Tanmiah’s Top Chef Partnership Paves the Way for Culinary Creativity!

Tanmiah's Top Chef Partnership Paves The Way For Culinary Creativity!

Discover how Tanmiah Food Company (TADAWUL: 2281) supports culinary creativity through its strategic sponsorship of Top Chef, fostering talents and offering high-quality halal poultry products.

Tanmiah Food Company (TADAWUL: 2281), a leading Saudi-made halal poultry brand, proudly sponsors the renowned Top Chef program for the third consecutive year. This partnership showcases Tanmiah’s commitment to culinary excellence, innovation, and creativity, aligning with its mission to provide premium poultry choices to cooking enthusiasts and food lovers across the MENA region.

Tanmiah’s Top Chef Sponsorship: Inspiring Culinary Creativity

Top Chef: A Culinary Extravaganza

Top Chef, a widely acclaimed reality competition show aired on ‘MBC’ in the MENA region, brings together talented chefs to compete in culinary challenges, showcasing their skills and creativity. With a broad audience interested in cooking and entertainment, Top Chef captivates viewers, making it an ideal platform for brands like Tanmiah to engage with their target audience.

Strategic Partnership with Top Chef

Tanmiah’s continued sponsorship of Top Chef reflects its dedication to nurturing culinary talents and supporting chefs with a diverse range of high-quality poultry products. By presenting its range of products to a diverse audience, Tanmiah inspires culinary creativity and the creation of unique dishes among cooking enthusiasts.

Aligning Values: Innovation and Sustainability

Tanmiah’s commitment to innovation is evident in its range of products, including the recent introduction of Omega-3 chicken, catering to health-conscious consumers seeking premium poultry choices. Moreover, Tanmiah’s sustainability practices, such as eco-friendly packaging, resonate well with Top Chef’s values, promoting responsible practices to the audience.

Endorsements and Testimonials

Zulfiqar Hamadani, Group CEO of Tanmiah Food Company

“As a trusted Saudi brand, Tanmiah is committed to culinary excellence, innovation, and creativity. Our sponsorship of Top Chef reaffirms our position as the go-to brand for high-quality halal products, further strengthening our connection with consumers.”

Hisham Fakhoury, Content Solutions Lead at MBC Media Solutions

“We extend our gratitude to Tanmiah Food Company for their continued support of Top Chef. Their commitment to premium quality poultry enhances our mission to spotlight culinary excellence while promoting a sustainable, healthier food scene.”

Marcos Delorenzo, CEO of ADC (Tanmiah Poultry’s Division)

“Partnering with Top Chef allows Tanmiah’s consumers to be inspired by top chefs using our high-quality chicken products. We encourage consumers to unleash their inner chef and surprise their families with creative recipes and amazing taste every day.”

Tanmiah’s New Marketing Campaign: Growing for Tomorrow

Brand Equity Campaign: “Growing for Tomorrow”

Tanmiah recently launched its brand equity campaign, “Growing for Tomorrow,” with a 360-marketing approach. Through various communication channels such as TV, Outdoors, In-store, Digital, PR, and On-ground activations, Tanmiah aims to reinforce its commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability.

Alignment with Saudi Vision 2030

With over 60 years of experience, Tanmiah’s tradition of excellence aligns with the principles of Saudi Vision 2030. By supporting initiatives like Top Chef and implementing sustainable practices, Tanmiah contributes to the growth and development of the halal food industry in line with the national vision.


In conclusion, Tanmiah Food Company’s sponsorship of Top Chef exemplifies its dedication to culinary excellence, innovation, and sustainability. By supporting talented chefs and promoting high-quality halal products, Tanmiah inspires culinary creativity and contributes to the growth of the food industry in line with Saudi Vision 2030. Through its strategic partnerships and marketing campaigns, Tanmiah continues to solidify its position as a leader in the MENA region, providing consumers with premium poultry choices and fostering a healthier, more sustainable food scene.

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