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, ADMAF initiated ‘Art @ Embassies,’ a groundbreaking cultural diplomacy program that seeks to showcase the talents of Emirati artists on the global stage. But what exactly does this initiative entail, and how does it contribute to enriching the global dialogue on Emirati creativity?

The Vision of Art @ Embassies

ADMAF’s ‘Art @ Embassies’ initiative is a testament to the UAE’s commitment to cultural diplomacy. In close collaboration with the UAE’s diplomatic missions worldwide, this visionary program aims to do more than just showcase art. It aims to spotlight the UAE’s vision and craftsmanship in building its culture, paving the way for cultural exchange and artistic collaboration on an international scale.

The Warm Hospitality at the Embassy

During the panel discussion held in London, Her Excellency Huda Alkhamis-Kanoo, Founder of ADMAF, expressed her gratitude to HE Mansoor Abulhoul, the Ambassador of the UAE to the UK, and his team for their warm hospitality at the Embassy. This gesture underscores the importance of diplomacy in promoting cross-cultural understanding and cooperation.

The Patronage of His Excellency Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan

His Excellency Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Minister of Foreign Affairs, is the honorary patron of ‘Art @ Embassies.’ His unwavering support and inspiration have driven this cultural diplomacy initiative forward, solidifying the UAE’s reputation as a global hub for artistic expression.

A Conversation with Farah Al Qasimi and Maya El Khalil

Art has the incredible power to transcend language and connect people profoundly. In this light, ADMAF’s panel discussion in London featured a captivating conversation between the renowned artist Farah Al Qasimi and the exceptional art curator Maya El Khalil. Their dialogue shed light on Farah Al Qasimi’s remarkable journey as an artist and her first solo exhibition in the United Kingdom in collaboration with the Delfina Foundation.

Farah Al Qasimi: A Rising Star in Middle Eastern Art

Farah Al Qasimi is a name that resonates in the Middle Eastern art world. Her work is a testament to the power of visual storytelling, weaving together elements of tradition and modernity. With her diverse body of work, Farah invites us to explore childhood memories, family, and society visually to explore our ever-evolving relationship with technology.

Maya El Khalil: Curating Excellence

Maya El Khalil, the visionary curator behind Farah Al Qasimi’s solo exhibition, brings unparalleled knowledge and passion to the art world. Her role in curating this exhibition highlights the significance of art curation in shaping the narrative of an artist’s journey and its impact on the audience.

Inside ADMAF's 'Art @ Embassies' Initiative

The Artistic Exploration: “ABORT, RETRY, FAIL”

Farah Al Qasimi’s solo exhibition, titled “ABORT, RETRY, FAIL,” takes center stage in this panel discussion. This exhibition is a testament to Farah’s ability to captivate and challenge her audience with diverse artworks that prompt introspection and evoke emotions.

Tradition and Modernity Interwoven

In “ABORT, RETRY, FAIL,” Farah Al Qasimi blends tradition and modernity. Her art tells a story of a changing world, where the past meets the present and technological advancements intersect with age-old traditions. It’s a visual narrative that invites viewers to ponder the implications of this intersection on our lives.

Childhood Memories and Society Explored

One of the striking aspects of Farah’s work is her exploration of childhood memories and society. Through her art, she takes us back to our past, prompting reflection on the experiences that shape us. In doing so, she creates a bridge between individual and collective memories.

Our Relationship with Technology

Technology is integral to our lives, and Farah Al Qasimi’s artwork forces us to confront our relationship with it. Is it a tool for progress, or does it complicate our existence? These are questions that arise as we engage with her thought-provoking pieces.

Farah Al Qasimi’s Global Impact

Farah Al Qasimi’s talent extends far beyond the borders of the UAE. Her work has garnered attention from prestigious art museums worldwide, including the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York, the Guggenheim Museum in both New York and Abu Dhabi, the George Pompidou Center in New York, Paris, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona (MACBA), Tate Modern in London, and many others. Her global reach underscores the universal appeal of her art.

The Role of ‘Art @ Embassies’ in Fostering Creativity

The panel discussion at the Embassy of the UAE in London was a vivid example of ADMAF’s dedication to fostering artistic dialogue and nurturing emerging talents. Through its ‘Art @ Embassies’ program, ADMAF continues to create platforms for cultural exchange, furthering its mission to inspire creativity and celebrate diverse expressions of art.

Bridging Divides and Strengthening Ties

Events like the panel discussion remind us of the power of art in bridging divides and strengthening ties between nations. It’s a reminder that beneath political differences and geographical boundaries, a common language—art—exists that unites us all.


The ‘Art @ Embassies’ initiative by the Abu Dhabi Music and Arts Foundation is a shining example of how art can transcend borders and bring nations together. Farah Al Qasimi’s solo exhibition, “ABORT, RETRY, FAIL,” is a testament to art’s power in exploring complex themes and sparking meaningful dialogue. ADMAF continues to pave the way for a brighter, more interconnected future in art and diplomacy through its commitment to fostering artistic creativity and promoting cultural understanding.

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