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The WB™ Abu Dhabi’s Easter Brunch is a Must-Experience!

The Wb™ Abu Dhabi's Easter Brunch Is A Must Experience!

Indulge in a delightful Easter brunch at Sidekicks, featuring a vibrant spread of delectable dishes and festive treats. Book before March 15th for an early bird discount!

Easter, a time of renewal and celebration, is best enjoyed with loved ones over a sumptuous feast. Sidekicks invite you to elevate your Easter experience with a vibrant brunch extravaganza. This article unveils the delights awaiting you at Sidekicks’ Easter brunch, from tantalizing dishes to irresistible treats. Discover why Sidekicks is the ultimate destination to celebrate Easter with flair.

Easter Brunch at Sidekicks: A Festive Celebration

Booking Information:

TimingsPrice and PackageEarly Bird Discount
13:00 – 16:00199 AED – Soft Package20% (Before March 15th)
299 AED – Standard Package
390 AED – Premium Package

Easter Brunch at Sidekicks promises an unforgettable experience, featuring three enticing packages to suit every palate and budget. Whether you opt for the Soft, Standard, or Premium Package, you’re in for a treat. And don’t forget to seize the opportunity to enjoy a 20% early bird discount by booking before March 15th.

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Indulge in Culinary Delights:

Savor a diverse array of delectable dishes meticulously crafted by Sidekicks’ culinary experts. From traditional Easter fare to global culinary delights, there’s something to please every taste bud. Indulge in savory entrees, succulent roasts, fresh seafood, and an assortment of mouthwatering desserts. With quality ingredients and innovative recipes, every bite is a journey of flavor.

Festive Atmosphere and Entertainment:

At Sidekicks, Easter brunch is more than just a meal—a celebration. Immerse yourself in a vibrant atmosphere filled with joy and laughter as you dine amidst festive décor and live entertainment. From Easter-themed music to fun activities for the little ones, every moment is infused with the season’s spirit. Create lasting memories with family and friends as you revel in the festive ambiance.

Early Bird Discount:

Don’t miss out on enjoying exclusive savings with Sidekicks’ early bird discount. Book your Easter brunch experience before March 15th and enjoy a generous 20% off your selected package. Whether planning a family gathering or a leisurely brunch with friends, this discount is the perfect incentive to secure your spot at Sidekicks’ Easter extravaganza.

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Celebrate Easter in style at Sidekicks, where culinary excellence meets festive flair. With a tantalizing array of dishes, vibrant ambiance, and exclusive discounts, Sidekicks’ Easter brunch promises an unforgettable experience. Book your table today and embark on a culinary journey that captures the season’s essence. Happy Easter!

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