Saudi’s Innovative ‘Passengers with No Bags’ Service

Saudi’s new ‘passengers with no bags’ service — what you need to know

Discover Matarat Holding’s revolutionary luggage service in Saudi Arabia, allowing passengers to check in their baggage ahead of their trip.

Are you tired of the hassle of lugging your baggage through airports, waiting in long lines at check-in counters, and worrying about exceeding luggage weight limits? Matarat Holding in Saudi Arabia has the perfect solution for you. This comprehensive article will delve into the groundbreaking ‘Passengers with No Bags’ service introduced by Matarat Holding. This service can potentially transform how we travel, making it more convenient and stress-free. Let’s explore what this innovative luggage service entails and how it aligns with Saudi Arabia’s aviation strategy and vision for the future.

Matarat Holding’s Game-Changing Service

Matarat Holding, a prominent player in Saudi Arabia’s aviation industry, has unveiled a revolutionary luggage service set to redefine passengers’ travel experience. This service is a game-changer for domestic and international travelers and is scheduled to be launched in Q1 of this year.

What the New Saudi Baggage Service Entails

The ‘Passengers with No Bags’ service is a remarkable offering that allows travelers to send their luggage ahead of their trip, eliminating the need to carry it to the airport. Let’s take a closer look at what this service entails:

1. Hassle-Free Luggage Shipping

Travelers can now ship their luggage from their homes to any destination. This service takes the burden off passengers, making travel preparations smoother and more convenient.

2. Available for Individuals and Groups

Whether you’re traveling solo or with a group, this service caters to everyone’s needs. It’s adaptable to individual travelers and larger groups, ensuring no one is left inconvenienced.

3. Reducing Airport Wait Times

One of the key advantages of this service is its ability to significantly reduce airport wait times. With your luggage already on its way to your destination, you can easily breeze through airport procedures.

4. Requirements for Using the Service

To access this service, passengers must meet certain requirements:

  • They must possess a confirmed and valid ticket with one of the participating airlines.
  • All necessary travel documentation must be provided.
  • Passengers should ensure that their luggage does not contain any prohibited items.

5. Prioritizing Safety and Comfort

Matarat Holding is committed to ensuring the highest standards of safety and comfort for travelers. This innovative service aligns perfectly with their mission to enhance the airport experience.

Aligning with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030

Matarat Holding’s ‘Passengers with No Bags’ service is not just a standalone innovation; it aligns seamlessly with Saudi Arabia’s broader vision for the future of aviation.

6. Saudi Aviation Strategy

This service is a crucial component of the Saudi Aviation Strategy derived from the National Transport and Logistics Strategy and the ambitious Saudi Vision 2030. It is a testament to Saudi Arabia’s commitment to modernizing and streamlining its aviation sector.

Saudi’s new ‘passengers with no bags’ service — what you need to know

Planning Your Travel with Convenience

Now that we’ve explored Matarat Holding’s groundbreaking luggage service let’s take a moment to consider other convenient travel options available in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). If you’re planning to travel soon and seek a hassle-free experience, these services in the UAE might be exactly what you need.

Home and City Check-In Facilities in the UAE

Home and city check-in services can significantly alleviate the stress associated with travel, particularly if you are a frequent traveler or are journeying with family or a large group. Here are some convenient options available in the UAE:

7. Emirates: Home Check-In

Emirates, the renowned Dubai-based carrier, offers a home check-in service that allows travelers to complete the check-in process from the comfort of their home, hotel, or office before their journey. This service not only saves time but also enhances convenience.

8. City Check-In and Travel Store

In April of the previous year, Emirates introduced a new City Check-In and Travel Store, providing customers with a one-stop solution for all their travel needs. This facility offers everything from flight check-ins to luggage drop-off and shopping for travel essentials.

9. ICD Brookfield Place

The ICD Brookfield Place is another addition to Emirates’ luggage drop facilities. Located in Ajman and at the Port Rashid Terminal 3 in Dubai Harbour, this facility caters to travelers disembarking from cruise ships, making their transition from sea to air travel seamless.

10. Etihad: City Check-In Options

Based in Abu Dhabi, Etihad Airways offers city check-in options at the Abu Dhabi Cruise Terminal and the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre. Travelers can drop off their bags and expedite immigration checks, select seats, or upgrade their bookings within 24 to four hours before their flight’s departure.

11. Flydubai: Home Check-In and Belt Pick-Up

Passengers flying from Dubai with Flydubai can benefit from home check-in options. Additionally, Flydubai offers a unique belt pick-up and delivery service for passengers arriving in Dubai. This service allows travelers to have their luggage delivered directly to their homes or hotels, eliminating the need to wait at baggage claim.

12. Home Check-In for Dubai Departures

Flydubai’s home check-in service is available for those departing from Dubai. To access this service, passengers simply need to complete a request form up to six hours before their departure. An airline representative will then meet them at their location, handle the check-in process, and provide boarding passes and baggage tags.

13. Air Arabia: City Check-In

Air Arabia offers a convenient city check-in service that permits travelers to drop off their baggage and obtain their boarding passes eight to 24 hours before their flight departs. Additionally, passengers can select their preferred seats, ensuring a comfortable journey.

14. Multiple Locations in the UAE

Air Arabia’s check-in services are accessible in various locations across the UAE, including Ajman, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, and Abu Dhabi. This widespread availability ensures that passengers have easy access to these time-saving facilities.


In conclusion, Matarat Holding’s ‘Passengers with No Bags’ service in Saudi Arabia promises to revolutionize the way we travel by offering a hassle-free luggage solution. It aligns perfectly with Saudi Arabia’s vision for the future of aviation and the broader Saudi Vision 2030. Additionally, the UAE provides convenient home and city check-in options for travelers, enhancing their overall journey experience. Whether you’re planning to travel within Saudi Arabia or abroad, these innovative services can make your trip more comfortable and stress-free.

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