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How Hilton Became the No. 1 World’s Best Workplace

How Hilton Became the No. 1 World's Best Workplace

In a groundbreaking moment, Hilton has clinched the top spot as the No. 1 World’s Best Workplace, according to Fortune magazine and Great Place to Work. This remarkable achievement not only places Hilton in the annals of excellence but also signifies a pivotal moment in the history of the hospitality industry. Hilton’s journey to this pinnacle of recognition has been extraordinary, characterized by its unwavering commitment to inclusivity, growth, purpose, and wellness.

Hilton’s Remarkable Journey

Breaking Records and Setting Trends

Since 2016, Hilton has consistently made its presence felt on the “World’s Best” list. However, the latest recognition marks a historic moment, as it’s the first time a hospitality company has secured the top honor in the esteemed program.

Simon Vincent’s Vision

Simon Vincent, EVP and President of Europe, Middle East & Africa, Hilton, is proud of this accomplishment. He states, “We’re proud to be named the world’s best workplace, which follows awards in more than 20 countries across Europe, Middle East & Africa.” This recognition is not just about awards but a celebration of Hilton’s remarkable team members’ dedication and its century-old culture of innovation and inclusivity.

A Culture of Authenticity

Hilton has always been dedicated to fostering an inclusive culture that supports its team members at every stage of their personal and professional journey. It’s about empowering each individual to bring their authentic self to work, creating an environment where everyone can thrive.

The Hilton Advantage

Best-in-Class Benefits

One of the key differentiators for Hilton is its commitment to providing best-in-class benefits to its team members. These benefits include enhanced parental and adoption leave and exciting travel opportunities through the Go Hilton team member travel program.

Hilton Cares: Investing in the Future

The Hilton Cares program further exemplifies Hilton’s commitment to its team members and the broader community. This initiative will provide $500,000 in scholarships and financial assistance for individuals passionate about building careers in hospitality.

A Flexible Ecosystem

Hilton understands the importance of flexibility in today’s work environment. The company constantly explores new ways to increase flexibility at its properties and corporate offices. The aim is to provide a value proposition offering a flexible ecosystem of offerings, ensuring team members feel supported.

How Hilton Became the No. 1 World's Best Workplace

The Four Pillars of Success

In its quest to create a fully human experience at work, Hilton has laid the foundation on four essential pillars. Let’s delve into these pillars that have contributed to Hilton’s journey to the top.

Inclusion: A Hall of Fame Induction

Hilton is committed to building an equitable and welcoming workforce representing various cultures, backgrounds, and viewpoints. This commitment led to Hilton’s induction into Fair360’s Hall of Fame in 2022, following its No. 1 ranking on the organization’s Top 50 Companies for Diversity list in 2021.

Wellness: Caring for All

Hilton’s Thrive at Hilton platform takes a proactive approach to support team members in caring for themselves and their loved ones. The Care for All caregiving initiative, launched in 2022, provides tools and resources to support team members’ mental wellness and caregiving needs.

Growth: From Job to Career

Hilton prides itself on providing opportunities to transform team members from job seekers into career builders. These opportunities include complimentary courses through Hilton University, upskilling for leaders, debt-free education through partnerships with Guild, and Lead@Hilton leadership and development programs.

Purpose: Spreading Hospitality Worldwide

For over a century, Hilton team members have been dedicated to fulfilling Conrad Hilton’s vision of spreading the light and warmth of hospitality worldwide. Even during the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Hilton’s team members remained steadfast in their purpose, delivering exceptional guest experiences and making a positive impact on communities.

The Recognition Process

To determine the World’s Best Workplaces each year, Great Place to Work employs a rigorous, data-based model that quantifies the employee experience. This process involves soliciting employee feedback, collecting company culture and workforce data, and achieving certification status.

Direct Feedback from Team Members

Hilton’s recognition as the World’s Best Workplace results from positive feedback directly from team members. With a workforce spanning 460,000 people across 124 countries and territories, this accolade speaks volumes about Hilton’s commitment to its global team.

International Acclaim

In addition to the World’s Best Workplace honour, Hilton has been named the Best Workplace for Women in the U.S.. He has received recognition as the No. 1 Best Workplace in multiple countries, including Argentina, Austria, China, Dominican Republic, France, India, Italy, Peru, Portugal, Switzerland, and Uruguay in 2023. Hilton’s consistent presence on over 450 Great Place to Work lists since 2016 is a testament to its excellence.


Hilton’s journey to becoming the No. 1 World’s Best Workplace is a story of dedication, inclusivity, growth, and purpose. It showcases the power of investing in people and creating an exceptional workplace where everyone can thrive. As Hilton continues to set industry benchmarks, it inspires businesses worldwide, reminding us that excellence knows no bounds when fueled by the spirit of innovation and inclusivity.

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