Game Changer: How STARZPLAY Captured Saudi Arabia’s Heart in 2023

Game Changer: How STARZPLAY Captured Saudi Arabia's Heart in 2023

Dive into STARZPLAY’s latest study on viewership trends in Saudi Arabia for 2023. Discover what Saudis are watching, their favorite genres, and how STARZPLAY is reshaping entertainment in the Kingdom.

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, STARZPLAY has emerged as a dominant player in the world of streaming entertainment. As of 2023, STARZPLAY’s influence in Saudi Arabia has reached unprecedented levels, with a significant chunk of its viewership hailing from this vibrant nation. This article takes you on a journey through STARZPLAY’s Saudi Arabia viewership trends for 2023, unveiling what Saudis are watching and how STARZPLAY is shaping their entertainment choices.

Saudi Arabia: A STARZPLAY Stronghold

Saudi Arabia is proving to be a stronghold for STARZPLAY, with a substantial portion of its viewership originating from this nation. Let’s delve into the statistics that reveal Saudi Arabia’s love for STARZPLAY.

The Saudi Share of STARZPLAY

  • A Dominant Presence: Nearly 45% of STARZPLAY’s entertainment audience is from Saudi Arabia. This significant share underlines STARZPLAY’s popularity in the Kingdom.
  • Sports Enthusiasts: Saudi viewers constitute 30% of STARZPLAY Sports’ audience, showcasing the nation’s passion for sports.

Saudi Arabia: A Nation of Sports Lovers

Saudi Arabia is not just a land of deserts; it’s a nation of sports enthusiasts. Let’s explore the sporting trends that are captivating Saudi viewers.

Football Takes the Crown

  • 60% of Saudi Sports Audience: Football reigns supreme, with 60% of the Saudi sports audience tuning in for their football fix.

Cricket’s Resounding Appeal

  • 40% of Saudi Sports Subscribers: Cricket holds a strong presence, with 40% of Saudi Arabian STARZPLAY Sports subscribers glued to cricket matches.

UFC and Rugby on the Rise

  • Emerging Favorites: UFC and rugby are making their mark, emerging as top-watched sports in the Kingdom.
Game Changer: How STARZPLAY Captured Saudi Arabia's Heart in 2023

Entertainment Genres: Saudi Arabia’s Top Picks

Saudis have a diverse palate when it comes to entertainment. Explore the genres that are stealing the spotlight in the Kingdom.

STARZPLAY Originals Shine Bright

  • 50% Audience Share: STARZPLAY Originals are a hit, with 50% of the audience share coming from Saudi Arabia. Saudis appreciate the unique storytelling and quality.

Western and Arabic Originals in Demand

  • A Blend of Cultures: Both Western and Arabic Originals have found a special place in Saudi Arabia. Titles like Million Dollar Listing UAE and the PowerBook series are gaining traction.

Arabic and Turkish Titles Win Hearts

  • A Cultural Connection: Arabic and Turkish titles are winning hearts in Saudi Arabia, fostering a connection through storytelling.

The Arabic Content Surge

With the inclusion of WATCH IT content and Arabic Original titles, STARZPLAY has witnessed a surge in Arabic content consumption. Let’s explore this exciting trend.

Doubling of Arabic Content Views

  • Explosive Growth: Since February 2023, Saudi viewers’ consumption of Arabic content has doubled, showcasing their growing interest in locally relevant shows.

Hollywood Hits: Thrillers and Action Galore

Saudi viewers are not confined to local content; they have a voracious appetite for Hollywood movies, especially thriller and action.

Hollywood Blockbusters

  • A Taste for Thrills: Titles like Infinite, Memory, Last Seen Alive, Corrective Measures, Thirteen Minutes, Hidden Strike, and Blackout have garnered significant popularity among Saudi viewers.

Insights from Tony Saab, Senior VP of Content at STARZPLAY

Let’s hear from the expert Tony Saab, Senior Vice President of Content and Programming at STARZPLAY, as he shares insights into STARZPLAY’s success in Saudi Arabia.

Tony Saab’s Perspective

  • Saudi Arabia’s Key Market: Tony Saab acknowledges Saudi Arabia as a key market and expresses delight in the expanding viewership.
  • The Power of Sports: He highlights the remarkable appeal of sports programming in Saudi Arabia and how STARZPLAY caters to diverse sports enthusiasts.
  • STARZPLAY Originals: Tony Saab emphasizes the popularity of STARZPLAY Originals, both Western and Arabic titles, and the importance of high-quality content.
Game Changer: How STARZPLAY Captured Saudi Arabia's Heart in 2023

Viewing Habits: TV vs. Mobile

How do Saudis prefer to enjoy STARZPLAY content? The study sheds light on viewing habits.

TV vs. Mobile

  • Streaming Choices: Most Saudi consumers watch their favorite shows and sports on STARZPLAY via streaming on their TVs or mobile phones.
  • iOS Dominance: Surprisingly, iOS devices are the preferred choice, with three times more viewers using iOS than Android phones.

Celebrate Saudi National Day with STARZPLAY

To mark the 93rd Saudi National Day, STARZPLAY has a special treat for its Saudi subscribers. Discover the exclusive offer.

12. Saudi National Day Offer

  • Value-Added Deal: On September 23rd, subscribers using a bank credit or debit card can enjoy STARZPLAY for just 9.3 SAR per month or 93 SAR a year for life. It’s a lifetime offer to savour unbeatable content.

STARZPLAY: Your Ultimate Entertainment Hub

In a landscape teeming with content providers, STARZPLAY stands tall as an entertainment hub that caters to diverse tastes. Explore what sets STARZPLAY apart.

Premium Content Galore

  • A Vast Library: STARZPLAY boasts thousands of hours of premium content, including Western hits, Arabic shows, Turkish favorites, anime, and live sports.

Available Across 19 Countries

  • Global Reach: STARZPLAY’s reach extends across 19 countries in the MENA region, offering quality content anytime, anywhere, and on any device.


STARZPLAY’s Saudi Arabia viewership trends for 2023 paint a vivid picture of a nation enthralled by entertainment. From sports to original content, Hollywood blockbusters to Arabic favorites, STARZPLAY has emerged as a dominant force in shaping Saudi Arabia’s entertainment choices. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, STARZPLAY remains committed to providing high-quality content and delivering the finest entertainment to Saudi viewers. The Kingdom’s love affair with STARZPLAY is set to flourish, setting new benchmarks for the streaming industry.

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