Say Cheese! The Viral Impact of OPPO’s SLR-Standard Portrait Photography!

Say Cheese! The Viral Impact of OPPO's SLR-Standard Portrait Photography!

Discover how OPPO’s Reno10 Pro+ 5G is setting a new benchmark for professional portrait photography on smartphones.

As the world embraces the power of visual communication, smartphone users demand more from their device’s camera capabilities. Smartphone brands, including OPPO, recognize this growing trend and have been investing heavily in creating cutting-edge camera systems that can deliver clear, high-quality, and lifelike images. The OPPO Reno10 Pro+ 5G, launched recently, takes smartphone portrait photography to a whole new level, setting a standard for professional-level photography that was previously only achievable with dedicated cameras.

The Quest for Realism: Combining Tradition with Computational Techniques

While smartphone cameras have advanced significantly, image processing algorithms can sometimes distort natural information in the pursuit of creating brighter and more eye-catching images. OPPO understands the importance of striking the right balance between computational techniques and traditional photography knowledge. By marrying the two, OPPO aims to build an imaging system that reproduces ultra-realistic interconnections between light, shadow, space, and true-to-life colors, resulting in timeless masterpieces.

OPPO’s Commitment to Excellence: The Imaging Specialists

OPPO’s dedication to perfecting smartphone photography is evident through its team of over 1,000 imaging specialists and an annual investment of approximately US$156 million. Through this commitment, OPPO empowers users to capture enduring and exquisite photographs on their mobile phones. The brand actively collaborates with acclaimed photographers, lighting engineers, and post-production specialists to incorporate their insights and expertise, setting the fundamental standard for excellent smartphone portrait photography.

Say Cheese! The Viral Impact of OPPO's SLR-Standard Portrait Photography!

The Reno10 Pro+ 5G: End-to-End Upgrades for SLR-Standard Portrait Photography

OPPO has introduced end-to-end upgrades on the Reno10 Pro+ 5G, ensuring an unparalleled portrait photography experience. From shooting to image processing and display, every aspect has been enhanced to deliver SLR-standard portrait photography capabilities. These breakthroughs focus on image clarity, light, shadow, and color.

A Foundation of Clarity: Introducing the Professional Quality Telephoto Lens

The Reno10 Pro+ 5G boasts an independent, professional quality telephoto lens, a first in the Reno series. The 64MP, ½ inch sensor with greater color sensitivity and 3-times optical zoom allows for more freedom of composition and attention to detail. Additionally, OPPO’s In-sensor Zoom Technology enables a new optical quality 6-times zoom for even more magnification. The lens is further enhanced with ALD anti-reflective optical coating and cutting-edge Prime floating OIS for superior image stabilization.

Image Processing Prowess: The Power of Snapdragon® 8+ Gen 1 Mobile Platform

While capturing high-quality images at the source is essential, image processing plays a crucial role in optimizing the captured information. OPPO’s new image processing architecture, leveraging the Snapdragon® 8+ Gen 1 Mobile Platform, enables multi-frame synthesis in the RAW domain, resulting in improved low light HDR photos, portrait mode, and high-resolution digital zoom. AI denoising, AI demosaicing, and deep pixel compositing elevate image clarity, color, and restore natural light and shadow, producing realistic 3D details.

Perfecting the Portrait Mode: Bokeh Flare Effect and Advanced Algorithms

The renowned Portrait Mode returns to the Reno10 Pro+ 5G with upgrades that include a bokeh flare effect, adjustable aperture settings, and improved subject-background separation algorithms. Multi-semantic segmentation enhances detection accuracy for repetitive textures, while edge feathering algorithms optimize edge appearance based on depth data.

The Stage of Brilliance: The ProXDR Smart Display Control

In the final stage of photo review, the screen is just as critical as the previous steps. The Reno10 Pro+ 5G features a 2772 × 1240 resolution Ultra-clear Display with ProXDR Smart Display Control. This technology automatically detects light sources stored in grayscale image data, locally adjusting screen brightness for up to 8-times higher dynamic range, ensuring your fantastic photos and videos get the stage they deserve.

Portrait Expert Project: Empowering Users with Professional Portrait Shooting Experience

OPPO’s commitment to inclusivity is demonstrated through the Portrait Expert Project on the Reno series. Drawing inspiration from professional portrait photographers’ mastery of light and cultural perspectives, the project continuously optimizes the underlying portrait technologies. Enhancements to subject recognition, facial features, skin tone protection, and background optimization empower Reno users to capture stunning portraits with a blend of a professional photographer’s eye and their own style and preferences.

OPPO imagine IF Photography Project: Unleashing the Infinite Possibilities of Imaging

OPPO’s dedication to fostering a vibrant photography community continues through the OPPO imagine IF Photography Project. Through the 2023 imagine IF Photography Awards, users are encouraged to explore artistic expression and inspire each other to unleash the infinite possibilities of imaging. Feedback from the global user community further fuels OPPO’s pursuit of creating the most professional imaging experience on a smartphone.


With relentless pursuit and dedication, OPPO continues to narrow the gap between smartphone cameras and high-end DSLRs. The end-to-end upgrades on the Reno10 Pro+ 5G set new standards for professional portrait photography on smartphones, empowering users to capture masterpieces at their fingertips. As technology evolves and photography enthusiasts express their creativity, OPPO remains at the forefront, putting professional-grade photography in the hands of everyone. Embrace the extraordinary possibilities of imaging with the OPPO Reno10 Pro+ 5G and discover the true essence of visual storytelling.

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