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SGU’s Mini-Med Workshop Transforms Ambitions

SGU's Mini-Med Workshop Transforms Ambitions

Explore how St. George’s University School of Medicine (SGU) is shaping the aspirations of UAE high school students through its Mini-Med Program.

In the vibrant city of Dubai, where aspirations reach new heights, St. George’s University School of Medicine (SGU) is lighting the path for young, ambitious minds. SGU’s Mini-Med Program recently hosted a clinical workshop at the Indigo Hotel, a transformative event that aimed to guide UAE high school students with dreams of a medical career. This article unravels the details of the workshop, from enlightening lectures to hands-on training, showcasing how SGU is nurturing the next generation of medical professionals.

The Mini-Med Program: A Glimpse into Medical Education

What is the Mini-Med Program?

The Mini-Med Program, an initiative by SGU, is designed to give high school students a sneak peek into the world of medicine. It’s a journey of exploration and self-discovery, enabling young minds to assess their affinity for a career in medicine.

Setting the Stage: The Workshop at the Indigo Hotel

The clinical workshop held at the Indigo Hotel on November 18 was pivotal for 20 UAE high school students. It was an opportunity to bridge the gap between aspiration and reality.

SGU's Mini-Med Workshop Transforms Ambitions

Gaining Valuable Insights

The Enlightening Lecture

The workshop commenced with an enlightening lecture, where attendees delved deep into the intricacies of medical education. They gained a profound understanding of the professional life of practitioners, the history and evolution of medicine, and its pivotal role in our society.

Hands-on Training: A Glimpse of the Future

The heart of the workshop lay in the two hands-on training sessions that followed. These sessions gave students practical skills and a taste of their future in medicine.

Mastering Blood Pressure Measurement

In the first practical session, students were introduced to the techniques for accurately taking and recording blood pressure—a fundamental skill in patient care. They learned the nuances of monitoring vital signs and the importance of precision in healthcare.

The Art of Suturing

The second session was an immersion into the art of suturing. Students practised various stitching methods, wound assessment, and aftercare—essential skills for surgical procedures. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, they honed their skills and understanding of surgical techniques.

Interactive Learning

The Medical Quiz

Learning at SGU is never dull. The workshop began with a medical quiz, challenging students’ knowledge and igniting their curiosity. It was a test of their understanding of medical concepts and a glimpse into the academic rigours of the field.

Q&A: A Window to Possibilities

The Q&A segment was an invaluable opportunity for students to engage directly with SGU faculty. They could inquire about SGU and gain insights into their potential futures in the medical profession. It was a chance to dispel doubts and fuel their dreams.

SGU's Mini-Med Workshop Transforms Ambitions

A Certificate of Achievement

Students who completed the clinical workshop were awarded a certificate of achievement—a tangible symbol of their commitment to the world of medicine. It recognised their dedication and a stepping stone toward their future endeavours.

Voices from the Workshop

Jeeya Mahajan’s Perspective

Jeeya Mahajan, a grade 12 student, shared her thoughts on the workshop. Her enthusiasm was palpable as she recounted her experiences.

“This was my first workshop with St. George’s University (SGU), and I can positively say it was an amazing experience. I learned a lot about SGU, while getting involved with a variety of fun activities.

“I see myself as a surgeon in the future, so having the chance to be taught by an actual doctor during the suturing activity was exciting—I enjoyed this activity the most. There aren’t many clinical opportunities for high school students to get hands-on training, so this workshop really gave me insight as a young student.

“Overall, this experience has helped me prepare for my future, and I highly recommend it to other high school students. It helped me decide that medicine is the right path for me.”

The Mini-Med Series: Empowering Tomorrow’s Medical Professionals

A Holistic Approach to Medical Aspirations

The clinical workshop is just one facet of SGU’s Mini-Med Series. This comprehensive program combines theory-based learning and practical experiences to empower aspiring medical students. It’s a holistic approach that equips them with knowledge, skills, and the determination to pursue a noble path in healthcare.


St. George’s University School of Medicine (SGU) is not just a place of learning; it’s a beacon of hope for aspiring medical professionals. Through its Mini-Med Program and clinical workshops like the one held at the Indigo Hotel in Dubai, SGU is shaping the dreams of high school students. It’s empowering them with knowledge, practical skills, and the confidence to walk the path of medicine. Jeeya Mahajan’s journey is just one testament to the impact of SGU’s initiatives. As the Mini-Med Series thrives, it paves the way for a brighter, healthier future, one aspiring medical professional at a time.

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