Inside Geely’s Game-Changing Parts Distribution Centre in Dubai!

Inside Geely's Game-Changing Parts Distribution Centre in Dubai!

Discover how Geely AGMC’s new Parts Distribution Centre in Dubai is revolutionizing aftersales support for Geely vehicles in the GCC region.

In a dynamic world where automotive excellence meets technological innovation, Geely AGMC has taken a remarkable leap forward with the inauguration of its new Geely Parts Distribution Centre in Dubai. This cutting-edge facility is poised to redefine aftersales support for Geely vehicles not only in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) but across the entire GCC region. With a steadfast commitment to “efficiency, agility, and intelligence,” this center is set to revolutionize how Geely vehicle owners experience to service and support.

Let’s embark on a journey through the intricacies of this state-of-the-art facility, exploring how it leverages advanced digital and intelligent technologies to enhance supply chain processes, improve response times, and elevate the logistics network.

Geely Parts Distribution Centre: A Game-Changer for Aftersales Support

The Geely Parts Distribution Centre is a testament to Geely AGMC’s unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional customer service. This impressive center aims to achieve several vital objectives:

1. Ensuring Swift Parts Delivery

One of the primary goals of this distribution center is to ensure swift and reliable parts delivery. But how exactly does it achieve this?

The center’s strategic location in Dubai, with robust transportation links to Jebel Ali Port, provides a logistical advantage. This advantageous positioning enables rapid spare parts supply for a wide range of Geely vehicles available to customers in the UAE.

2. Expanding Support Across Multiple Regions

The scope of this initiative extends beyond the UAE. Geely AGMC’s Parts Distribution Centre is designed to cater to the needs of Geely owners in a staggering 35 countries across the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. This expansion marks a significant step in Geely’s global presence.

3. Leveraging Digital and Intelligent Technologies

A key differentiator for this facility is its adoption of advanced digital and intelligent technologies. These innovations are instrumental in streamlining parts supply, enhancing response times, and optimizing operational processes.

4. Elevating Efficiency to New Heights

Efficiency is at the heart of this distribution center’s operations. Every aspect, from storage to delivery, has been rigorously examined and certified to ensure maximum efficiency. Geely AGMC has raised the bar to meet the high standards of the digitalized logistics industry.

Dr. Andreas Schaaf’s Perspective

Dr. Andreas Schaaf, CEO – New Ventures at Albatha Automotive, shares his insights on the significance of this launch:

“Leveraging its location in Dubai with strong transportation links to Jebel Ali Port, Geely’s new Parts Delivery Centre is ready to supply spare parts for the entire range of Geely vehicles available to our customers in the United Arab Emirates, thus ensuring faster, better, and more comprehensive support for the needs of Geely owners. From the stylish Emgrand sedan to the Coolray urban SUV, the technologically advanced Geometry C electric SUV, and the premium and desirable Monjaro SUV, we can ensure that our customers are being served in the best possible way.”

Dr. Schaaf’s words highlight this facility’s pivotal role in enhancing the Geely ownership experience.

Alex GU’s Vision

Alex GU, Vice President – Geely Auto Middle East, sheds light on Geely’s overarching mission:

“At Geely, our focus is on working with our dealership partners in the Middle East to ensure an exceptional ownership experience for Geely customers. With this new Parts Distribution Centre, we can offer more comfortable, professional, and efficient services through the application of digital and intelligent technologies to improve parts supply, response speed, and operational processes. We will continue to work with our regional partners like AGMC to create more possibilities for Geely to enhance our localized logistics network in the Middle East region.”

Alex GU’s vision underscores Geely’s dedication to customer satisfaction through innovation and collaboration.

Strengthening Sales and Aftersales Network

Establishing the new Parts Distribution Centre represents a significant stride in Geely’s strategy to fortify its sales and aftersales network in the Middle East and Africa. This development follows a pivotal agreement signed in Q1 2023 with AGMC, designating them as the official distributor for the UAE’s Geely Auto range of passenger vehicles. This strategic move is part of an ongoing effort to solidify Geely’s dealership network in the Middle East.

AGMC: A Pillar of Excellence

AGMC, as Geely’s official distributor, brings decades of excellence. With a sterling reputation spanning nearly half a century, AGMC is one of the most esteemed automotive dealerships in the UAE. Their commitment to robust sales and after-sales services has earned them a place of trust among customers. They are firmly dedicated to establishing Geely Auto as one of the UAE’s most beloved automotive brands.


In summary, the Geely Parts Distribution Centre launch in Dubai signifies a momentous stride towards enhancing Geely’s aftersales support across the GCC region. This state-of-the-art facility, guided by efficiency, agility, and intelligence principles, promises swift parts delivery, advanced logistics, and an elevated ownership experience for Geely vehicle owners.

With strong partnerships, innovative technologies, and a commitment to excellence, Geely AGMC and AGMC are poised to strengthen Geely’s position as a trusted and beloved automotive brand in the Middle East and beyond. As Geely’s footprint expands, the future holds exciting possibilities for both the brand and its loyal customers.

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