Get Ready! California’s STAR Program is Here to Shine

Get Ready! California's STAR Program is Here to Shine

Visit California is excited to announce the Middle East relaunch of the Visit California STAR Online Training Program, aimed at establishing California as a premier travel destination among trade professionals in the GCC and Middle East.

California, the Golden State, has long been a dream destination for travelers worldwide. Now, Visit California is taking a bold step to ensure that travel professionals in the GCC and Middle East can offer their clients unforgettable experiences in the land of sunshine and innovation. The Visit California STAR Online Training Program is the key to realising this dream.

Enhancing Sales and Expertise

Empowering Middle East Agents

The STAR program is designed to do more than just introduce California to travel professionals. It’s a dynamic platform that empowers Middle East agents by enhancing their sales skills and deepening their understanding of the diverse range of California experiences. With this knowledge, agents can effectively market and sell new and exciting travel products tailored specifically to their clientele’s needs.

Certification as California STAR Experts

After completing a series of training modules, travel agents earn the prestigious title of California STAR expert. This certification opens doors to a wealth of resources and benefits, making them California ambassadors.

Get Ready! California's STAR Program is Here to Shine

Access to Valuable Resources

Copyright-Free Destination Images

One of the program’s perks is complimentary access to a treasure trove of copyright-free destination images. These images allow agents to showcase California’s breathtaking landscapes and attractions to potential travelers, igniting their wanderlust.

Promotional Videos

In addition to images, agents gain access to promotional videos that capture the essence of California. These videos are powerful tools for inspiring clients and helping them envision their dream vacations.

Invaluable Industry Insights

Stay ahead of the competition with access to invaluable industry insights. The STAR program provides the latest trends and data, allowing agents to tailor their offerings to meet the evolving demands of travelers.

Local Supplier Contact Database

Building strong partnerships with local suppliers is essential for crafting exceptional travel experiences. Agents enrolled in the program gain access to a local supplier contact database, streamlining the collaboration process.

Rave Reviews from the GCC

Themed Holiday Itineraries

The program has received rave reviews in the GCC, particularly for its themed holiday itineraries. Agents and travelers alike have praised the variety and flexibility of these itineraries, which cater to diverse interests and preferences.

Visit California Road Trip Republic

Another standout feature is the Visit California Road Trip Republic online tool. Travelers can create personalized road trip itineraries, exploring the state at their own pace. This innovation has been exceptionally well-received.

Partnering for a Bright Future

In the coming months, Visit California is actively seeking key industry players to join forces in promoting new California travel products. The focus will encompass various unique Californian experiences, from relaxed luxury exclusivity to nature adventures, Native Californian encounters, culinary delights, Classic Car Fairs, and exhilarating road trips.

Glenn Johnston’s Insight

Glenn Johnston, the Managing Director Middle East at Visit California, is enthusiastic about the program’s potential impact. He emphasizes, “The California STAR program equips agents with essential training, interactive sales tools, and marketing resources, transforming them into expert brand ambassadors capable of delivering unforgettable vacations for their potential clients.”

Furthermore, he believes that the program will not only enrich travelers’ experiences but also significantly contribute to the growth of Visit California holiday packages and revenues for travel agents. “It is an excellent resource that all travel trade professionals will love, even if just for its directory,” he adds.

Get Ready! California's STAR Program is Here to Shine

Program Features and Accessibility

Intuitive Training Layout

The training content on California STAR features an intuitive layout, categorizing modules into both essential and specialized topics. This user-friendly approach ensures that agents can easily navigate the program and focus on the areas most relevant to their clients.

Motivation Through Achievement

The STAR program motivates advisors by introducing a gamification element. As they progress through the training, advisors earn gold, silver, and bronze stars, creating a sense of achievement and encouraging further learning.

Access on the Go

The CA STAR App is available for iOS and Android devices for convenience. This mobile app provides easy access to the program and information from anywhere in the Middle East, ensuring that agents stay connected and informed while moving.

Graduation and Beyond

By June 2024, Visit California anticipates that 100 professional travel agents will graduate as certified California Star travel experts. These experts will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of travel to California, offering tailored experiences that captivate and delight.


The Middle East relaunch of the Visit California STAR Online Training Program marks a significant step toward establishing California as a premier travel destination. Through comprehensive training, access to invaluable resources, and the passion of certified experts, travelers from the GCC and Middle East can look forward to unforgettable experiences in the Golden State.

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