The True Honey Co.’s 2050+ Mānuka Honey Takes UAE by Storm!

The True Honey Co.'s 2050+ Mānuka Honey Takes UAE by Storm!

Explore The True Honey Co.’s remarkable journey into the UAE, offering premium Mānuka honey with unrivaled health benefits. Discover their record-breaking Rare Harvest Mānuka Honey and their mission to promote wellness.

In a sweet expansion move, The True Honey Co., a renowned producer of premium Mānuka honey, has set its sights on the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This announcement comes as part of their ambitious growth strategy, and to celebrate this momentous occasion, they have unveiled a Rare Harvest Mānuka Honey with an unprecedented MGO rating of 2050+. Join us to explore this remarkable development and delve into the world of premium Mānuka honey like never before.

The True Honey Co.: Nature Meets Science

Embracing the essence of New Zealand’s remote native forests, The True Honey Co. has mastered the art of combining nature’s medicine with modern science. Their mission is clear: to unlock the true potential of Mānuka honey and its incredible health benefits.

A Sweet Partnership with Alfa One

The True Honey Co. has forged a strategic partnership with Alfa One in the UAE, paving the way for their products to grace the shelves of 70 Aster Pharmacies. With ambitious plans to expand to 200 stores in the UAE, this collaboration is set to make premium Mānuka honey more accessible than ever before.

Jarred Mānuka Honey Range: A Sneak Peek

The UAE can now savor the goodness of four of The True Honey Co.’s seven jarred Mānuka honey offerings. But that’s not all – keep your eyes peeled for an array of targeted Mānuka wellness products slated for release later this year.

The True Honey Co.'s 2050+ Mānuka Honey Takes UAE by Storm!

Jim McMillan: The Visionary Behind It All

Meet Jim McMillan, the visionary founder of The True Honey Co. His passion for health and well-being has driven the brand to new heights. For him, prioritizing health isn’t a luxury but an essential investment.

Aster Pharmacy: Your Health Haven

The UAE’s largest pharmacy network, Aster Pharmacy is the perfect home for The True Honey Co.’s premium products. It’s your one-stop destination for all things health and wellness.

The Health Boost You Need

According to Mr. NS Balasubramanian, CEO of Aster Pharmacies, The True Honey Co.’s Mānuka honey boosts the immune system and offers relief from common infections and sore throats. Discover how this product range aligns perfectly with Aster Pharmacy’s health and wellness ethos.

UAE Expansion: Building on a Legacy

The True Honey Co.’s journey into the UAE follows a legacy partnership with Nahdi Pharmacies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), established four years ago. It’s a testament to their commitment to growing the Mānuka category and providing customer value.

Dominating the Saudi Market

In 2022, The True Honey Co. captured a staggering 74% of the total export value of New Zealand Mānuka honey into Saudi Arabia. This accomplishment underscores their dedication to quality and excellence.

Strong Partnerships in the Middle East

Beyond Saudi Arabia, The True Honey Co. has cultivated strong partnerships in Oman, collaborating with the Muscat Pharmacy group. They also have a successful partnership with Abu Issa in Qatar, where their products grace the shelves of Blue Salon department stores, Gold Gourmet, and Asala Honey speciality shops.

The Middle East’s Dedicated Honey Hub

True Honey has launched a dedicated website for the Middle East as part of its regional growth. This platform is a hub for honey enthusiasts, offering information and easy access to their premium products.

Conclusion: A Sweeter and Healthier Future

The True Honey Co.’s expansion into the UAE is a testament to the growing demand for premium Mānuka honey and the brand’s unwavering commitment to promoting health and wellness. With their groundbreaking Rare Harvest Mānuka Honey leading the charge, it’s evident that the world of honey has never been sweeter or healthier. So, indulge in the goodness of Mānuka honey, boost your well-being, and savor the essence of nature and science combined.

In the UAE, The True Honey Co. is not just launching a product; they are introducing a lifestyle that prioritizes health, indulges in nature’s bounty, and understands the true value of premium Mānuka honey. Welcome to a sweeter and healthier future.

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