e&’s Game-Changing Partnership with NEC and GeSI!

e&'s Game-Changing Partnership with NEC and GeSI!

Discover how e&’s partnership with NEC Laboratories America and GeSI is driving sustainability in supply chain management through cutting-edge technology and innovation.

Sustainability has become a non-negotiable priority in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape. Companies worldwide are acknowledging the need to integrate sustainability seamlessly into their operations. e&, a prominent player in the technology industry, has taken a significant step forward in this direction. This article delves into e&’s Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with NEC Laboratories America and the Global Enabling Sustainability Initiative (GeSI), outlining their collective mission to transform supply chain management through innovation, technology, and sustainability.

e&’s Commitment to Sustainability

e& has long been dedicated to the cause of sustainability. Obaid Bokisha, Group Chief Operations Officer at e&, emphasizes the company’s unwavering commitment to integrating sustainability into every facet of its business operations. Through their collaboration with NEC Laboratories America and GeSI, e& aims to enhance its supply chain management and leverage cutting-edge technologies to drive sustainability goals.

The NPS Simulation Tool: A Customized Solution

The cornerstone of this collaboration is the development of a customized Negotiations, Policy, and Simulation tool (NPS Simulation Tool). This tool is tailor-made to strengthen e&’s sustainable operations capabilities and facilitate the company’s transition into a global technology leader. But what exactly does this tool entail?

Unveiling the NPS Simulation Tool

The NPS Simulation Tool, designed in collaboration with NEC Laboratories America, is poised to revolutionize how e& approaches sustainability within its supply chain. This tool combines data analytics and simulation techniques to offer profound insights, empowering informed decision-making processes. Let’s explore the key features of this innovative solution:

  • Data-Driven Decision Making: The NPS Simulation Tool harnesses the power of data to provide real-time insights into e&’s supply chain operations, enabling more informed decision-making.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment: It assesses the environmental impact of various decisions, helping e& make choices that align with its sustainability objectives.
  • Scenario Analysis: The tool allows e& to simulate different scenarios, providing a clearer picture of the potential outcomes of various strategies.

A Shared Vision for Sustainability

The partnership between e&, NEC Laboratories America and GeSI is more than just a collaboration; it represents a shared vision for a sustainable future. This shared vision centers around using the NPS simulation tool to foster sustainable practices within e&’s supply chain ecosystem.

Leveraging Technology for Sustainability

Chris White, President of NEC Laboratories America Inc., underscores the commitment to technological innovation to support broader societal goals. The NPS simulation tool, tailored to e&’s unique supply chain, is expected to drive sustainability and efficiency, setting new industry standards.

GeSI’s Commitment to Sustainable Innovation

GeSI’s CEO, Luis Neves, highlights the organization’s dedication to promoting sustainable practices across all sectors. As a key collaborator in this project, GeSI brings its expertise and global network to the table, positioning itself as a beacon for sustainable innovation in supply chain management.

The Proof of Concept Phase

The first phase of this groundbreaking collaboration involves adapting the NPS simulation tool to meet e&’s specific requirements. e& will provide the necessary data to ensure the tool’s maximum effectiveness. Following the design and development phase, e& will conduct rigorous testing and provide essential feedback to refine the tool’s functionality.

Pioneering Sustainable Development

This MOU serves as a testament to the commitment to sustainability and sets a model for future collaborations that harness technology for the greater good. It underscores digital innovation’s critical role in achieving environmental goals and establishing sustainable practices.

e&’s Leadership in Sustainability

e&’s dedication to sustainability is evident in its actions. This collaboration is yet another stride towards the company’s goal of reducing carbon emissions and enhancing environmental performance. By aligning its activities with global sustainability standards, e& fulfils its corporate social responsibility and establishes a new industry benchmark for environmental management in the technology sector.


e&’s collaboration with NEC Laboratories America and GeSI signifies a significant step in pursuing sustainability within supply chain management. The NPS Simulation Tool, a product of this partnership, promises to redefine how companies approach sustainability. As e& continues to lead the way in sustainability, it not only fulfils its corporate social responsibility but also sets a shining example for the entire technology industry. The journey towards a sustainable future has begun, driven by innovation, technology, and a shared vision for a better world.

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