BMW & EMAAR to Transform UAE with 50+ EV Charging Stations

Bmw & Emaar To Transform Uae With 50+ Ev Charging Stations

In a landmark collaboration, BMW Group Middle East and EMAAR have joined forces to revolutionize the electric vehicle (EV) landscape in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This partnership marks a significant step towards sustainable mobility and environmental stewardship in the region.

Strategic Partnership Announcement

The announcement of the strategic partnership between BMW Group Middle East and EMAAR has set the stage for a groundbreaking initiative to expand EV charging infrastructure across key locations in the UAE.

Expanding EV Charging Points Across EMAAR Locations

Under the partnership, BMW Group Middle East will spearhead the installation of EV charging points in prime EMAAR locations, encompassing both residential and public areas.

Collaboration with BMW AGMC

The collaboration extends to BMW AGMC, emphasizing a concerted effort to electrify over 25 EMAAR projects within the upcoming year. The initial phase targets the installation of more than 50 charging points across select locations.

COP28 UAE Participation

The agreement between BMW Group Middle East and EMAAR was solidified during COP28 UAE, where BMW Group showcased its commitment to e-mobility as the VIP e-Mobility Provider.

Statements from Key Stakeholders

Dr. Hamid Haqparwar, Managing Director of BMW Group Middle East

Dr. Haqparwar highlights the significance of the collaboration, emphasizing its role in accelerating the transition towards sustainable mobility in the UAE. The partnership underscores a shared commitment to expanding charging infrastructure and shaping the future of mobility.

Mr. Ahmed Almatrooshi, Emaar Properties Executive Board Member and Chairman of Emaar Foundation

Mr. Almatrooshi expresses EMAAR’s enthusiasm for the partnership, emphasizing its alignment with the company’s environmental and sustainability objectives. The integration of EV charging infrastructure reflects EMAAR’s dedication to fostering a more sustainable and connected future.

BMW Group Middle East’s Sustainability Goals

BMW Group Middle East is steadfast in its pursuit of ambitious sustainability goals, evident through the exponential growth of electric vehicles on UAE roads. The company’s commitment extends beyond vehicle deployment to actively expanding infrastructure and facilitating convenient home charging options for customers.

Supporting Government Initiatives

In alignment with the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure (MOEI), BMW Group Middle East is actively involved in the construction of Fast charging stations across the UAE. This initiative aims to bolster the EV charging network, encompassing federal roads and prominent destinations across all Emirates.

Future Prospects and Impact

The strategic partnership between BMW Group Middle East and EMAAR holds immense potential to drive widespread adoption of electric vehicles and foster a culture of sustainability in the UAE. By integrating cutting-edge EV charging infrastructure into prime locations, the initiative is poised to reshape mobility patterns and reduce carbon emissions significantly.


The collaboration between BMW Group Middle East and EMAAR represents a paradigm shift in the realm of sustainable mobility in the UAE. By expanding EV charging infrastructure and fostering a culture of environmental stewardship, the partnership is poised to leave a lasting impact on the nation’s mobility landscape. Together, BMW Group Middle East and EMAAR are paving the way towards a greener, more sustainable future for generations to come.

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