Botim: The Game-Changer in UAE’s $42 Billion Remittance Market

Botim: The Game-Changer in UAE's $42 Billion Remittance Market

Discover how Astra Tech, via its fintech arm Botim, is leading the UAE’s remittance industry revolution with remarkable growth and innovative solutions.

In the heart of the Middle East, where innovation and technology are rapidly reshaping industries, Astra Tech, the MENA region’s leading consumer technology holding group, is making waves in the financial sector through its fintech subsidiary, Botim. This article delves into the impressive transformation of the UAE’s remittance industry, led by Astra Tech’s Botim, and how it’s redefining how financial transactions are conducted.

The Rise of Botim: A Game Changer in UAE’s Remittance Industry

In January 2023, Botim’s fintech offering, PayBy, entered the remittance arena, and the results have been nothing short of spectacular. Let’s explore how Botim has become the driving force behind this remittance revolution.

PayBy’s Phenomenal Growth

Since its launch, PayBy has processed a staggering 1.3 billion transactions, experiencing a mind-boggling 41x growth rate. This meteoric rise places Botim on par with traditional banks regarding financial prowess.

Explosive User Adoption

Botim’s success story is further underscored by its rapidly expanding user base, which now exceeds 150 million users. This surge in user adoption signifies a remarkable achievement in fintech.

Ultra App’s Surge in Transactions

Botim’s flagship product, the Ultra app, has witnessed a remarkable 75% increase in transactions quarter-on-quarter across its fintech offerings since January.

Dominant Remittance Corridors

The most significant remittance corridors facilitated by Botim are from the UAE to India, followed closely by Pakistan and the Philippines. This underlines the platform’s global reach and impact.

Stellar Success Rate

To date, 98% success rate on all processed transactions speaks volumes about Botim’s reliability and efficiency.

Strategic Acquisitions and Partnerships

Botim’s transformative journey is made possible through strategic acquisitions and partnerships. Notable mentions include its collaboration with Fawry in Egypt and the acquisition of Y Finance in the Philippines.

Botim: The Game-Changer in UAE's $42 Billion Remittance Market

Botim’s Vision: Facilitating Cross-Border Transactions

MoneyGram Alliance

Botim strategically aligned with MoneyGram at the beginning of the year to facilitate seamless cross-border financial transactions. This strategic move positions Botim as a pivotal player in the remittance industry.

Mastercard Partnership

Astra Tech, the parent company of Botim, recently partnered with Mastercard to introduce Botim-branded multi-currency prepaid cards. This initiative aligns with Astratech’s mission to enable transactions for billions of users worldwide through strategic partnerships and integrations.

Astra Tech’s Commitment to Transformation

Abdallah Abu Sheikh’s Vision

Abdallah Abu Sheikh, Co-founder of Astra Tech and CEO of Botim, shared his perspective on this transformative journey. He stated, “We have emerged as the UAE’s foremost player in remittances in just a few months. Our Ultra app vision is rapidly coming to fruition, showcasing our strength and innovative fintech products. Botim has seamlessly evolved into an extensive platform, offering various financial services, including peer-to-peer transactions, international money transfers, and cards. The platform’s inclusive approach empowers individuals without traditional banking access to conduct seamless global transactions, benefiting users and merchants.”

Revolutionizing the Remittance Landscape

A Digital-First UAE Economy

In a country where over five million migrants send a staggering $42 billion annually back to their home countries, Botim’s milestone signifies a transformative leap toward a digital-first UAE economy. This merger of innovation and inclusivity will change the financial landscape forever.

Reshaping Fintech Accessibility

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, Astra Tech remains dedicated to reshaping fintech accessibility and experiences while championing a more connected and empowered future.


Astra Tech’s Botim is leading the charge in transforming the remittance landscape in the UAE. With staggering growth, strategic partnerships, and a commitment to inclusivity, it’s reshaping fintech accessibility and paving the way for a digital-first economy. Astra Tech and Botim remain at the forefront of innovation and transformation in the MENA region and beyond as the world embraces the future of finance.

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