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‘The Studio’ Redefines Dubai’s Retail Scene

'The Studio' Redefines Dubai's Retail Scene

Dubai Festival City Mall, a renowned shopping destination in the heart of the UAE, has unveiled an exciting new venture – ‘The Studio’ by POP Scale. This innovative retail concept celebrates local creativity, offering emerging homegrown brands a space to shine within the bustling mall. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of ‘The Studio,’ exploring how it supports and promotes local entrepreneurs, its diverse offerings, and the partnership between Dubai Festival City Mall and POP Scale.

The Rise of Local Entrepreneurship in the UAE

In recent years, the United Arab Emirates has witnessed the remarkable rise of homegrown brands. This phenomenon highlights the immense potential within our communities, demonstrating how resourcefulness and strategic platforms can empower small business owners to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams and expand their reach. But what exactly is ‘The Studio,’ and how does it contribute to this flourishing local entrepreneurship ecosystem?

The Rise of Local Entrepreneurship in the UAE

‘The Studio’: A Hub for Emerging Local Brands

‘The Studio’ is not just another retail space; it’s a carefully curated hub designed to support and celebrate the talents of local entrepreneurs. This dynamic retail concept offers these businesses a unique opportunity to gain exposure and recognition in a high-traffic environment, putting their products in front of a diverse and eager audience.

What Sets ‘The Studio’ Apart?

  • A Premium Location: Located within Dubai Festival City Mall, ‘The Studio’ benefits from the mall’s strategic positioning, ensuring maximum footfall and visibility for local brands.
  • Diverse Product Range: ‘The Studio’ features an impressive array of products, from home décor to clothing and accessories for women, men, and children.
  • Featured Brands: Some notable brands at ‘The Studio’ include Turtlefeet, Thowby, The Gentleman’s Community, Veganologie, Beauty Solutions, and Bjerg & Hav.
  • Beyond Fashion: It’s not just about clothing; ‘The Studio’ also offers fine jewellery, beauty cosmetics, beach and resort wear, and a selection of souvenirs.

Celebrating Creativity and Innovation

The collaboration between Dubai Festival City Mall and POP Scale underscores their commitment to introducing fresh and exciting concepts that enhance the customer experience. Hayssam Hajjar, Director of Asset Management UAE, Al-Futtaim Real Estate, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “With the launch of The Studio, we aim to provide a dynamic platform that showcases the incredible diversity and premium quality of homegrown businesses in the UAE.”

A Win-Win Partnership

  • Supporting Local Entrepreneurs: The partnership supports local entrepreneurs by giving them a platform to showcase their products to a wide audience.
  • Untapped Opportunity: Customers visiting Dubai Festival City Mall can now discover and support new premium local brands they may not have encountered otherwise.
  • Elevating Retail in Dubai: This collaboration brings excitement and innovation to Dubai’s retail landscape.
The Rise of Local Entrepreneurship in the UAE


Q: What types of products can I find at ‘The Studio’?

A: ‘The Studio’ offers diverse products, including home décor, clothing, accessories, fine jewellery, cosmetics, beachwear, resort wear, and souvenirs.

Q: Are the brands at ‘The Studio’ exclusively local?

A: Yes, ‘The Studio’ exclusively features homegrown brands from the UAE.

Q: Is Dubai Festival City Mall a popular shopping destination?

A: Dubai Festival City Mall is a well-known and bustling shopping destination in the UAE.

Q: Can I purchase products from ‘The Studio’ online?

A: While ‘The Studio’ primarily operates as a physical retail space, some brands may offer online purchasing options.

Q: What is the significance of POP Scale in this collaboration?

A: POP Scale drives ‘The Studio,’ helping local brands gain exposure and recognition.

Q: How can local entrepreneurs get their products featured at ‘The Studio’?

A: Local entrepreneurs interested in showcasing their products at ‘The Studio’ can contact the mall’s management for more information on the application process.


Dubai Festival City Mall’s ‘The Studio’ by POP Scale is more than just a retail space; it’s a testament to the thriving local entrepreneurship scene in the UAE. This innovative concept offers a platform for homegrown brands to shine and introduces customers to a world of unique and high-quality products. With the support of POP Scale, Dubai Festival City Mall contributes to the growth and recognition of local businesses while elevating the retail experience in Dubai. So, if you’re looking to discover the next big thing in local brands, ‘The Studio’ is the place to be in the heart of Dubai.

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