Psycho Bunny Store Grand Opening Takes Center Stage

Psycho Bunny Store Grand Opening Takes Center Stage

Discover the grand opening of the all-new Psycho Bunny store at Mall of the Emirates. Dive into a world of unique fashion and vibrant creativity that redefines classic style.

Excitement, creativity, and style filled the Mall of the Emirates last night as the all-new Psycho Bunny store celebrated its grand opening, a flagship project under Majid Al Futtaim Lifestyle. The store opening event showcased the unique character of the brand, as well as the vibrant atmosphere that has come to define this iconic shopping destination. In this article, we’ll take you on a journey through the grand opening of the Psycho Bunny store, highlighting its significance in fashion and retail.

A Night of Fashion and Celebration

The grand opening of the Psycho Bunny store was nothing short of spectacular. It marked a significant milestone for the brand and the Mall of the Emirates. Let’s dive into the details of this unforgettable night:

The Inauguration by Key Figures

The store opening was inaugurated by Majid Al Futtaim Lifestyle CEO Fahed Ghanim and Khalifa Bin Braik, CEO of Majid Al Futtaim Asset Management (Shopping Malls and Hotels). Their presence underscored the importance of this event in the retail landscape of Dubai and the wider Middle East.

The Pulse of the Night: Renowned DJ and High-Energy Beats

One of the standout features of the grand opening was the presence of a renowned DJ whose beats kept the energy high throughout the event. The music set the mood and reflected the brand’s commitment to creativity and individuality.

Urban Chic Meets Artistry: Alienz Crew Graffiti

Adding to the atmosphere of urban chic and creativity, live graffiti artists from Alienz Crew, an acclaimed Dubai-based graffiti collective, lent their talents to the occasion. Alienz Crew is known for their exceptional artistry and dedication to transforming the urban landscape of Dubai into a canvas of positivity and creativity, aligning with the ethos of the Psycho Bunny brand.

Psycho Bunny Store Grand Opening Takes Center Stage

Unmasking Psycho Bunny

Now, let’s take a closer look at what makes Psycho Bunny a brand that stands out in the world of fashion:

A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation

Psycho Bunny redefines the classics with a unique style and peerless quality, giving tradition an updated edge, a concept set to resonate with Dubai audiences and beyond. The brand’s unmistakable logo, featuring a cheeky bunny donning a skull mask, perfectly encapsulates the playful irreverence that sets Psycho Bunny apart.

The Art of Distinctiveness

Offering a meticulously curated selection of clothing and accessories, Psycho Bunny speaks to those who appreciate exceptional craftsmanship and relish making a bold and distinctive fashion statement. It’s a brand for individuals who want to stand out from the crowd and express their unique style.

A Statement from Fahed Ghanim

Fahed Ghanim, CEO of Majid Al Futtaim Lifestyle, expressed his excitement about the brand’s arrival in the Middle East, stating, “Majid Al Futtaim Lifestyle is thrilled to open the first Psycho Bunny store in the Middle East, a premium menswear brand that perfectly complements our existing portfolio and highlights our commitment to deliver unique and disruptive fashion experiences for our customers.”

He continued, “The brand’s decision to open a flagship store in Dubai in partnership with Majid Al Futtaim Lifestyle not only underscores the potential of this market but also exemplifies the confidence in our ecosystem to support and elevate internationally renowned brands. We are honoured to welcome Psycho Bunny to our portfolio, and we are sure our profound knowledge of the market, combined with Psycho Bunny’s distinctive offerings, will pave the way for enduring success.”

The Changing Face of Middle Eastern Fashion

This Psycho Bunny store opening aligns with the fact that Middle Eastern fashion and shopping trends have experienced a significant shift, continuing to pivot towards independent, niche brands. This shift is something that Majid Al Futtaim Lifestyle has observed with THAT Concept Store, which continues to collaborate with independent brands to bring unique and authentic fashion to the region.


The grand opening of the Psycho Bunny store at the Mall of the Emirates was a testament to the commitment of Majid Al Futtaim Lifestyle to stay at the forefront of retail innovation and deliver exceptional experiences to its customers. It began a new era in fashion and creativity, where tradition meets innovation, and individuality is celebrated.

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