The Artistic Swimming Championship You Can’t Miss!

The Artistic Swimming Championship You Can't Miss!

Get ready for the launch of the Artistic Swimming World League in Dubai, featuring 160 talented female swimmers from 14 countries.

Dubai, known for its grandeur and extravagance, is set to make waves in sports again. On December 13th and 14th, 2023, the Artistic Swimming World League will be launched at the prestigious Hamdan Sports Complex. This exciting event is brought to you in collaboration with the Dubai Sports Council (DSC) and organized by the Double D Swimming Academy. It promises to be a spectacle of grace, talent, and fierce competition.

The Grand Gathering of Female Swimmers

Dubai is all set to host 160 exceptional female swimmers, aged 12 to 30, from 14 different countries. These nations include the UAE, Britain, Spain, Italy, Greece, Finland, Belarus, the Czech Republic, Georgia, Poland, Jordan, New Zealand, Kazakhstan, and Russia. But this isn’t just any gathering of swimmers; it’s a convergence of the world’s most promising aquatic talents.

The International Contingent

A significant portion of the participating female swimmers, 110, will come to Dubai from overseas. These athletes will represent 23 teams and academies from around the globe. Greece and Belarus will be fielding their national teams and showcasing their elite swimmers, including Evangela Platoniotis from Greece and Vasilina Khandushka from Belarus. These remarkable athletes have secured silver and bronze medals in world competitions, adding an extra layer of excitement to the event.

Unveiling the Championship

The details of this grand championship were unveiled at a press conference held at DSC’s premises on December 12th, 2023. The conference was graced by two distinguished guests: Marina Goledkina, the Russian Olympic Champion, and Anastasia Arkhipovskaya, a five-time world champion. These two illustrious figures will attend the event and play a crucial role as referees, offering technical advice and valuable insights to the participants.

Key Speakers

The conference witnessed speeches from Mr. Abdulla Shahdad, the Manager of Hamdan Sports Complex, and Ms. Daria Kalkina, the Manager of Double D Academy, who is also the championship’s organizer. They were joined by the Russian Olympic Female Champion, Marina Goledkina, and the Russian World Female Champion, Anastasia Arkhipovskaya, who are set to leave their mark on this event.

The Artistic Swimming Championship You Can't Miss!

Preparations for Success

Mr Abdulla Shahdad, Manager of Hamdan Sports Complex, assured the public that all necessary preparations had been completed to ensure the successful organization of the Championship. This includes installing state-of-the-art audio equipment, both above and below the water, as well as specialized arbitration and photography equipment.

Hamdan Sports Complex: A Sporting Hub

Shahdad emphasized that the Hamdan Sports Complex is fully equipped to host championships across various sports, including the artistic swimming competitions about to unfold. He highlighted the commitment of the Dubai Sports Council to host Olympic sports competitions and promote diversity in the events they host, with a special focus on women’s sports.

A Legacy of Success

Reflecting on past achievements, Mr. Shahdad noted, “We organized an international artistic swimming championship last year in collaboration with Double D Academy, the remarkable success of which helped us to attain several benefits.” These benefits include hosting six training camps for clubs and national teams in artistic swimming and organizing additional artistic swimming events. The Artistic Swimming World League’s 160 female swimmers from 14 countries is the latest testament to their commitment.

A Dream Come True

Daria Kalkina, the Manager of Double D Academy and the Championship’s Organizer, expressed her excitement about the event. She emphasized that this championship aims to elevate Dubai’s stature in hosting world-class sports events and training camps, particularly in artistic swimming. Kalkina believes this event offers a unique opportunity for emerging female swimmers to meet and watch global female champions, enabling them to glean strategies to become future sports stars.

Witnessing Excellence

Kalkina also highlighted the significance of having Greece’s and Belarus’ national teams participate in the Championship. Their presence promises to deliver high technical levels and unique performances that the public and participants can relish.

Fostering Future Champions

In a heartening revelation, Kalkina shared, “The artistic swimming community is experiencing rapid growth in the number of female swimmers, trainers, and academics.” The Academy takes pride in nurturing the aspirations of four talented Emirati girls diligently honing their skills under their guidance. These young swimmers aspire to become prominent stars and proudly represent the UAE in international championships.

Refereeing by Champions

The Artistic Swimming World League will be officiated by none other than the two esteemed guests, Marina Goledkina and Anastasia Arkhipovskaya. These champions, who have achieved great heights in their swimming careers, expressed their delight in visiting Dubai regularly. They are committed to providing invaluable guidance to future female swimmers. According to them, clear goals and unwavering ambition are essential for success, and the support of families plays a pivotal role in realizing these dreams.


The Artistic Swimming World League in Dubai promises to be a remarkable event that showcases the talents of female swimmers from around the world and serves as a platform for nurturing future champions. With the support of the Dubai Sports Council, the Double D Swimming Academy, and the expertise of Marina Goledkina and Anastasia Arkhipovskaya, this championship is set to make a splash in the world of artistic swimming. So mark your calendars for December 13th and 14th, 2023, and witness these incredible athletes’ grace, precision, and determination as they take center stage in Dubai.

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