National Aquarium Abu Dhabi Unveils Otters Creek: New Otter Oasis!

National Aquarium Abu Dhabi Unveils Otters Creek: New Otter Oasis!

Explore the world of Asian Short-Claw Otters at Otters Creek, National Aquarium Abu Dhabi’s captivating new exhibition.

Welcome to the National Aquarium in Abu Dhabi, where we’re excited to introduce you to our newest residents – the adorable Asian Short-Claw Otters. In our latest exhibition, Otters Creek, these playful and charming creatures will steal your heart and offer a rare glimpse into their fascinating world.

The Tiny Wonders: Asian Short-Claw Otters

Discover the world’s smallest otter species

The stars of Otters Creek are the Asian Short-Claw Otters. Despite their small size, these otters are big on personality. Known for their playful nature and strong social bonds, they are always found in groups and are sure to captivate you with their endearing interactions.

Dive into Their World: Daily Presentations

Get up close with our otters

To enhance your visit, the National Aquarium offers daily presentations at 2 pm, 7 days a week. These presentations will provide you with a deeper understanding of the lives and behaviors of these remarkable otters. Stay tuned for more details on presentation timings, ensuring that everyone can engage with these charming creatures during their visit.

Coming Soon: An Immersive Otter Encounter

Get ready for an unforgettable experience

Exciting news! The National Aquarium in Abu Dhabi is currently developing an immersive otter encounter experience. This will give visitors a unique opportunity to interact with and get up close and personal with our captivating otters. Stay tuned for updates on this extraordinary experience.

Otters as Conservation Ambassadors

Inspiring biodiversity conservation

“We are thrilled to introduce the Asian Short-Claw Otters to our visitors. These otters not only captivate audiences with their uniqueness but also serve as ambassadors for rainforest conservation. We hope their presence will inspire guests to appreciate the significance of safeguarding our planet and its incredible biodiversity,” says Paul Hamilton, General Manager of The National Aquarium.

Dive into Otters Creek Today!

Plan your visit to Otters Creek

Otters Creek is now open at the National Aquarium in Abu Dhabi, with daily presentations at 2 pm. This new exhibition is just one of the many exciting experiences we offer at TNA. After the hugely popular Jellyfish ‘invasion’ attraction, we invite you to embark on a journey into the enchanting world of Asian Short-Claw Otters.


Discover the charm of Asian Short-Claw Otters at Otters Creek, National Aquarium Abu Dhabi’s latest and most exciting exhibition. Join us in celebrating these playful creatures and learn about the vital role they play in conservation. Plan your visit today and be part of an unforgettable experience!

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