Skiing for Gold: UAE’s Remarkable Journey to the FIS Junior World Championships Revealed!

Skiing for Gold: UAE's Remarkable Journey to the FIS Junior World Championships Revealed!

Explore the incredible journey of UAE’s Emirati athletes as they compete in the FIS Junior World Championships.

In a groundbreaking endeavor that demonstrates the UAE’s prowess in winter sports, three exceptional Emirati athletes from the UAE National Freestyle Junior team are set to conquer the world stage at the FIS Park & Pipe Junior World Championships in New Zealand. The stage is set, the adrenaline is pumping, and the athletes are ready to showcase their skills and passion for skiing and snowboarding. Join us on this exciting journey as we follow their path to glory, explore their training, and celebrate the partnership that’s making it all possible.

Ski Dubai’s Sponsored Athletes Program: Nurturing Tomorrow’s Champions

The foundation of this remarkable journey was laid by Ski Dubai’s Sponsored Athletes Program. Since 2017, this program has been identifying and fostering the region’s most promising skiers and snowboarders. This year, a cohort of 34 athletes was selected after a rigorous evaluation process that considered technical prowess, performance, fitness levels, and coach recommendations. Among these talented individuals are 18 Emiratis who are now prepared to make their mark on the international stage.

Meet the Rising Stars: Emirati Athletes Ready to Shine

The FIS Junior World Championships will see three bright Emirati stars representing the UAE with passion and determination. Let’s meet the athletes who are all set to dazzle in their respective categories:

Sultan Al Ghandi (16): Carving His Way in Freeski

Sultan Al Ghandi, aged 16, is all set to make his mark in the Freeski category. With a heart full of ambition and a spirit of adventure, Sultan is poised to showcase his skills on the slopes and inspire fellow young athletes to follow their dreams.

Abdulla Al Rashed (17): Defying Gravity in Freeski

Abdulla Al Rashed, at 17, is a force to be reckoned with in the Freeski category. Armed with determination and a love for the sport, Abdulla is ready to conquer the challenges of the slopes and make his presence felt on the global stage.

Amenah Al Muhairi (15): Shredding Limits in Snowboarding

Amenah Al Muhairi, aged 15, is breaking barriers in the Snowboard category. Her passion for snowboarding and her commitment to excellence have earned her a spot in this prestigious event, where she aims to make the UAE proud with her exceptional skills.

Expert Coaching and Preparation: Turning Dreams into Reality

The journey to the FIS Junior World Championships would not have been possible without expert coaching and meticulous preparation. Ski Dubai’s Ski Academy Head Coach, James Machon, and Head of Snowsports of Global Snow at Majid Al Futtaim Entertainment, Artem Chernikh, played pivotal roles in training and honing the athletes’ skills. Their dedication and guidance have been instrumental in shaping these athletes into the champions they are today.

A Historic Milestone: UAE’s Debut in the Junior Winter Olympic Games

The stakes are high, and the journey is not just about the FIS Junior World Championships. The athletes are gearing up for a historic milestone as they prepare to represent the UAE in the 2024 Youth Olympic Winter Games. This marks a significant moment in both the nation’s history and the legacy of Majid Al Futtaim, reflecting their joint commitment to fostering young talent and putting the UAE on the global winter sports map.

UAE Winter Sports Federation: Guiding the Journey to Success

The UAE Winter Sports Federation has been the guiding force behind these athletes’ incredible journey. Their dedication to nurturing young talents, providing resources, and fostering a culture of excellence in winter sports is evident in the achievements of these athletes. Hamel Al Qubaisi, Vice President of UAE Winter Sports Federation, aptly describes the journey as a victory, and the first step towards bringing snow medals home.


Q: How were the athletes chosen for the FIS Junior World Championships?

A: The athletes were selected based on technical skill, performance, fitness levels, and coach recommendations.

Q: How is Ski Dubai supporting the athletes?

A: Ski Dubai’s Sponsored Athletes Program provides unlimited slope access and expert coaching to nurture their skills.

Q: What are the athletes’ categories in the championships?

A: The athletes will compete in the Freeski and Snowboard categories, showcasing their skills in different disciplines.

Q: How does this journey align with UAE’s goals?

A: Representing the UAE on the global stage fulfills the nation’s vision of promoting winter sports and showcasing young Emirati talent.

Q: How can I follow the athletes’ progress?

A: Stay tuned to Ski Dubai’s official channels for updates and coverage of the athletes’ journey and performances.

Q: What’s next for these athletes after the championships?

A: The athletes are gearing up for the 2024 Youth Olympic Winter Games, where they will represent the UAE in skiing and snowboarding for the first time.


As the UAE’s Emirati athletes gear up to compete in the FIS Junior World Championships, they’re not just skiing and snowboarding on the slopes; they’re carving a path to excellence, breaking boundaries, and inspiring future generations. With Ski Dubai’s unwavering support, the guidance of expert coaches, and the dedication of the UAE Winter Sports Federation, these athletes are destined for greatness. The journey is not just about the championships—it’s about laying the foundation for a winter sports legacy that the UAE can be proud of. So, watch out world, because the Emirati athletes are here to make their mark, one slope at a time.

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