Leading the Way: The H Dubai’s Insights on Inclusive Tourism

Leading the Way: The H Dubai's Insights on Inclusive Tourism

Join The H Dubai on September 28th for an enlightening panel discussion on inclusive tourism, featuring industry experts and thought leaders.

Welcome to an inspiring conversation about tourism’s future and inclusivity’s transformative power. The H Dubai, a pioneer in promoting inclusiveness in the hospitality industry, is hosting a compelling panel discussion celebrating World Tourism Day. This event, titled “How Tourism Can Live Up to the Inclusive Growth Opportunity,” will gather distinguished experts to explore the crucial role of inclusivity in tourism’s evolution.

Setting the Stage

Tourism is a cornerstone of growth and development in today’s global economy. However, its potential to benefit everyone is often hindered by barriers. The H Dubai, renowned for its commitment to inclusivity, will lead the dialogue on how tourism can become more accessible, ensuring that all enjoy its benefits.

Meet the Panelists

Get ready to delve into the insights of industry luminaries who have dedicated themselves to making tourism more inclusive. Our panel includes:

Camille Proctor

Executive Director and Founder of The Color of Autism Foundation

Camille Proctor is a passionate advocate for autism awareness. Through her foundation, she has worked tirelessly to create a more inclusive world for individuals with autism.

Sophie Blondel

General Manager of The H Dubai

As the General Manager of The H Dubai, Sophie Blondel has been instrumental in setting new standards for inclusivity in the hospitality sector.

Zahra Al Jasmi

Managing Director of Georgetown Early Intervention Center

Zahra Al Jasmi brings a wealth of experience in early intervention to the discussion. Her insights are invaluable in understanding the importance of inclusivity from a young age.

Eman Abushabab

Community Outreach Manager at Dubai Autism Centre

Eman Abushabab is pivotal in reaching out to communities and fostering inclusivity. Her work has made a significant impact on the autism community in Dubai.

Leading the Way: The H Dubai's Insights on Inclusive Tourism

The Moderator

Elham Bolooki, the Experiential Learning Manager and instructor at Dubai College of Tourism, leads this engaging discussion. Her expertise in experiential learning and tourism education adds depth to the conversation.

Exploring Inclusive Tourism

Together, our panellists and moderator will delve into the significance of inclusive tourism. They will discuss its potential impact on society and the travel industry, shedding light on how inclusivity can enhance the tourism experience for everyone.

A Vision for the Future

As we celebrate World Tourism Day, we look forward to a future where inclusivity is not just a concept but a reality. The H Dubai invites you to participate in this meaningful conversation, where diversity is celebrated, awareness is raised, and a more inclusive travel experience is envisioned.


Join The H Dubai on September 28th for an enriching panel discussion that promises to inspire, educate, and pave the way for a more inclusive future in tourism. Together, we can unlock the potential of inclusivity and ensure that everyone can experience the joy of travel.

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