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Zero Summit Ignites Diriyah E-Prix in 2024

Zero Summit Ignites Diriyah E-Prix in 2024

Explore the Zero Summit’s partnership with Formula E and CBX in Diriyah, where sustainability, innovation, and electric car racing converge.

The Zero Summit, a global leader in sustainability discussions, has joined forces with Formula E and CBX, the promoter of Diriyah E-Prix, to bring the summit to Diriyah for the first time. This collaboration comes as Diriyah gears up to host rounds two and three of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship. This article delves into this groundbreaking partnership and its significance in sustainability, innovation, and electric car racing.

The Zero Summit: Pioneers of Sustainability Dialogue

The Zero Summit, founded by visionaries Lucas Di Grassi, Carlos Pellicer, and Rodrigo Pedroso, has emerged as a prominent platform for sustainability dialogue. Riyadh, the host city for the first edition of 2024, was pivotal in setting the stage for upcoming events in São Paulo (March) and London (July). The summit bridges cultural divides, fostering cross-cultural dialogue and collaboration among industry experts and leaders.

Change Accelerated Live: Formula E’s Thought Leadership Program

Formula E’s Change Accelerated Live is a thought leadership program at the forefront of innovation. This initiative aims to facilitate knowledge sharing among experts by bringing together luminaries from motorsport, sustainability, politics, education, and more. It dives deep into the strategies and decision-making processes that drive technological advancements across sports, business, and society.

Zero Summit Ignites Diriyah E-Prix in 2024

A Synergy of Sustainability and Electric Car Racing

The Zero Summit took place at the Cultural Palace in the Diplomatic Quarter, against the backdrop of the Diriyah E-Prix, creating a unique synergy between sustainable discussions and cutting-edge electric car racing. This collaboration leverages Formula E’s momentum to spark meaningful conversations about sustainable practices and innovations.

Panels That Shaped the Summit

The summit revolved around three thought-provoking panels, each addressing vital aspects of forging a sustainable future:

New Energy Markets

This panel explored the challenges and strategies for seamlessly integrating renewable energy. Insights were provided by experts such as Dr Nabih Cherradi (CTO at Desert Technologies), Diego Casanello (partner at Vidavo Ventures and a Board Member of the Lithium Argentina – LAAC), and Ahmed Radwan (ABB Lead Business Manager, MEA Region, Motion Business).

Mobility Transition

A deep dive into the future of electric vehicles, policy initiatives, and international collaborations in sustainable mobility was the focus of this panel. It featured industry leaders like Alejandro Agag (Founder & Chairman, Formula E, Extreme E, and E1), Andre Stein (International Mobility Expert, EVE air Mobility – Aviation + eVTOL), and Andre Lotterer (Formula E and WEC driver).

Agribusiness and Sustainable Food Production

This panel provided valuable insights into smart agriculture technologies and the role of companies like UPL and ORIGEO in shaping the future of the fertilizer industry. Participants included Bhupen Dubey (UPL), Roberto Marcon (ORIGEO), and Romain Ciarlet, Secretary General of the Prince Albert of Monaco Foundation.

Beyond the Panels: Keynote Speakers

In addition to the panel discussions, attendees, including local businesses and students, had the privilege of hearing from notable figures. Adwa Al Arifi (Ministry of Sport) emphasized the importance of sustainability, while Ian James, CEO of NEOM McLaren Electric Racing, explored sustainability in motorsports and corporate social responsibility.

Zero Summit Ignites Diriyah E-Prix in 2024

The Road Ahead: Diriyah E-Prix Action

As the summit concluded, attention shifted to the thrilling on-track action. Twenty-two drivers geared up to race the fastest, lightest, most powerful, and efficient electric race cars ever built around the UNESCO World Heritage site at night on Friday, January 26, and Saturday, January 27.


The partnership between The Zero Summit, Formula E, and CBX in Diriyah marks a significant milestone in sustainability, innovation, and electric car racing. As these thought leaders converge, the world can anticipate groundbreaking developments shaping a more sustainable future. The summit’s panels and keynote speakers have provided invaluable insights, while the Diriyah E-Prix’s on-track action promises global excitement and innovation. This partnership embodies the spirit of change, acceleration, and sustainability our world desperately needs.

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