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Your San Francisco Adventure Starts Here!

Your San Francisco Adventure Starts Here!

Discover the best accommodations and attractions in San Francisco for an unforgettable trip.

Celebrated by millions of travellers worldwide, San Francisco is a charming and vibrant city famous for its distinctive landmarks, affluent neighbourhoods, and diverse history and culture. Therefore, when planning a trip to San Francisco, you should consider how you want to explore this city: You may be interested in booking a centrally located hotel like Union Square in the city centre; you can easily head off in different directions to visit museums, shop, or try the city’s restaurants. You can also choose a starting base in a neighbourhood like the Marina, allowing you to spend some time with the locals. Focus on activities such as cycling to the Golden Gate Bridge or having fun on the city’s beaches.

When planning your trip to San Francisco, choosing the ideal accommodation is an essential part of the success of the trip, and these places will ensure that you achieve the utmost enjoyment and comfort on your next adventure to San Francisco Bay, as each of them provides a unique view of the city overlooking the Bay.

1. Hilton San Francisco Union Square Hotel

Union Square, or what is known as Union Square, has a fascinating history. It took its name from hosting pro-Union crowds in the 19th century, and today, it is a centre for shopping, dining, and live theatre. The towering Hilton San Francisco Union Square hotel is directly opposite, whose upper floors provide seating. In front seats with stunning panoramic views of the city and bay, it’s just two blocks from the luxury shops surrounding the plaza and just one block from the streetcar looping down Powell Street.

This hotel, located in the heart of the city, has many resort features, such as an outdoor pool, a hot tub, two restaurants, and an extensive fitness centre, and the rooms exude simple elegance, many of which have balconies with wonderful skyline views.

The hotel is not just a starting point for exploring the city; it brings the entire Gulf region to your doorstep. Stop at the Big Bus Tours lounge, The largest operator of open-air coach sightseeing tours; you’ll be treated to a wide range of guided adventures, such as trips to Muir Woods National Park, all-day excursions into the surrounding areas, or popular double-decker bus tours that take you around the tourist attractions in the city.

Your San Francisco Adventure Starts Here!

2. Park 55 Hotel, Union Square

Located only a few blocks from Union Square, Park 55 offers easy access to many of the most prestigious restaurants in downtown San Francisco, and this 1,024-room hotel is a magnet for foodies. Its home restaurant, Kin Kao, has a Michelin star for its innovative and bold Thai cuisine, such as green curry rabbit and Kahu yum, Rice salad with chilli and turmeric. Other dining options at the hotel, such as California cuisine at Cable 55, also received several praises, and the Surfrider Ocean Foundation, which is concerned with protecting and preserving the world’s oceans, waves and beaches, awarded it the title of environmentally friendly restaurant due to its sustainable environmental policies.

In addition to its wide culinary popularity, the 32-storey hotel offers many desirable amenities, as its rooms are decorated with colourful floors and large windows overlooking the bay, adding a lot of appeal to the views of the city from above. In this hotel, you can exercise in the fitness room. The 1,500-square-foot Fitness 55 Gym and VIP benefits for hotel guests include access to the pool and hot tub.

The hotel is also a convenient place to stay if you are in town to attend a Giants baseball game, a concert at the Oracle Park Sports Coliseum, located less than a mile away, or attend the Broadway Level Show at the Grand Curran Theater, which dates back to 1922.

3. Canopy by Hilton San Francisco

Suppose you want to take a museum trip. In that case, the Sous Ma/Yerba Buena neighbourhood is an excellent starting point, so the area south of San Francisco’s main street known as Market Street (here the Sous Ma district) is a collection of several contemporary museums such as San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Museum of the African Diaspora, and also a top spot when it comes to experiencing local arts and film at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

The hotel, which includes 194 rooms, has a special artistic atmosphere that we do not find in other hotels in terms of its old decor style. The rooms are distinguished by sofas and beds with curved and upholstered armrests and large windows overlooking the city centre and the Children’s Creativity Museum. Suppose you intend to stay in The hotel between Thursday and Saturday, head to the lobby to host you on a wonderful evening. On any day you wish, you can enjoy a snack in the lobby or go up to the roof of the hotel to enrich your evening with more city views.

Take the Muni Light Rail (there is a stop right outside the hotel) for a short trip to Chinatown or to explore the rest of the city, and make time to visit Yerba Buena Gardens, a collection of green lawns, folk art, and children’s play areas located less than Ten minutes walk from the hotel.

Your San Francisco Adventure Starts Here!

4. Infinity Hotel San Francisco, Marina District

Staying in San Francisco’s Marina District, located along the city’s northern edge, is near some of the San Francisco Bay Area’s timeless landmarks, like Ghirardelli Square, the Palace of Fine Arts, and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Opening in fall 2023 as part of Hilton’s boutique-chic collection, the 75-room Infinity Hotel brings a homely feel to the place and is just two miles from the Golden Gate Bridge in one direction and two miles in one direction. The other is from the Fisherman’s Wharf area, where you can visit Alcatraz Island and Prison. Likewise, Infinity Hotel makes exploring easy as you can rent bikes directly from the hotel to access Presidio Park’s green spaces and museums, which are located less than a mile from the hotel.

For leisure, the affordable Infinity Hotel keeps things simple with spacious, welcoming spaces, including outdoor deck seating around a fireplace and streamlined, colourful, contemporary rooms. You can also dine like a local at nearby restaurants, such as Green Restaurant, famous for its traditional vegetarian food, or Zushi Basel Restaurant, which serves the best innovative sushi dish and is 1.6 km from the hotel.

5. The Barnes San Francisco Hotel, Union Square

The Barnes is an urban retreat with sophisticated elegance, where you can enjoy the lively sights and sounds of the city and immerse yourself in the San Francisco charm that you can only find at this small, elegant 189-room hotel, one block off Union Square. And, of course, you can catch the tram along Powell Street from right outside the hotel’s front door.

The hotel consists of eight floors and dates back to 1908 when it was originally a Manx Hotel, and its rooms are full of nostalgic charm, from the velvet sofas and dim night lamps to the cushioned beds decorated with peonies. Its restaurant offers a fine dining experience in a modern atmosphere in… Union Square in downtown San Francisco.

You can also enjoy a double espresso in the lobby to start your day off, and guests can also meet and share appetizers or have dinner with their friends. The famous wood-roasted Mr Espresso from San Francisco is included in the premium coffee menu, including other favourites such as traditional breakfast teas and classic Americana coffee.

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