Roblox Goes Underwater: Unleash the Sharks with Cartoon Network Game On!

Roblox Goes Underwater: Unleash the Sharks with Cartoon Network Game On!

Discover the thrill of sharks and conservation as Cartoon Network brings Shark Week to Roblox!

Cartoon Network, the beloved children’s entertainment channel, is making a splash on Roblox with a special celebration of Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. Kids can now venture into an exciting underwater realm with Cartoon Network Game On!, an immersive experience that combines entertainment with education. This article dives deep into the shark-themed features, quizzes, and challenges, as well as the conservation efforts integrated into the game. From learning fascinating facts about sharks to adopting “pet” sharks through personality tests, this unique event promises thrilling interactions and memorable moments for young players.

Cartoon Network Game On! – A Virtual World of Fun and Learning

Unleashing the Power of Roblox for Kids

Roblox has become a playground for millions of young players, offering virtual worlds where imagination knows no bounds. Cartoon Network capitalized on this platform’s popularity and launched Cartoon Network Game On! in December 2022. This kid-centric gaming experience brings fan-favorite shows to life, allowing kids to immerse themselves in the adventures of their beloved Cartoon Network characters.

Shark Week Arrives on Cartoon Network Game On!

Now, Cartoon Network is taking the excitement to a new level by celebrating Shark Week on Roblox. From the thrill of shark-themed park rides to engaging quizzes and challenging games, the underwater adventure awaits eager players. But it’s not all about fun – Cartoon Network also integrates its award-winning initiative, Cartoon Network Climate Champions, to teach kids the importance of shark conservation.

The Shark-Tastic Features of Cartoon Network Game On!

Quiz Your Way to Shark Goodies

Kids can put their knowledge to the test by participating in a shark-specific quiz. Answer fun questions to unlock shark-themed avatar skins and accessories. Learning becomes an enjoyable adventure as players discover fascinating facts about these awe-inspiring creatures.

Adopt Your Own Shark Companion

Curious about which shark matches your personality? Cartoon Network Game On! allows players to adopt “pet” sharks by taking a personality test. Based on their quiz answers, kids will be matched with a shark companion to join them on their virtual escapades.

Selfie Spots and Underwater Backdrops

Pose with your avatar and shark friends in multiple selfie spots throughout Cartoon Network Game On! Capture unforgettable moments against captivating underwater backdrops, creating lasting memories in the virtual world.

Cartoon Network Climate Champions and Shark Conservation

An Eco-Friendly Gaming Environment

Cartoon Network Game On! goes beyond entertainment. The experience incorporates the Cartoon Network Climate Champions initiative, urging users to complete challenges that positively impact the virtual environment. Specific shark-related Climate Champions challenges aim to reinforce the significance of shark conservation and educate kids on shark-related facts.

Insights from Monika Oomen, VP, Brand, Communications, and Digital Content Strategy, Kids EMEA

Unveiling Shark Week on Roblox

Monika Oomen highlights the significance of Shark Week as an annual event for Cartoon Network, showcasing fascinating creatures in a way that resonates with young audiences. She expresses excitement for bringing Shark Week to Roblox, presenting it in a uniquely Cartoon Network and kid-relevant manner.

Cartoon Network Game On! – The Roblox Success Story

A World of Adventure and Exploration

Cartoon Network Game On! has rapidly become a hit since its launch, captivating young players with its rip-roaring rides and manic minigames. The game features iconic locations and worlds from five fan-favorite shows, including Craig of the Creek, Teen Titans Go!, We Bare Bears, Ben 10, and The Amazing World of Gumball.

Award-Winning Recognition

The success of Cartoon Network Game On! has been widely recognized, earning it the prestigious 2023 Broadcast Digital Award for Best Digital Support for a Strand, Channel, or Genre.

Ben 10 Super Hero Time – A Testimony to Cartoon Network’s Roblox Prowess

Paving the Way for Roblox Branded Experiences

Cartoon Network’s expertise in understanding its audience and leveraging Roblox has been evident through past hit games like Ben 10 Super Hero Time. This game ranks among the top-performing branded experiences on Roblox, attracting millions of monthly visits and sparking an interest in the vibrant world of Cartoon Network.


Cartoon Network’s Shark Week celebration on Roblox brings the wonders of underwater life to young players. By incorporating fun and educational features, the experience teaches kids about sharks and their conservation. Cartoon Network Game On! continues to win hearts with its engaging gameplay and well-crafted worlds, making it a hit among Roblox enthusiasts. As kids embark on virtual adventures alongside their favorite Cartoon Network characters, they also embrace important lessons about environmental responsibility. Dive into this immersive undersea world and discover the magic of Cartoon Network’s Shark Week celebration on Roblox!

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