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OSN and AFAC Writers’ Room: Cultivating Arab Storytelling Excellence

OSN and AFAC Writers' Room: Cultivating Arab Storytelling Excellence

Explore the winners of OSN and AFAC’s ‘Writers’ Room,’ a groundbreaking program nurturing Arab storytelling talent.

In the ever-evolving world of television and entertainment, fostering fresh narratives and talent is essential. OSN, the prominent TV entertainment company, in collaboration with the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC), has embarked on a remarkable journey to elevate Arab storytelling to new heights. The ‘Writers’ Room,’ a mentorship program initiated in May 2023, has emerged as a pivotal platform to nurture compelling stories within the Arab region.

Unveiling the Vision

Nurturing Arab Storytelling

Arab storytelling is rich, diverse, and teeming with potential. The ‘Writers’ Room’ aims to harness this potential by providing a nurturing environment for emerging talents.

A Paradigm Shift

The initiative represents a significant paradigm shift in series development in the Arab world. It introduces a framework deeply rooted in the writers’ room method, fostering peer-to-peer learning and active participation in the creative process.

The Jury’s Difficult Decision

The response to the open call for submissions was staggering, with 276 entries flooding in. Selecting the finest entries fell upon a distinguished jury panel consisting of Writer Yam Machahdi, Director Hicham Lasri, Director Amin Dora, and Director Mariam Abou Ouf. Their task was arduous, but they identified the gems among the submissions.

Celebrating Excellence: The Winners

The ‘Writers’ Room program is immensely proud to announce the six outstanding projects and their creators:

  • ‘The Day of Your Meeting’ by Rida Benazzouza
  • ‘The Art of Surviving’ by Tamer Mohammad Abdulhamid and Noha Hassan Hussien
  • ‘Polaroid’ by Basant Ghonimy
  • ‘Men Home La Hon’ (Plan B) by Marie-Louise Elia, Julien Kobersy, and Jean-Claude Boulos
  • ‘Dyouf’ by Saleh Saadi
  • ‘How to find love in 10 steps’ (Guide for Single Men) by Mostafa Youssef and Fatma Abed
OSN and AFAC Writers' Room: Cultivating Arab Storytelling Excellence

The ‘Writers’ Room’ Journey

From Ideas to Limited Series

The ‘Writers’ Room program is not just about recognition; it’s about transformation. These winning projects will be incubated until they become a fully-fledged limited series.

Guided by Experts

The journey is not solitary; it’s guided by mentors and experts who offer invaluable support, input, and follow-up during and between residencies.

Bridging Gaps in Series Development

One of the program’s core objectives is to bridge the gaps in series development, ensuring that these narratives reach their full potential.

Voices of Support

OSN’s Commitment

Rolla Karam, Senior Vice President of Content Acquisition & Arabic Channels at OSN, emphasizes their belief in local storytelling’s power and dedication to nurturing emerging writers. OSN’s partnership with AFAC underscores its commitment to showcasing Arab success stories.

AFAC’s Vision

Rima Mismar, Executive Director of the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC), accentuates the significance of the ‘Writers’ Room’ initiative. It not only showcases the creative vitality of Arab storytellers but also promises profound impacts on the world of entertainment.

Future Prospects

Residencies on the Horizon

The winning projects will now embark on a journey of further development and potential distribution. Three residencies are planned for February, May, and July 2024, led by Writers’ Room mentors director and screenwriter Bassem Breche and screenwriter and producer Maha El Wazir.

OSN’s First Look

Winners will have the exclusive opportunity for OSN’s first look at their projects, potentially opening doors for further development beyond the residency program.


The ‘Writers’ Room’ program, born out of the partnership between OSN and AFAC, is a beacon of hope for emerging Arab storytellers. It promises to elevate Arab narratives to global recognition, one outstanding project at a time. As these six winning projects embark on their transformative journey, the world eagerly awaits the stories they will bring to life, undoubtedly leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of Arab entertainment.

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