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Cartoon Network’s Survey on Kids and E-Waste

Cartoon Network's Survey On Kids And E Waste

Discover Cartoon Network’s latest survey revealing children’s awareness of electronic waste. Eye-opening insights await! Learn more now.

Electronic waste, commonly called e-waste, is emerging as one of the fastest-growing domestic waste streams globally. According to the United Nations, production will soar to 82 million tonnes annually by 2030. This category encompasses a vast array of discarded electronics such as mobile phones, laptops, MP3 players, plugs, and batteries, highlighting its pervasive impact on our daily lives and the environment.

The Significance of E-Waste for Children

In today’s digital age, children are increasingly exposed to electronic devices from a young age, shaping their daily routines and playtime activities. Toys alone contribute significantly to e-waste, with a staggering 7.3 billion electronic toys discarded annually worldwide. This equates to an average of one toy per person on Earth, underscoring the substantial role of electronics in children’s lives and the subsequent impact on waste generation.

Awareness Among Children: A Survey Insight

Recent research conducted by Cartoon Network across the EMEA region revealed a concerning gap in awareness among children aged 6-11 regarding e-waste. Despite its prevalence, 70% of surveyed children either had not heard of e-waste or lacked a clear understanding of its meaning. This disparity was particularly notable across different markets, with Polish children demonstrating higher familiarity compared to their peers in the UK and France.

  • Key Survey Findings:
    • Majority awareness with limited understanding: Only 30% of children knew what e-waste entails.
    • Regional disparities: Higher awareness in Poland (47%) and Turkey (37%) compared to the UK (19%) and France (17%).
    • Correct identification: Polish children (81%) were notably more likely to associate e-waste with its accurate definition.

Cartoon Network’s Initiative: Educating Through Engagement

In response to the survey findings, Cartoon Network has launched a comprehensive e-waste awareness campaign in collaboration with Envision Racing. This initiative aims not only to educate children about the environmental impact of e-waste but also to empower them to take meaningful action.

Cc E Waste Survey Results Infographics

Campaign Components

Educational Content Across Platforms

Cartoon Network leverages its extensive reach and influence to disseminate informative and engaging content about e-waste. The campaign includes:

  • Television and Online Programming: New video content, including a “Guide to E-waste,” airs on Cartoon Network channels, educating children on the significance of e-waste and ways to address it.
  • Social Media Engagement: Regular updates and interactive posts on social media platforms encourage children to participate in e-waste-themed challenges and quizzes.
  • Digital Apps and Websites: The Cartoon Network Climate Champions app and website feature dedicated sections with e-waste challenges, trivia, and informative videos, fostering continuous learning and engagement.

Interactive Challenges and Activities

The campaign introduces innovative challenges designed to make learning about e-waste fun and relatable for children:

  • Device Rescue Mission: Encourages children to identify and recycle old electronic devices found at home.
  • No Crossed Wires Challenge: Promotes proper care of chargers to prevent damage, emphasizing the importance of extending the lifespan of electronic accessories.
  • Phone Numbers! Challenge: Engages children in counting and assessing the mobile phones in their households, including unused devices, to raise awareness about electronic consumption.

Impact and Future Directions

The collaboration between Cartoon Network and Envision Racing underscores a commitment to sustainability education among young audiences. By integrating e-waste awareness into popular platforms and interactive mediums like games and challenges, the initiative aims to translate children’s awareness into tangible actions that contribute to environmental conservation.


As electronic consumption continues to rise globally, addressing the issue of e-waste becomes increasingly urgent. Cartoon Network’s proactive approach in educating children through engaging and interactive content sets a precedent for leveraging media influence to foster environmental responsibility from a young age. By empowering children to become Climate Champions, the initiative not only educates but also instills a sense of agency in tackling pressing environmental challenges.

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