Redefining Possibilities: UAE’s etisalat by e& Propels the World into 5G-Advanced Era

Redefining Possibilities: UAE's etisalat by e& Propels the World into 5G-Advanced Era

Dive into the groundbreaking achievement of etisalat by e& in the realm of 5G-Advanced technology.

In an era driven by unprecedented technological advancements, etisalat by e&, a trailblazer in telecommunications, has set a remarkable precedent. The successful completion of its “5G-Advanced” trial project marks a groundbreaking moment that propels the UAE to the forefront of cutting-edge technologies. Under the leadership of the Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA), etisalat by e& has achieved a monumental milestone, achieving an astounding 10Gbps throughput on the 6GHz band. This accomplishment not only cements the company’s commitment to revolutionizing the telecommunications landscape but also heralds a new era of digital transformation.

Unveiling the 10Gbps Breakthrough: Transforming Connectivity

The successful attainment of 10Gbps throughput on the 6GHz band signifies a monumental leap in the world of 5G-Advanced network capabilities. This remarkable achievement not only sets a new global benchmark but also positions the UAE as a leader in pushing the boundaries of data transfer speeds. etisalat by e&’s relentless pursuit of innovation has borne fruit, as the trial focused on harnessing the untapped potential of the 6GHz frequency range. By leveraging the 400 MHz bandwidth, the company has achieved an unparalleled speed that promises to reshape the way we experience connectivity.

A Collaborative Triumph: etisalat by e& and TDRA

The journey towards this remarkable accomplishment was one of collaboration and shared vision. The strategic partnership between etisalat by e& and the Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) played a pivotal role in achieving the 10Gbps milestone. This achievement, standing as the highest ever recorded on the 6GHz frequency globally, reflects the synergy of efforts aimed at propelling the UAE into the forefront of the digital transformation era. The implications of this accomplishment extend beyond national borders, showcasing the UAE’s commitment to global technological leadership.

Voices of Innovation: Khalid Murshed’s Vision

Khalid Murshed, the Chief Technology and Information Officer (CTIO) of Etisalat UAE, embodies the vision that has driven this remarkable achievement. He highlights how etisalat by e&’s dedication to pushing technological boundaries is geared towards providing transformative solutions for customers. This milestone in 5G-Advanced technology is not merely about connectivity; it’s about fostering a seamless and integrated digital world. The implications ripple across diverse sectors, from IoT applications to metaverse technologies, promising innovations like remote healthcare diagnostics, autonomous vehicles, and advanced industrial installations.

Paving the Way for a Digital Future: Implications and Possibilities

The achievement of 10Gbps on the 6GHz band opens doors to an array of possibilities that stand to transform various aspects of our lives. This breakthrough supports complex applications that were once distant dreams. The growth of IoT applications gains new momentum, as does the development of metaverse technologies that blend the virtual and physical realms. The convergence of high-speed connectivity with emerging technologies holds the promise of enhanced services, streamlined operations, and greater convenience for individuals and businesses alike.

Aligning with National Initiatives: The Year of Sustainability

etisalat by e&’s pursuit of technological excellence is aligned with the UAE government’s “Year of Sustainability” initiatives in 2023. As a responsible corporate entity, the company’s strides in technological innovation resonate with the nation’s commitment to sustainable progress. By fortifying efforts in technological advancement, etisalat by e& contributes to sector efficiency while establishing the UAE as a global hub for innovation and connectivity.


The achievement of 10Gbps throughput on the 6GHz band stands as a testament to the relentless pursuit of innovation and the power of collaboration. etisalat by e&’s accomplishment not only elevates the UAE’s technological prowess but also reshapes the future of connectivity on a global scale. As we embrace a new era of digital transformation, one thing is certain: the boundaries of possibility are continually expanding, and etisalat by e& is at the forefront of shaping that future. Through strategic partnerships, visionary leadership, and a commitment to pushing boundaries, etisalat by e& paves the way for a world defined by seamless, high-speed connectivity and transformative technology.

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