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Savor Veganuary with Chef Riccardo Pinna’s Irresistible Rice Cake Recipe

Savor Veganuary with Chef Riccardo Pinna's Irresistible Rice Cake Recipe

Indulge in the flavors of Veganuary with Chef Riccardo Pinna’s delectable vegan rice cake recipe. Learn how to create this mouthwatering dish and savor the taste of cruelty-free cuisine.

In the culinary world, Chef Riccardo Pinna stands as a beacon of innovation, and he’s outdone himself once again with his exceptional vegan rice cake recipe. As we celebrate Veganuary, there’s no better time to explore the delightful world of plant-based cuisine. Chef Riccardo Pinna, the Executive Chef of Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa, has crafted a culinary masterpiece that’s easy to make and promises a burst of flavors with every bite. So, let’s dive into this delectable journey and learn how to create a vegan rice cake that will leave your taste buds singing.

Vegan Rice Cake: A Quick and Delicious Meal

Vegan cuisine has gained immense popularity in recent years and for all the right reasons. It’s not only healthier but also environmentally friendly. Chef Riccardo Pinna’s vegan rice cake shows that plant-based dishes can be as indulgent and satisfying as their non-vegan counterparts. Let’s get started and discover the magic of this vegan delight.

Ingredients that Bring the Magic

Before we embark on the culinary adventure, let’s look at the star-studded cast of ingredients that make this vegan rice cake shine.

LSI Keyword: Vegan Rice Cake Ingredients

  • 50 gr rice Carnaroli
  • 20 gr green peas
  • 15 gr onions
  • 40 gr fresh artichokes
  • Micro cress
  • Thai basil
  • Salt and pepper
  • Red vinegar
  • Breadcrumb
  • Basil oil
Savor Veganuary with Chef Riccardo Pinna's Irresistible Rice Cake Recipe

Step-by-Step Culinary Artistry

Step 1: Crafting the Vegan Rice Base

Our journey begins with the creation of a delectable vegan rice base. This step sets the stage for the entire dish.

Crafting Vegetable Stock with Precision

We prepare a vegetable stock with a medley of fresh vegetables to achieve the perfect vegan rice cake. This aromatic stock will infuse the rice with flavors that will leave your taste buds dancing.

The Risotto Transformation

Next, we toast the Carnaroli rice in Extra Virgin Olive (EVO) oil, infusing it with a nutty richness. We introduce green peas and pea puree as the rice dances in the oil. The vegetable stock joins the party, and we continue cooking until the rice reaches that delightful al dente stage. A final touch of EVO oil, salt, and pepper elevates the flavors perfectly. Allow the risotto to cool down as it prepares to play its role in creating our vegan rice cake.

Step 2: Shaping the Vegan Rice Cake

Once the rice has cooled down, we take centre stage in crafting our vegan rice cake. This step is where artistry meets culinary expertise.

Sculpting Perfection

With nimble hands, we shape the cooled rice into a round, compact form. This shape will be the canvas upon which we create our masterpiece. The rice cake is then carefully breaded and placed in the chiller, allowing it to set and firm up.

Step 3: Artichoke Elegance

Our vegan rice cake deserves a touch of elegance, and the fresh artichokes are here to provide it.

The Art of Frying

We clean and finely slice the fresh artichokes, preparing them for a journey into hot oil. As they sizzle and turn golden, their crispy texture and earthy flavor will perfectly complement our vegan rice cake.

Step 4: Searing the Rice Cake

It’s time for our star to take the spotlight again.

The Pan-searing Ballet

With a drizzle of EVO oil, we gently pan-sear the rice cake. This step adds a delightful crunch and a beautiful golden hue to the cake, enhancing its taste and visual appeal.

Step 5: Plating the Vegan Rice Cake

The moment we’ve been waiting for has arrived. It’s time to plate our vegan rice cake and create a masterpiece that’s as pleasing to the eyes as it is to the palate.

The Art of Presentation

We carefully place the seared rice cake on a clean plate, followed by the golden fried artichokes. The mixed cress joins the ensemble, seasoned with a sprinkle of salt, a dash of pepper, and a drop of red vinegar. A drizzle of basil oil adds the final touch to crown this creation, infusing the dish with aromatic Thai basil notes.

Savor Veganuary with Chef Riccardo Pinna's Irresistible Rice Cake Recipe


Chef Riccardo Pinna’s vegan rice cake is a culinary marvel that celebrates the essence of Veganuary. With a symphony of flavors and textures, this dish proves that vegan cuisine can be as delightful as any other. So, roll up your sleeves, gather your ingredients, and embark on a journey of culinary creativity. Treat yourself to the magic of plant-based cuisine, and savor every bite of this mouthwatering vegan rice cake. It’s time to elevate your cooking game and embrace the delicious world of cruelty-free gastronomy.

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