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Sky Mussallah: World’s Highest Prayer Room Overlooking the Holy Kaaba

Sky Mussallah: World’s Highest Prayer Room Overlooking the Holy Kaaba

Explore the opulent Sky Mussallah at Address Jabal Omar Makkah, a heavenly prayer room with breathtaking views of Masjid al-Haram and the Holy Kaaba.

In the heart of Makkah, Address Jabal Omar Makkah proudly unveils its newest gem – the Sky Mussallah. This breathtaking prayer room redefines opulence and spirituality, offering guests an unparalleled experience. From its stunning architectural brilliance to its awe-inspiring views of Masjid al-Haram, this article dives deep into the Sky Mussallah and its significance in Makkah’s hospitality scene.

Unveiling the Sky Mussallah

A Glimpse of Opulence and Spirituality

The Sky Mussallah at Address Jabal Omar Makkah is not your ordinary prayer room; it’s a sanctuary of luxury and spirituality. Situated at a staggering height of 483 meters above sea level and 179 meters from the hotel’s internal road level, it offers an unobstructed view of the Holy Kaaba – the epicentre of the Islamic faith.

A Connection to Sacred Surroundings

Visitors enter the Sky Mussallah and are greeted by an interior that seamlessly blends ancient Arabian charm with contemporary opulence. The walls adorned with stunning Arabic calligraphy depicting the “Names of God in Islam” infuse the space with a profound reverence.

What makes the Sky Mussallah unique?

The Sky Mussallah stands out for its architectural brilliance, offering guests a spiritual connection to the sacred surroundings of Makkah through its breathtaking design and views.

Sky Mussallah

A Record-Breaking Achievement

Guinness World Records Entry

In a remarkable feat of engineering and creativity, the Sky Mussallah recently earned its place in the Guinness World Records as the “Highest Prayer Room Within a Skybridge.” This achievement is a testament to the hotel’s commitment to providing unrivalled experiences for pilgrims and travellers alike.

What was the key to achieving this Guinness World Record?

The Sky Mussallah’s record-breaking status results from a perfect blend of architectural brilliance, cutting-edge technology, and specialized equipment in its design and construction.

Khalid Al Amoudi’s Perspective

The CEO’s Vision

Khalid Al Amoudi, the Jabal Omar Development Company CEO, expressed his excitement regarding this milestone. He emphasized the Sky Mussallah’s prime location and its breathtaking appeal to everyone passing through the city.

What does Khalid Al Amoudi consider the Sky Mussallah’s most striking feature?

Khalid Al Amoudi highlights the Sky Mussallah’s breathtaking location, nestled between the hotel’s twin towers, offering visitors an unparalleled view of Masjid al-Haram.

Serene Space for Hundreds

Ample Space for Devotion

Spanning an impressive 550 square meters, the Sky Mussallah can accommodate around 520 people, making it ideal for prayers at any time. The uninterrupted views of Al Masjid Al Haram create an atmosphere of tranquillity and peace.

What makes the Sky Mussallah an ideal place for prayer?

The Sky Mussallah’s ample space and breathtaking views of Al Masjid Al Haram make it an ideal sanctuary for prayer, offering visitors a serene and spiritual experience.

A Day at the Sky Mussallah

Dawn: A Spiritual Awakening

As the first light of dawn breaks over Makkah, the Sky Mussallah offers a unique vantage point to witness the holy city coming to life. It’s a moment of profound spiritual connection as the city awakens.

Dusk: A Sacred Haven

As the sun sets, the Sky Mussallah transforms into a sanctuary of serenity. The fading sunlight paints warm tones, creating an unforgettable spiritual experience and a sacred haven for contemplation and prayer.

How does the Sky Mussallah change throughout the day?

The Sky Mussallah transforms from a place of spiritual awakening in the morning to a serene sanctuary for contemplation and prayer as the day progresses.

Address Jabal Omar Makkah: A Landmark Property

A Retreat of Warmth and Enchantment

Nestled within the iconic Address Jabal Omar Makkah, the Sky Mussallah is just one facet of this landmark property. It offers many facilities, exquisite accommodations, and tempting dining venues, creating unforgettable experiences for pilgrims and travellers.

What sets Address Jabal Omar Makkah apart from other hotels in the city?

Address Jabal Omar Makkah distinguishes itself with its luxurious style, rich Arabic traditions, and a central location that makes it a focal point for the city.

Sky Mussallah

Mark Kirby’s Perspective

Emaar Hospitality Group’s Head Speaks

Mark Kirby, Head of Emaar Hospitality Group, shares his thoughts on the Sky Mussallah. He highlights the unique blend of luxury and tradition that Address Jabal Omar Makkah represents.

What is Mark Kirby’s opinion about Address Jabal Omar Makkah’s role in the city?

Mark Kirby sees Address Jabal Omar Makkah as an iconic landmark that combines the luxury of Address Hotels + Resorts with the rich Arabic traditions of Saudi Arabia, making it a focal point in Makkah.

The Premier Destination

Enhancing Spiritual Connections

Launched earlier this year, Address Jabal Omar Makkah is the largest hotel within the Address Hotels + Resorts portfolio. It welcomes guests throughout the year, whether they come for Hajj, Umrah, or to enhance their spiritual connection.

Why is Address Jabal Omar Makkah considered the premier destination for travellers in Makkah?

Address Jabal Omar Makkah’s status as the largest hotel in its portfolio and its commitment to enhancing spiritual connections make it the premier destination for travellers in Makkah.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: Is the Sky Mussallah open to the public?

Yes, the Sky Mussallah is open to hotel guests and the public, offering everyone a chance to experience its beauty and spirituality.

Q2: How can I access the Sky Mussallah?

Visitors can access the Sky Mussallah by visiting Address Jabal Omar Makkah and taking the elevator to the designated floor.

Q3: Are there specific prayer times at the Sky Mussallah?

No, the Sky Mussallah is open for prayers throughout the day and night, allowing visitors to pray at their convenience.

Q4: Can I book a spot in advance at the Sky Mussallah?

The Sky Mussallah operates on a first-come, first-served basis, and bookings are not required.

Q5: Is photography allowed in the Sky Mussallah?

Photography is not allowed inside the Sky Mussallah to maintain its serene atmosphere and respect for prayer.

Q6: How can I learn more about Address Jabal Omar Makkah’s facilities and services?

For more information about Address Jabal Omar Makkah and its offerings, visit the hotel’s official website or contact their customer service.


The Sky Mussallah at Address Jabal Omar Makkah is more than just a prayer room; it’s a testament to architectural brilliance, spirituality, and luxury. With its Guinness World Records entry, breathtaking views, and serene atmosphere, it is a must-visit destination for travellers and pilgrims alike. Address Jabal Omar Makkah, with its blend of luxury and tradition, ensures that every guest’s visit is an unforgettable experience, enhancing their spiritual connection to Makkah.

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