The Collaborative Venture of Old Doha Port and Yas Marina

The Collaborative Venture Of Old Doha Port And Yas Marina

Experience unparalleled maritime tourism with Old Doha Port & Yas Marina’s strategic partnership. Exclusive benefits await yacht owners!

In its second consecutive year of participation at the Dubai International Boat Show, among a distinguished assembly of ports and official bodies, Old Doha Port has forged a strategic partnership and cooperation agreement with Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi. This initiative aims to bolster maritime tourism and excursions through a series of unique offers and benefits under a mutual advantages program for members of both marinas, ensuring an unparalleled experience for yacht owners and maritime enthusiasts. This article explores the collaborative venture between Old Doha Port and Yas Marina, shedding light on its significance for the maritime industry and the tourism sector in Qatar and the wider region.

Setting Sail for Success: The Partnership Unveiled

The collaboration between Old Doha Port and Yas Marina marks a significant milestone in the maritime landscape of the Middle East. As two prominent hubs for maritime activities and leisure, their partnership underscores a shared commitment to elevate the standards of maritime tourism in the region. With a focus on enhancing customer experience and promoting sustainable practices, this partnership sets the stage for a new era of maritime excellence.

Anchoring Growth: Key Highlights of the Partnership

  1. Complimentary Docking: Effective immediately, Old Doha Port and Yas Marina members enjoy a week of complimentary docking at both marinas every three months.
  2. Discounts and Benefits: Besides complimentary docking, members can enjoy a 20% discount at various restaurants and cafes within the marinas. Additionally, reductions on hotel accommodations and boat repair services further enhance the value proposition for maritime enthusiasts.
  3. Strategic Vision: Mr. Mohammad Abdullah Al Mulla, CEO of Old Doha Port, emphasizes that the collaboration aligns perfectly with the strategic vision of Old Doha Port to draw a greater influx of yachts and spotlight its enhanced amenities, elevating Qatar’s allure as a prime tourist destination.

Sailing Towards Excellence: Success at the Dubai International Boat Show

The port’s second appearance at the Dubai International Boat Show concluded successfully on Sunday, March 3, witnessing significant interest from the exhibition’s attendees. The event marked a standout moment, highlighting the growing significance of Old Doha Port as a premier destination for maritime enthusiasts. Looking ahead, the port’s participation in various international exhibitions signals its commitment to furthering marketing strategies and initiatives, solidifying its position as a leading maritime destination.


The strategic partnership between Old Doha Port and Yas Marina represents a significant step forward in the development of maritime tourism in the Middle East. By offering exclusive benefits and enhancing the overall experience for members, the collaboration aims to redefine standards and set new benchmarks for excellence in the maritime industry. As Old Doha Port continues to chart its course towards success, its partnership with Yas Marina serves as a beacon of innovation and collaboration in the realm of maritime tourism.

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