The Nun II Challenge: Who Survived the Ultimate Horror Heart Rate Test?

Audiences Experienced a 60% Increase In Heart Rates from 73 bpm to 117 bpm

Explore the spine-chilling journey of 72 daring cinemagoers in the UAE and KSA as they face Valak The Demon Nun in “The Nun II.” Discover how Samsung Galaxy watches measured their heart rates during the ultimate horror experience.

In an unprecedented collaboration, Warner Bros. Pictures and Samsung joined forces to unearth the most ardent horror enthusiasts in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). The mission? To identify the region’s most devoted horror fan through a unique experiment centered around the much-anticipated release of “The Nun II.” This thrilling cinematic endeavor took participants on a hair-raising journey into the heart of darkness within “The Conjuring” Universe.

The Setting: A Night of Fear

As darkness descended upon the UAE and KSA, 72 intrepid souls gathered for an exclusive screening of “The Nun II.” Armed with cutting-edge Samsung Galaxy watches, they prepared to measure the limits of their courage as the movie unfolded.

The Conjuring Universe: A Decade of Terror

Before we delve into the hair-raising details of this heart-pounding experiment, let’s take a moment to appreciate the juggernaut that is “The Conjuring” Universe. This cinematic phenomenon, celebrating its tenth anniversary, has collectively grossed over $2 billion worldwide. Its spine-tingling tales have enthralled audiences across the globe.

The Experiment Begins: Measuring the Fear Factor

With heart rates poised to be pushed to their limits, the participants embarked on a 110-minute journey into the unknown. Armed with Samsung Galaxy Watch6 and Galaxy Watch6 Classic, featuring Personalized Heart Rate Zones and enhanced designs for optimal viewing, these brave souls braced themselves for the terror that awaited.

The Heart-Pounding Data

As the lights dimmed and the screen came to life, something remarkable happened. The Samsung Watches recorded a jaw-dropping 60% increase in heart rates. Participants’ resting heart rates, which had been at a relatively calm 73 beats per minute (bpm), surged to an electrifying 117 bpm on average.

The Peak of Terror

The defining moment of the night sent heart rates skyrocketing to an astonishing average of 149 bpm. What could cause such a heart-pounding frenzy? None other than Valak The Demon Nun herself, whose haunting and nightmarish appearance left an indelible mark on the participants.

The Bravery in the Face of Fear

Interestingly, the bravest souls that night were those whose heart rates remained the steadiest. In the UAE, the honor of the lowest recorded heart rate went to Ahmad Jaber, a 28-year-old male, with a remarkable 52 bpm. Across the border in KSA, Ossama Essam, a 25-year-old male, held the title with an impressive 81 bpm. Ahmad Jaber, the crowned ‘Biggest Horror Fan,’ shared his experience, saying, “The Nun II movie was amazing; I love The Conjuring universe and the jump scares! But I was able to control myself and stay calm; I really wanted to win the new Samsung Galaxy Watch.”

Audiences Experienced a 60% Increase In Heart Rates from 73 bpm to 117 bpm

Unmasking “The Nun II”

Before we unravel the horror behind “The Nun II,” let’s take a closer look at the movie itself. Set in 1956 France, this spine-chilling tale revolves around a priest’s murder and the malevolent force that begins to spread its dark influence.

Sister Irene’s Return

The sequel to the worldwide smash hit features Sister Irene once again confronting Valak, the demon nun. Taissa Farmiga, known for her role in “The Nun,” reprises her character, joined by Jonas Bloquet as Maurice and Storm Reid as Sister Debra. This stellar cast promises to immerse viewers in a world of unrelenting terror.

Behind the Scenes

Michael Chaves, director of “The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It,” takes the helm in this installment. The screenplay is penned by Ian Goldberg, Richard Naing, and Akela Cooper, with a story crafted by Cooper herself. These creative minds promise to deliver a gripping narrative, building on the rich characters created by James Wan and Gary Dauberman.

The Unstoppable Conjuring Universe

“The Conjuring” Universe has firmly cemented its place in cinematic history as the highest-grossing horror franchise, amassing over $2 billion worldwide. Notably, four of its titles have crossed the $300 million mark globally. “The Nun” stands tall as the franchise’s top-earning film, raking in more than $366 million worldwide.

The Date with Dread

Prepare to be spellbound as “The Nun II” hits theaters worldwide, distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, with a regional release date set for September 7th, 2023.

Audiences Experienced a 60% Increase In Heart Rates from 73 bpm to 117 bpm


In the heart of darkness, “The Nun II” unfolds as a cinematic masterpiece, and the experiment conducted by Warner Bros. Pictures and Samsung adds an exciting layer to its legacy. As we celebrate a decade of spine-tingling terror in “The Conjuring” Universe, the brave participants who faced Valak The Demon Nun remind us that the thrill of horror transcends the screen, leaving an indelible mark on those daring enough to embrace it. So, gear up for a heart-pounding experience as “The Nun II” takes you on a journey into the unknown, and who knows, you might just find yourself crowned as the region’s biggest horror fan.

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