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WeWalk 2023’s Mission for Autism Awareness

WeWalk 2023's Mission for Autism Awareness

The fourth annual WeWalk walkathon is just around the corner, and it’s not just about taking steps but taking a stand for a brighter future. This comprehensive guide will dive deep into WeWalk 2023, an event dedicated to raising awareness and funds for autistic children. Organized by TECOM Group PJSC in partnership with Dubai Autism Centre (DAC), this event promises to be a memorable community experience. Let’s explore how WeWalk is making a significant impact and what you can expect from this year’s walkathon.

Walking for a Cause: WeWalk 2023

The WeWalk 2023 Event Details

  • Date and Location: November 18th at Dubai Science Park
  • Route: A 3.5km walk, jog, or run
  • Get Your Tickets: Purchase tickets at WeWalk.ae
  • A Community Experience: Family-friendly activities and entertainment

WeWalk 2023 isn’t just another walkathon; it’s a heartfelt effort to make a difference. This year’s event brings together individuals from all communities to deliver lasting, positive change. Haif Zamzam, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Marketing at TECOM Group, highlights the commitment of TECOM Group to uplift and unify society. Through their partnership with Dubai Autism Centre, they aim to raise awareness and funds to strengthen Dubai’s position as a global leader in autism education and treatment.

WeWalk’s Mission: Building a Happy Society

WeWalk’s mission goes beyond the walkathon. It aims to inspire responsible community practices and build a happy society. In previous editions, WeWalk has attracted thousands of participants to various business districts, including Dubai Science Park, Dubai Knowledge Park, and Dubai Design District (d3). The impact of this event resonates throughout the community.

WeWalk 2023's Mission for Autism Awareness

Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a complex developmental disorder that affects an estimated 1 in every 36 children. According to the latest statistics from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, ASD is more common than you might think. But what exactly is ASD? Let’s delve into the characteristics and early detection.

  • Characteristics of ASD: Exploring the traits that define ASD
  • Early Detection: The importance of identifying ASD in early childhood

The Challenge of Diagnosis

While some cases of ASD can be detected in early childhood, many may go undiagnosed until later due to the varying degrees of abilities and needs of people with autism. This challenge underscores the importance of awareness and support for individuals and families affected by ASD.

Dubai Autism Centre: A Beacon of Hope

The Birth of DAC

Established in 2001 by a decree of the Ruler of Dubai, Dubai Autism Centre (DAC) is the first Emirati non-profit organization dedicated to providing integrated consulting, educational, and specialized therapeutic services in the field of ASD.

DAC’s Vision

As per Decree No. 26 of 2021, one of DAC’s main objectives is to contribute to making Dubai a leading global hub in providing approved special education programs and specialized rehabilitative treatment services for people diagnosed with ASD.

WeWalk’s Impact on Local Organizations

Supporting Local Heroes

WeWalk aims to foster a spirit of generosity by supporting local organizations that play a vital role in shaping a brighter, more inclusive future for the community. The UAE Rare Disease Society and Al Jalila Foundation were beneficiaries in previous editions. Let’s explore the impact of WeWalk 2022.

  • WeWalk 2022: Raising over AED 700,000 for the UAE Rare Disease Society
  • Initiatives: How raised donations are used for awareness programs and patient support

WeWalk 2023: Supported by Partners

The Power of Collaboration

WeWalk 2023 wouldn’t be possible without the support of various partners and sponsors. It takes a community to build a brighter future; these organizations are stepping up to make a difference.

  • Dubai Sports Council: Supporting a healthy and active lifestyle
  • Telecom Partner du: Connecting communities
  • Gold Partners: BeiGene, Al Ain Water, and Skechers
  • Media Partners: Khaleej Times and Channel 4
  • Emerald Partners: Mediclinic, Biologix, and Medtronic
  • Medical Support Partner: Response Plus Medical
  • Supporting Partners: Patchi and Rubicon Exotic
WeWalk 2023's Mission for Autism Awareness

TECOM Group and Its Impact

A Diverse Portfolio

Dubai Science Park, where WeWalk 2023 is taking place, is part of TECOM Group’s diverse portfolio of business districts. These districts are contributing to Dubai’s growth and development in various fields.

  • TECOM Group: Building and Enabling Communities
  • Business Districts: Dubai Internet City, Dubai Media City, and more


WeWalk 2023 is more than just a walkathon; it’s a journey towards a brighter and more inclusive future. By participating in this event, you’re taking steps and making a meaningful difference in the lives of children with autism. Join us on November 18th at Dubai Science Park and participate in this incredible community experience. Together, we can empower and uplift society, one step at a time.

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