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Spotify Unveils the Most Streamed Khaleeji Artists and Tracks in Saudi Arabia

Spotify Unveils The Most Streamed Khaleeji Artists And Tracks In Saudi Arabia

Discover the top streamed Khaleeji artists and tracks in Saudi Arabia for 2024 on Spotify, highlighting the genre’s popularity.

As we enter the second half of 2024, Spotify has revealed the most streamed Khaleeji artists and tracks in Saudi Arabia over the past six months. This comprehensive data sheds light on the rising popularity of Khaleeji music among different age groups, particularly the younger audience, and highlights the enduring appeal of this deeply rooted genre.

Top 5 Khaleeji Artists Dominating the Charts

Abdul Majeed Abdullah leads the list of the top five Khaleeji artists whose emotive and timeless music continues to captivate listeners. Ayed, Rashed Al-Majed, Majid Almohandis, and Rabeh Saqer follow closely, each bringing their unique styles and voices to the forefront of the Khaleeji music scene.

Most Streamed Khaleeji Tracks

In terms of individual tracks, the top five most streamed Khaleeji songs on Spotify for the first half of 2024 include:

  1. “Rdy” by Ayed
  2. “Ya Ibn Al Awadim” by Abdul Majeed Abdullah
  3. “Kel Ahebek” by Fouad Abdulwahed
  4. “Tejene (2)” by Ayed
  5. “Kareh Nafsi” by Ayed

These tracks have resonated deeply with audiences, showcasing the lyrical beauty and emotional depth that Khaleeji music is known for.

Growing Popularity Among Younger Listeners

The Khaleeji genre holds a special place in the hearts of Saudis, offering a deeply local appeal with lyrics that resonate profoundly with its audience. Often likened to sung poetry, Khaleeji’s music touches on core emotions, making it highly relatable, especially to the youth. Whether expressing happiness or sadness, these songs strike a chord with listeners, creating a powerful connection. While the genre has evolved regarding sound quality and modern production, it has retained its timeless essence through emotive lyrics that continue to evoke strong feelings.

Over the past six months, the Khaleeji genre has been the most streamed local genre in Saudi Arabia. Data from Spotify also reveals a notable trend: younger listeners increasingly listen to Khaleeji music, with 18-24 year-olds leading the genre’s streams at 44%.

Spotify Top 5 Most Listened To Tracks With Logo En

Old is Gold: Gen Z Revives Nostalgic Khaleeji Tunes

The older catalogue of Khaleeji music, in particular, has seen a significant surge in popularity on Spotify among Gen Z audiences. Over the past five years, streams of nostalgic Khaleeji tracks by Gen Z listeners have grown by 5,500% and doubled in 2023 alone. This trend highlights the increasing interest and appreciation for older songs within this age group, with 46% of nostalgic Khaleeji track streams in 2024 coming from Gen Z listeners.

Looking at data between January and June 2024, extracted from Spotify’s suite of “Khaleeji Decades” playlists, Spotify has revealed the most listened-to Khaleeji tracks from the past four decades. For the 80s, “Bala Mi’ad” by Khaled Abdul Rahman was the track that was most listened to. In the 90s, “Bakaya Jorooh” by Khaled Abdul Rahman emerged as the favorite. In the 2000s, “Yama Hawelt” by Abdul Majeed Abdullah topped the charts. Finally, the 2010s were led by “Men Methlek” by Abdul Majeed Abdullah, Ahmed Al Harmi, and Anwar Al Mushairi.

A Curated Library of Sounds Spanning Every Decade

Offering a comprehensive suite of “Khaleeji Decades” playlists, Spotify’s latest initiative capitalizes on rising catalog music consumption in the region and Gen Z’s appetite for classic, nostalgia-inducing tracks to introduce listeners to iconic Khaleeji sounds.

Ensuring there is something in store to suit every preference and taste, the suite includes several Khaleeji playlists, Arabic Classic playlists, decade-specific curations, and playlists spanning Egyptian, Maghreb, and Levant music.

Listeners are invited to immerse themselves in the musical journey of the Khaleeji region with “Khaleeji Essentials,” a playlist featuring must-hear tracks that define the genre. They can also enjoy a series of decade-specific playlists—Khaleeji 80s, Khaleeji 90s, Khaleeji 00s, and Khaleeji 10s—capturing the evolving taste in music and the iconic sounds that have defined each era.

Designed to cater to both long-time enthusiasts and new listeners, the curated playlists provide a comprehensive listening experience that spans the genre’s rich history.

“Khaleeji music is timeless, deeply rooted in Saudi culture, and woven into our childhood memories and the many moments that define the Saudi experience,” said Rhea Chedid, Editorial Lead for MENA and South Asia at Spotify.

“We’re thrilled to launch a series of decade-specific Khaleeji playlists, covering everything from the essentials to the 80s, 90s, 2000s, and 2010s hits. In response to increasing interest in classic Khaleeji tracks among 18-24-year-olds on our platform, we’ve curated this collection of playlists to make it easier for them to enjoy the music they love and discover new favorites.”

Chedid added: “Listeners can also stream tunes from the ‘Tarab Khaleeji’ playlist, which is one of the most listened-to playlists in Saudi Arabia. To suit more contemporary music tastes, we offer playlists including ‘Khaleeji Hits,’ and ‘Khaleeji Jadeed,’ in addition to a variety of moods and moments playlists that ensure Khaleeji music accompanies listeners throughout their day, no matter the mood they’re in.”

Explore the Top Khaleeji Artists and Tracks on Spotify

Top 5 Most-Streamed Khaleeji Artists:

  1. Abdul Majeed Abdullah
  2. Ayed
  3. Rashed Al-Majed
  4. Majid Almohandis
  5. Rabeh Saqer

Top 5 Most-Streamed Khaleeji Tracks:

  1. “Rdy” by Ayed
  2. “Ya Ibn Al Awadim” by Abdul Majeed Abdullah
  3. “Kel Ahebek” by Fouad Abdulwahed
  4. “Tejene (2)” by Ayed
  5. “Kareh Nafsi” by Ayed

Spotify’s data from the first half of 2024 illustrates the vibrant and dynamic nature of Khaleeji music, showcasing its ability to connect with listeners of all ages, particularly the younger generation. This growing interest in contemporary and nostalgic tracks highlights the genre’s enduring appeal and significant cultural importance in Saudi Arabia.

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