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André Rieu Live in Abu Dhabi

André Rieu Live In Abu Dhabi

Experience the enchanting melodies of André Rieu live in Abu Dhabi. Book your tickets now!

Prepare to be swept away on a journey of musical enchantment as the world-renowned Dutch violinist and conductor, André Rieu, graces the stage of Abu Dhabi’s prestigious Etihad Arena on Saturday, 9th March 2024. Presented by MAC Global in collaboration with Abu Dhabi Culture, this highly anticipated event promises an evening of unparalleled entertainment and cultural richness.

A Maestro’s Vision

André Rieu, celebrated for his captivating performances and charismatic stage presence, will lead his illustrious Johann Strauss Orchestra, accompanied by a talented chorus and international soloists. Renowned for his ability to transcend musical boundaries, Rieu’s repertoire spans from timeless classical masterpieces to lively waltzes, beloved show tunes, and iconic melodies from film, opera, and musicals.

An Unforgettable Spectacle

Renowned for his high-energy, romantic, and joyous performances, André Rieu has captured the hearts of millions worldwide. With over 40 million albums sold, his concerts are synonymous with dazzling light displays, elaborate costumes, and immersive audience participation. Each show is a testament to Rieu’s commitment to creating a sense of community and celebration, appealing to audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

André Rieu’s Musical Philosophy

In his own words, André Rieu reflects on his upcoming performance in Abu Dhabi, stating, “Emotions are the key! When a piece of music touches my heart, I know it will touch your heart too.” With his infectious enthusiasm and passion for music, Rieu invites concert-goers to join him in a celebration of love, joy, and shared experiences.

Special Guest Spotlight: Emma Kok

Adding to the allure of this extraordinary event is the special guest appearance by 15-year-old sensation, Emma Kok. With her rendition of “Voilà,” the French ESC Song by Barbara Pravi, Kok garnered over 60 million views across various social media platforms, captivating audiences with her exceptional talent and magnetic stage presence.

A Record-Breaking Phenomenon

André Rieu’s global appeal is undeniable, with his tours consistently outselling some of the biggest names in popular music. Garnering over one billion views on YouTube and boasting a massive social media following, Rieu’s influence transcends traditional boundaries, captivating audiences worldwide with his unique blend of classical mastery and contemporary flair.

Unveiling the Magic of Live Performance

Step into a world of musical wonder as André Rieu and his 60-piece Johann Strauss Orchestra grace the stage of the Etihad Arena. From the grandeur of their entrance through the crowd to the mesmerizing visual displays accompanying each performance, attendees are in for an unforgettable evening of musical magic.

Ticket Information

Tickets for André Rieu’s enchanting performance are available now, offering a range of options to suit every preference. From exclusive floor seating to premium club packages, there’s a ticket option for everyone to experience the magic of this once-in-a-lifetime event.

  • Royal Plus – Floor: AED 1,700
  • Royal – Floor: AED 995
  • Platinum – Floor: AED 795
  • Diamond – Floor: AED 695
  • Diamond – Lower: AED 625
  • Gold – Lower: AED 525
  • Gold – Lower Club Package (VIP Package): AED 699
  • Emerald – Lower: AED 460
  • Silver – Lower: AED 425
  • Ruby – Lower: AED 325
  • Bronze – Lower: AED 225
  • Bronze – Upper Premium: AED 225
  • Bronze – Upper Standard: AED 215
  • Wheelchair Accessible Seats – Companion Seats: AED 450

Secure your seats now through Etihad Arena or Platinumlist and prepare to be transported to a world of musical splendor.


Don’t miss your chance to witness André Rieu and his Johann Strauss Orchestra live in Abu Dhabi. With his unparalleled talent, infectious energy, and commitment to creating unforgettable experiences, Rieu promises an evening of pure musical bliss for audiences of all ages. Join us on Saturday, 9th March 2024, for a night you’ll never forget!

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