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Gulf Contracting & Landscaping Launches Massive Plant Nursery in Abu Dhabi

Gulf Contracting & Landscaping Launches Massive Plant Nursery In Abu Dhabi

Discover Gulf Contracting & Landscaping’s monumental nursery launch in Abu Dhabi, shaping UAE’s green future. Explore now!

Gulf Contracting & Landscaping (GCL), a subsidiary of Al Khayyat Investments (AKI), has recently unveiled one of the UAE’s largest horticulture nurseries in Al Rahba, Abu Dhabi. Spanning an impressive 1.25 million square feet, this facility now accommodates over a million plants strategically chosen to thrive within the local climate. Established in 2007, GCL has significantly expanded its operations, acquiring adjacent nurseries across Abu Dhabi and initiating developments in various emirates.

Expansion and Development

Growth and Scope of GCL Nurseries

Since its inception, GCL has diversified its nurseries to host over 300 plant species, including plants, shrubs, trees, and ground covers. These botanical varieties cater to GCL’s landscaping projects and support external developments throughout the UAE and the GCC region. The recent expansion at Al Rahba marks a pivotal moment in GCL’s journey, underscoring its commitment to sustainable landscaping practices and enhancing green spaces across urban environments.

Future Plans: Building for Sustainability

GCL is poised for further expansion with plans to complete a new nursery facility by 2025. Envisioned to span more than 1.5 million square feet, this upcoming site will bolster GCL’s capacity to meet growing demands for green infrastructure in the region. This expansion aligns with broader initiatives in the UAE, where the emphasis on enhancing public parks and green spaces is central to urban planning strategies like the Dubai Quality of Life Strategy 2033 and the Abu Dhabi 2030 Urban Structure Framework Plan.

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Commitment to Green Developments

Leadership and Vision

Rami Hamad, CEO of GCL, emphasizes the company’s integral role in advancing the UAE’s green agenda. He underscores GCL’s commitment to supporting the leadership’s vision for improving quality of life through sustainable landscaping solutions. This vision is further underscored by GCL’s proactive adoption of cutting-edge engineering technologies to optimise operational efficiencies and preserve natural ecosystems.

Comprehensive Service Offerings

GCL distinguishes itself through its comprehensive service offerings, encompassing every facet of landscaping and infrastructure development. From initial site preparation to meticulous design and turnkey implementation, GCL ensures the creation of aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces. Their portfolio spans parks, streetscapes, public realms, residential communities, and specialized areas like golf courses, sports fields, and recreational tracks.


Gulf Contracting & Landscaping (GCL) stands at the forefront of sustainable landscaping in the UAE and GCC region, exemplifying horticulture and infrastructure development excellence. With a robust expansion strategy and a steadfast commitment to green initiatives, GCL continues to set benchmarks in creating vibrant and eco-friendly urban environments.

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