Team Spain Dominates Day One in Abu Dhabi Sail Grand Prix!

Team Spain Dominates Day One in Abu Dhabi Sail Grand Prix!

Explore the thrilling world of SailGP as it kicks off 2024 with the Mubadala Abu Dhabi Sail Grand Prix.

SailGP enthusiasts and sailing fans from around the globe gathered at Mina Zayed for the first-ever Mubadala Abu Dhabi Sail Grand Prix presented by the Abu Dhabi Sports Council. This spectacular event on a picturesque shore marked the beginning of SailGP’s 2024 season. As the sun set on the horizon, the world witnessed close-to-shore racing at its finest, accompanied by a high-energy performance by global music icon Take That. In this article, we delve into the exciting world of SailGP and take you through the thrilling highlights of the event.

Setting the Stage: Spain Dominates the Opening Day

Diego Botín’s Spain SailGP Team Shows Their Mettle

The opening day of racing at the Abu Dhabi Sail Grand Prix welcomed the participating teams with light winds, creating a challenging atmosphere for the sailors. However, the Spain SailGP Team, led by Diego Botín, embraced the challenge and emerged as the frontrunners, winning two out of three races. Despite starting the day with a last-place finish, their remarkable comeback left them sitting atop the leaderboard. Diego Botín expressed his excitement, saying, “Here in Abu Dhabi, it’s great to sail in front of this crowd; this is a very tight course, and the wind is very challenging, but it’s been a great experience.”

SailGP’s Unique Blend: Racing Meets Entertainment

Take That’s Show-Stopping Performance

Following a day filled with adrenaline-pumping races, the excitement continued into the evening with a breathtaking performance by the legendary British pop group Take That. They took the stage in front of a packed crowd at Mina Zayed, treating spectators to their classic hits, including “Shine,” “Relight My Fire,” and “Rule The World.” It was a historic moment, as SailGP seamlessly integrated high-octane racing with live entertainment, adding a new dimension to the sport. And the excitement didn’t stop there; for the final day of racing, DJ Saif and Sound, a prominent UAE music personality, were set to perform onsite for the fans’ enjoyment.

Team Spain Dominates Day One in Abu Dhabi Sail Grand Prix!

Winds of Change: Significant Team Announcements

Ben Ainslie Steps Down, Jimmy Spithall Sets Up Italian Team

The Abu Dhabi Sail Grand Prix brought major announcements that rocked the sailing world. Ben Ainslie, the driving force behind GBR Team, decided to step down from his position, signaling a change of guard in SailGP. Simultaneously, Jimmy Spithall, the famed Team USA leader, made waves by announcing his plans to establish an Italian team for Season 5. These moves open up opportunities for the next generation of sailors to shine and make their mark in the competitive world of SailGP.

Inspiring the Youth: Mubadala’s Commitment to STEM Education

Abu Dhabi Hosts the Largest SailGP Inspire Program

SailGP’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of sailors and promoting STEM education took center stage in Abu Dhabi. The Mubadala Abu Dhabi Sail Grand Prix witnessed a significant milestone for SailGP’s Inspire Program. Abu Dhabi hosted the largest-ever Inspire program, showcasing SailGP’s dedication to youth and community outreach. Mubadala, a global partner of SailGP’s youth and community initiatives for Season 4, played a pivotal role in supporting SailGP’s efforts to champion STEM education and sports across all levels. Throughout the event, over 1,000 young individuals were actively engaged through the program’s Learning, Careers, and Racing components.

The Grand Finale: What to Expect

Sunday, January 13 – The Ultimate Showdown

The excitement reaches its zenith as the Mubadala Abu Dhabi Sail Grand Prix heads towards its grand finale. The final day of racing is scheduled to commence at 2 p.m. local time on Sunday, January 13. Fans worldwide can catch all the action live on Abu Dhabi Sports. For global viewers looking to tune in, SailGP.com/watch provides comprehensive details on how to watch the event. For those lucky enough to be in Abu Dhabi, limited tickets are available to witness the thrilling Grand Final firsthand. Head to SailGP.com/AbuDhabi for more information and secure your spot at this historic event.

Day Two Racing: Sunday, January 14

The Epic Battle Continues

The excitement doesn’t end on Sunday, January 13. The action continues with Day Two Racing on Sunday, January 14, from 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. GST. As the top teams battle for supremacy, this promises to be another thrilling day of SailGP action.

Team Spain Dominates Day One in Abu Dhabi Sail Grand Prix!

Day One Standings: Spain Leads the Pack

The Current Leaderboard

After an intense day of racing, the leaderboard stands as follows:

  • Spain: 21 points
  • New Zealand: 20 points
  • United States: 19 points
  • Canada: 19 points
  • France: 17 points
  • Australia: 16 points
  • ROCKWOOL Denmark: 16 points
  • Emirates Great Britain: 12 points
  • Germany: 12 points
  • Switzerland: 9 points

Spain, with its impressive performance, currently leads the pack. However, with more racing ahead, the competition remains fierce, and anything can happen in the world of SailGP.


The Mubadala Abu Dhabi Sail Grand Prix, presented by the Abu Dhabi Sports Council, has set the stage for an unforgettable SailGP season in 2024. From thrilling races to captivating entertainment, this event has it all. As the world eagerly awaits the grand finale, SailGP continues to push the boundaries of competitive sailing while inspiring the next generation of sailors. Stay tuned for more exhilarating action from the world of SailGP.

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