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Yas Marina Circuit’s Exciting Summer Calendar

Yas Marina Circuit's Exciting Summer Calendar

Explore Yas Marina Circuit’s exciting summer programs! Karting and STEM camps for kids aged 5-14. Book now!

Yas Marina Circuit, nestled on the vibrant Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, has unveiled a thrilling lineup of summer activities designed to captivate enthusiasts of all ages. From karting masterclasses to innovative STEM programs, the renowned circuit promises an action-packed season both on and off the track.

Yas Heat Karting Summer Campus: Nurturing Future Motorsport Stars

Yas Heat Karting Summer Campus caters to young racing enthusiasts aged 5 to 12, offering an immersive 6-week program aimed at honing their karting skills and fostering a passion for motorsport. Located at the heart of Abu Dhabi, Yas Heat stands out as a premier driver talent development academy renowned for nurturing budding racers into future stars of international championships like Formula 4 and Formula 1 Academy.

The program, running from July 8th to August 14th, is structured into three age categories: Bambino (ages 5-7), Junior 1 (ages 8-10), and Junior 2 (ages 10-12). Participants can expect a comprehensive curriculum that includes on-track activities, expert racing coaching, theoretical racing knowledge sessions, skill development drills, and specialized mechanical and technical workshops. Prices for this enriching program start at AED 1,650.

For more information on pricing and booking, visit Yas Marina Circuit.

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ADNOC Yas in Schools STEM Summer Camp: Unleashing Young Innovators

ADNOC Yas in Schools STEM Summer Camp offers a unique opportunity for students aged 7 to 14 to delve into the world of Formula 1 and motorsports from July 8th onwards. This innovative 5-day program focuses on nurturing STEM talent through hands-on activities and challenges that simulate real-world racing team dynamics.

Each weekly session revolves around a specific theme tailored to the interests and developmental needs of young learners. Participants can choose from engaging modules such as:

Formula Ethara Program: July 8-12 and August 19-23

Participants immerse themselves in team development, brand creation, and STEM concepts like aerodynamics and sustainability. A highlight includes the opportunity to design and race their own miniature cars, fostering creativity and practical STEM application.

Motorsport Entrepreneurship: July 15-19

This module explores entrepreneurship within the motorsport industry, challenging participants to pitch ideas in a Dragons Den style setting and participate in custom racing challenges. It’s an ideal platform for young innovators to refine their business acumen while exploring their passion for racing.

Track Technology & Design: July 22-26

Focused on technology and innovation, this module covers basics of coding, electronic circuits, and racetrack design principles. Participants get hands-on experience in designing their own racing circuits, enhancing their understanding of track dynamics and technology integration.

Each 5-day program is priced competitively at AED 700 per session, offering exceptional value for families looking to enrich their children’s summer experience with a blend of education and excitement.

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Yas Marina Circuit’s summer calendar promises an unparalleled opportunity for young enthusiasts and families alike to engage deeply with motorsport and STEM education in a dynamic, inspiring environment. Whether your child dreams of becoming the next racing champion or is fascinated by the technological innovations behind Formula 1, these programs offer a gateway to explore, learn, and thrive.

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