ASICS Welcomes Tennis Sensation Ons Jabeur to Global Roster

Asics Welcomes Tennis Sensation Ons Jabeur To Global Roster

Discover the dynamic partnership between tennis sensation Ons Jabeur and ASICS. Elevate your game with ASICS today!

ASICS, the renowned athletic footwear and apparel brand, proudly announces the addition of Ons Jabeur, the illustrious global tennis athlete, to its esteemed roster of tennis professionals. With an impressive track record including three-time Olympian, three-time Grand Slam finalist, and a career-high ranking of #2 in the world, Jabeur’s signing marks a significant milestone for ASICS as it continues to reinforce its presence in the world of tennis.

The Phenomenal Career of Ons Jabeur

Ons Jabeur, currently ranked #9 in the world, brings a wealth of experience and talent to ASICS. With a career spanning numerous accolades and achievements, Jabeur has cemented her status as a powerhouse in the tennis world. Her remarkable journey includes three appearances at the Olympics, where she has showcased her exceptional skills on the global stage. Additionally, Jabeur boasts an impressive record as a three-time Grand Slam finalist, a testament to her unwavering dedication and passion for the sport.

A Global Ambassador for Tennis

Beyond her exceptional performance on the court, Ons Jabeur serves as a beacon of inspiration, particularly in African and Arab regions, where she has played a pivotal role in expanding the reach of tennis. As a positive female ambassador for the sport, Jabeur’s influence transcends borders, inspiring countless aspiring athletes to pursue their dreams and break barriers.

ASICS: A Perfect Fit for Ons Jabeur

Mitsuyuki Tominaga, President and COO of ASICS, expresses his enthusiasm for welcoming Ons Jabeur to the ASICS family, emphasizing her embodiment of ASICS’ core values. Jabeur’s leadership, positivity, and success on the tour align seamlessly with ASICS’ commitment to excellence and mental well-being. As a brand that stands for “Anima Sana In Corpore Sano” (A Sound Mind In A Sound Body), ASICS resonates with Jabeur’s ethos, making her an ideal representative both on and off the court.

Jabeur’s Endorsement of ASICS

In her official statement, Ons Jabeur expresses her pride in joining ASICS as an athlete, citing her admiration for the brand’s renowned tennis products and unique values within the sports industry. Jabeur highlights ASICS’ focus on mental well-being as a distinguishing factor, emphasizing the importance of a holistic approach to athletic performance. By representing ASICS at the highest level, Jabeur looks forward to embodying the brand’s values and contributing to its legacy of excellence.

The Signature Shoe: SOLUTION SPEED™ FF 3

As part of her partnership with ASICS, Ons Jabeur will proudly sport the SOLUTION SPEED™ FF 3 tennis shoe. Renowned for its cutting-edge technology and superior performance on the court, the SOLUTION SPEED™ FF 3 embodies ASICS’ commitment to innovation and excellence. Designed to enhance agility and support rapid movement, this signature shoe represents the pinnacle of ASICS’ expertise in tennis footwear.


The addition of Ons Jabeur to ASICS’ global roster of tennis athletes marks a significant milestone for both parties. With her remarkable achievements and unwavering dedication to the sport, Jabeur epitomizes the values of excellence, resilience, and integrity that define ASICS. As she prepares to showcase her talent at this summer’s games in Paris and beyond, Jabeur’s partnership with ASICS promises to inspire athletes worldwide and elevate the brand’s presence in the world of tennis.

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