5 Mistakes To Be Avoided While Preparing For The Defence Exams 


Defence exams are the golden opportunity given by the Indian government to the candidates seeking admission into defence forces. The candidates prepare for clearing defence exams with full enthusiasm. But not all of them get select for the defence forces. The reason is not that they aren’t capable of the defence jobs. In fact, not adhering to a proper strategy and the right direction are the prominent reasons for their failure in the defence exams. In this article, we have elaborated on the five mistakes that a defence aspirant must avoid while preparing for the defence exams. 

A candidate has to fulfill some requirements set by the commission conducting the defence exams. Whether it’s the CDS, AFCAT, or NDA exam, every exam has its own requirements that every candidate must check before appearing for the exam. Well, if you are strongly determined to crack the CDS exam. Then, checking the eligibility criteria is a must. Moreover, for better guidance, you can reach the finest platform that offers CDS coaching in Chandigarh

Here, we have elaborated on the 5 mistakes that must be avoided by the candidates aiming for defence exams.

1. Ignoring the previous year’s question papers

Basically, the previous year’s question papers help you get familiar with the exact exam format. Candidates overlooking the importance of these question papers often miss their targets.  Know that analyzing the previous year’s questions accaurately is key to success in the defence exams. Besides this, these papers also help you become aware of the difficulty level of the exam. Therefore, the defence aspirants must refer to at least 6 or 7 previous year’s question papers.

2. Preparing from random books

Well, to ace the defence exams, you have to gain vast knowledge. But this doesn’t mean that you should start to read 50 or 100 advanced books. This is definitely not an appropriate way as understanding these books is impossible in such a limited time. You must analyze first what kind of knowledge you need to grab while studying the books, analysing the syllabus and previous year’s question papers are going to help you substantially in this. To get clarity on the basic of the concepts, you can refer to NCERT books. 

3. Paying unequal attention to each subject

Not maintaining a balance between the preparation of each subject of the defence exam can make you face failure in the defence exams. Many candidates often pay more attention to the quant section. Which naturally, deteriorates their preparation for other sections. The candidates must give equal priority to all the subjects with each and every topic mentioned in the syllabus. Prepare for the general awareness section with full dedication. Because if you perform well in this section, then your chances of crossing the cut-off score get increased. 

4. Not planning a strategy to attempt the paper

Gaining knowledge is good but you must also play smart to win the battle. Know that there is the cut-off score. This score is usually set by the exam conducting commission. Candidates crossing this score get proceeded further to the next tiers. Therefore, you must plan a strategy to cross this cut-off score. You must attempt the sufficient questions correctly in order to cross the cut-off score. Make sure you don’t enter the exam room without  making a strategy to attempt the paper properly. 

5. Not improving speed

Basically, your ability to understand correctly and quickly under the pressure of time is going to help you a lot in cracking the defence exams. Therefore, you must practice sincerely to improve your ability to understand in order to ace the exams. Well, do you have any idea, what can help you with this? To help the candidates with this, the experts have prepared mock tests. Moreover, you can also solve the mock tests to plan a strategy to attempt the paper. Solving these tests will help you know your weakness. And these weaknesses can be improve by practicing mock tests. Well, are you preparing for the AFCAT exam? If yes, then preparing under the great supervision of the experts of credible source that offers the best AFCAT coaching in Chandigarh will be quite helpful to you. 


We hope that you will avoid the mistakes mentioned above while preparing for the defence exams. Lastly, we advise you to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly to stay fit. 

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