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Emirates Dubai 7s and High-Flying Stunts

Emirates Dubai 7s and High-Flying Stunts

Get ready for the HSBC SVNS Series and the Emirates Dubai 7s in Dubai. Learn about the captivating launch event, extended festivities, ticket details, and more in this article.

Dubai, known for its iconic architecture and thrilling events, is all set to host a spectacular rugby spectacle. Captains of the world’s top rugby 7s teams recently took to the skies, showcasing the city’s skyline in a breathtaking stunt. This marks the beginning of the newly revamped HSBC SVNS Series in Dubai, setting the stage for the 2023 Emirates Dubai 7s. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of this thrilling event, including the extended festivities, ticket information, and what to expect during this unforgettable weekend.

A Daring Stunt: Captains on the Cantilever

Captains on One Za’abeel

In a daring prelude to the Emirates Dubai 7s, the captains of the world’s top rugby 7s teams embarked on a remarkable adventure. They were harnessed and positioned along the length of the Longest Sky Cantilevered Building, One Za’abeel. This architectural marvel served as the stage for capturing the teams representing their countries from a unique Dubai perspective. It was a breathtaking moment that showcased the city’s stunning skyline and set the tone for the HSBC SNVNS series and the 2023 Emirates Dubai 7s.

Setting the Stage for Rugby Action

This first-of-its-kind stunt captured sports enthusiasts’ attention and set the stage for an unforgettable weekend of rugby action. It was a symbolic gesture of taking rugby to new heights, quite literally and embracing the spirit of competition and sportsmanship.

Emirates Dubai 7s: Dates and Extended Festivities

Kick-Off and Duration

The Emirates Dubai 7s will kick off on Friday, December 1, and run until Sunday, December 3. This three-day extravaganza promises a thrilling display of rugby prowess and entertainment.

Extended Sunday Night Festivities

Festival organizers have extended the Sunday night festivities to add to the excitement. From 6:30 pm until 11:45 pm, Beats on 2 and the stage will feature live music and DJ sets. This extension ensures that the fun continues well into the night.

Rugby Rocks After Party

For those who can’t get enough, the Rugby Rocks after-party will keep the celebration going until late. Expect crowd-favourite singalongs and guitar band tributes that will make the night unforgettable.

Celebration for Invitational Teams

Invitational teams in WodOn3, Rebound, Rugby, Netball, and Cricket can also celebrate their victories as a team late into the evening. With Monday declared a public holiday, there are no worries about early commitments.

Tickets and Passes

Ticket Prices

Tickets for the Emirates Dubai 7s start at AED 425, offering access to thrilling matches, entertainment, and more.

Three-Day Pass

For an additional AED 125, sports fans and festivalgoers can purchase a three-day pass. This pass grants access to a full weekend of exhilarating matches, entertainment, music, food, and family experiences. It’s the perfect way to immerse yourself in the festival’s vibrant atmosphere.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: When does the Emirates Dubai 7s kick off?

The Emirates Dubai 7s starts on Friday, December 1, and runs until Sunday, December 3.

Q: What’s special about the extended Sunday night festivities?

The extended festivities include live music, DJ sets, and an after-party, ensuring that the fun continues well into the night.

Q: Can invitational teams enjoy the late-night celebrations?

Yes, invitational teams in various sports can celebrate late into the evening without worrying about commitments on Monday.

Q: How much do tickets for the Emirates Dubai 7s cost?

Tickets start at AED 425, offering access to the matches and festival activities.

Q: What’s included in the three-day pass?

The three-day pass, available for an additional AED 125, grants access to the full weekend of matches, entertainment, music, food, and family experiences.


Get ready for an exhilarating weekend of rugby action, entertainment, and celebrations in Dubai. The launch stunt at One Za’abeel set the tone for an extraordinary event, and the extended Sunday night festivities promise non-stop fun. Whether you’re a sports enthusiast or looking for a weekend filled with excitement, the Emirates Dubai 7s has something for everyone. Don’t miss this unforgettable rugby spectacle!

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